20 Best WWE Birthday Party Ideas

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Are you planning on hosting a birthday party for your child and want to ensure that it’s a day they’ll never forget? Consider throwing a WWE-themed birthday party. Yes, you read it right: WWE! It’s a company that has stood the test of time and generated high ratings over the years, gaining popularity not just amongst the eager youth, but also among adults who have grown up with the shows. 

It’s fun, flashy and will guarantee that your child will have an unforgettable birthday party. If you’re curious as to just how you can throw a WWE-themed party, read on and we’ll take you on a step-by-step tour through the maze of epic party-planning. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best WWE birthday party ideas.  

1. Send WWE Party Invitations

WWE Birthday Party Invitations (Pack of 8)
Invite your guests in style with these awesome WWE birthday invitations. Each invitation features your favorite WWE Superstars and measures 4.25 inches by 6.25 inches. This pack of 12 also comes with matching envelopes.

First of all, you’ll need people to show up at your child’s birthday party. Make a list of all the people your child wants to see on their special day. While you’re doing this, remember to ensure the size of your guest list doesn’t take a toll on your budget as well as the size capacity of your party space.

Then, go on ahead and send those invitations out! It’s a good idea to keep up the party vibe by sending themed invitations. If you’re looking for some themed invitations, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these WWE Birthday Party Invitations. Let your guests see the faces of the WWE Superstars, and they’ll know instantly what the theme of your party is. Be sure to include your contact details for them to be able to RSVP and/or ask for further details on your party.

2. Use WWE Party Supplies

WWE Birthday Party Supplies (Serves 16 Guests)
Serve the party guests food and drinks with these awesome WWE party supplies. This set serves 16 guests and includes WWE-themed paper cups, dessert plates, dinner plates, utensils, napkins and even a tablecloth.

Another great way to establish your theme is by showing it off in the most minute details. Use party supplies which reflect your WWE theme, which you can also conveniently purchase. The WWE Birthday Party Supplies are highly recommended, as they feature all of the tableware and accessories that you need for the birthday party. These come in sets large enough to cater an average-sized guest list. 

Your guests will be thrilled to see the flashy WWE logo, the iconic championship belt and the faces of everyone’s favorite pro-wrestlers on their plates, napkins, cups, plates and the like. Alternatively, you could just use cups, cutlery, plates and a tablecloth which sport the red-and-black theme that’s so often portrayed in the WWE shows.

3. Create a WWE Theme with Decorations

WWE Balloon Decorations (13 Pieces)
Sale WWE Inflatable Championship Belt
WWE Party Confetti (1 Pack)

Decorations make or break a party. If overdone, it makes your party space feel a little crowded and constricted. If you decorate it too lightly, your theme doesn’t shine through – or worse, your guests won’t get into the partying mood.

Therefore, it’s best to take great care with your decorations. Don’t overstress this, though – while the consequences may seem a little scary, it’s not that easy to mess this aspect up. Just be sure not to crowd your party space which is already occupied with a lot of furniture.  

You can never really go wrong with balloons, so attain some WWE Balloon Decorations which you can fill empty gaps with – and they’re also considerably less mundane than the usual balloons – or scatter some fun WWE Party Confetti about your party space. 

These are understated ways that still do the job in establishing your theme. Another great way to decorate your space is by getting WWE Inflatable Championship Belts, which you can simply hang across pillars or place onto sofas. These will surely be crowd-favorites as they’re really just so iconic.

4. Bake a WWE Birthday Cake

WWE Birthday Cake Topper
This WWE cake topper set is simply the perfect ornament for your child’s birthday cake. Instantly transform any type of cake into a WWE-themed birthday cake. It includes two pieces, a WWE championship belt and a belt stand.

A birthday party without a cake is like watching John Cena come up to the ring without his theme song blaring in the background: it simply feels incomplete. That’s why your child’s birthday party definitely needs a WWE-themed birthday cake!

Think about the type of cake you’d want to bring out in front of your child and guests. Pick out your child’s favorite flavor and either bake a cake or purchase one from your preferred bakery.

Then, decorate your birthday cake, WWE-style. You could use icing and a little bit of creative magic to put a wrestling ring or the WWE Championship Belt atop or around your cake. Alternatively, you could just purchase suitable WWE Cake Toppers to save yourself the pain of keeping your hands steady during the icing process. You may also place edible pictures of famous WWE wrestlers on the cake.

5. Bake WWE Cupcakes

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If you’re thinking of skipping the cake and opting for a deliciously large serving of cupcakes instead (as is the trend in many parties as of late), you don’t have to skip out on the aesthetics, too.

Choose your flavors and preferred cupcake recipe, and then get busy baking. Alternatively, store-bought cupcakes are not a bad idea either. A great way to implement your theme here is by putting that iconic ‘W’ on your cupcakes. All you’ll need are icing, food coloring and a good piping tool, so doing this shouldn’t be too difficult.

You may also opt for WWE Cupcake Toppers if you’ve already concocted a plan for how you want to decorate your cupcakes, as these toppers don’t interfere very much with the icing on your sweet treats.

6. Make WWE Inspired Food

Another great, yet simple way to sprinkle hints of your WWE theme onto your child’s epic birthday party is by doing so on your food. Yes, it sounds impossible and perhaps a little strange. How are you supposed to be able to make WWE-inspired food?

The solution is simpler than you think. Just plan a party-appropriate menu which you know your younger guests will love, like nachos, hot-dogs, pizza, sandwiches and the like. The fun part comes where you spice the names of your menu items up. 

Come up with WWE puns to dub your food – great examples include naming your menu items ‘El Doritos’, ‘Undertaters’, ‘Hulk Hoagies’, ‘Nacho Man’, ‘Candy Kanes’ and ‘Superman Punch’ just to name a few. 

If you find your pun idea bank running dry, don’t fret; internet research exists for a reason. Be sure to label these foods with their appropriate puns so your guests will get the gist. Your menu titles will surely tickle their funny bones and add to the joy in the atmosphere. Here are some awesome WWE-themed food names that you can make use of:

  • El Doritos
  • Undertaters
  • Hulk Hoagies
  • Nacho Man
  • Candy Kanes
  • Superman Punch
  • Booker Tea
  • Crisp Jericho

7. Hand Out WWE Party Favors

WWE Party Favors (For 8 Guests)
Hand out these awesome party favors to all of the kids. There are plenty of fun items included in this party favor pack, which serves 8 guests.

Everybody gives gifts to the birthday boy or girl on their special day; but why not give your guests gifts, too? Party favors are a great way to spark delight in your guests’ hearts, be they young or jaded.

First, get some small bags. You may buy these in bulk or take the ones you have stored somewhere in a handy corner of your home. These shouldn’t have to be more than the length of your forearm, as you’ll only be filling them with small items.

Speaking of filling the bags, try to find WWE-related items which your guests can take home. WWE is extremely popular, so you should have no problem finding any of their merchandise. Small toys, gadgets, stationery or other practical party items will do the trick. 

However, it’s probably best to buy a WWE Party Favors for greater convenience on your part. Then, just fill your bags with these goodies and make sure there are plenty to go around for your guests.

8. Make the Kids Wear WWE Outfits

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Ronda Rousey Outfit

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It’s not a WWE party without the crazy costumes and fun entrances. Staying true to the spirit of champions! You should definitely announce a little dress code for your guests. Have the kids show up in WWE outfits. This will give them the opportunity to show up dressed as their wrestling heroes – John Cena will likely be a popular choice – and they’ll all have a whale of a time with this idea. 

The best thing about WWE costumes is that there are outfits for both boys and girls, and they even come in fun, flashy masks to match the costumes. These are also easy to buy online, but some of your guests may also come up with ways to craft these costumes by hand themselves.

And the best thing about this theme? The costumes are reusable for a last-minute Halloween idea. Prepare a prize for the best-dressed guest and watch their face light up knowing their efforts to dress have certainly impressed.

9. Set Up a WWE Toy Wrestling Area

WWE Raw Ring For Toys
Set up the perfect toy wrestling arena with this WWE Raw Ring. Kids can go absolutely bonkers playing this at your child’s birthday party - it’s fun and exciting!

You can’t host a WWE-themed birthday party without expecting a wrestling match. But since we don’t want the kids to actually wrestle, it’s probably best to make sure all the wrestling happens in a safe environment – with toys!

So, set up an area with a WWE Raw Ring where the kids can play with toys instead. These are meant to be played with WWE figurines – not actual wrestlers, mind you – which you can easily obtain online or at a nearby store. 

You’ll need a big enough area for this game (as each side of the ring spans across 14 inches) and plenty of spirit. Then, explain the wrestling rules to your participants. They should be able to bounce their figurines off the ropes in order to perform the signature wrestling moves. 

Do make sure that everyone gets their turn to play; if your guest list is rather large, consider obtaining another WWE toy wrestling set as well. The rest of the game should go on smoothly as long as you or another responsible adult takes over as the referee. Just let the kids launch into action as soon as they’re ready to rumble!

10. Create a WWE Video Gaming Corner

WWE 2K20 Video Game
Play as your favorite WWE Superstars like John Cena, The Rock, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss and many more. Challenge your friends and win your way through the various game modes.

WWE is known for their vast influence on the media, so it should come to no surprise that there are WWE video games out on the market. If your child has a game console lying around at home (or a gaming app on their computer) it would be a great idea to let your guests play some WWE video games. The WWE 2K20 wrestling game is a great option for consoles!

Set up a comfy place for two to four guests to play video games at a time. This is a more relaxing activity and can even garner the interests of onlooking guests to keep more people occupied at a given time. Just remember to be on standby, should any of your guests forget to give the others a turn on the gaming console.

11. Watch Some Wrestling Series on Television

Another great activity to do during a WWE-themed party is host a binge-watching session. Seeing as there are many great WWE programs on television and online (think of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown and so on), doing this will be a piece of cake. Just bring out a selection of some of the greatest matches in WWE history, and play it in a comfortable viewing area.

Provide plenty of comfortable places to sit for your guests. Now is also a good time to bring out those movie snacks to let your guests do a less strenuous activity right after a hearty birthday meal. Think of popcorn, chips, chocolate or any other type of candy. Here are some of the most popular WWE shows that you can play:

  • WWE Raw
  • WWE Smackdown

12. Let the Kids Play WWE Board Games

WWE Micro Maniax Board Game
Have a blast with your friends with WWE Micro Maniax. Be the first to reach 25 points to win! This board game includes battle game pieces, game board, ring ropes, ring posts, ring mats and staircase launchers!

Games are a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained and occupied in between the essential cake-blowing ceremony and mealtime. It adds more flavor to your party, so you should invest in coming up with great games that are both fun and adhere to your party’s theme.

Since you’re hosting a WWE-themed party, it would be great to have your guests play some WWE-themed board games, such as the popular WWE Micro Maniax. These are quite easily obtainable if you know where to look both online and in stores, and they don’t take up too much space. All you need is a table or a cleared segment of your party space with some cushions or chairs set up. 

What you may want to take into account is the ratio of the number of board game sets to the size of your guest list, so as to leave no man standing alone with their hands unoccupied and their hearts unentertained.

13. Host a WWE Trivia Game Show

WWE Pop Quiz Trivia Deck
Host the most epic game show at your birthday party with this awesome WWE pop quiz trivia deck. This set of trivia cards features close to 200 questions about everything WWE!

Another activity that could really get your child and their guests engaged is a good trivia game show. Hosting a WWE-themed game show with this awesome WWE Pop Quiz Trivia Deck gets everyone involved, even the adults. With this quiz trivia set you won’t even need to prepare any WWE-based trivia questions for your guests. Since it comes with pre-prepared questions, all you’ll need to deliver is a madly entertaining host to really kick start the party mood.

Divide the kids into two or more groups. Then, explain the rules of the game: each team is to send a volunteer for each question, and each volunteer shall buzz a bell or raise their hand to answer said question. You or another chosen gameshow host should pick the person who volunteers to answer first. It’s really important to have someone maintain the peace in case the game gets too rowdy.

It’s also a good idea to prepare a prize for the winning team. This game is a fantastic way to get everyone in the spirit of healthy competition – one would even call this a fun trivial smackdown!

14. Let the Kids Enjoy a Roleplaying Session

If you impose a WWE dress code without giving anyone a reason to show their costumes off, the purpose of it all is defeated. Hosting a roleplaying session is a grand method of soliciting cheers and plenty of giggles.

Set up a faux wrestling ring if you can. Otherwise, spreading a carpet out onto a vacant area in your party space works as well. Give your participants some time to prepare to re-enact the iconic entrance of the wrestler they’re cosplaying. 

Then, give them the space – and background music – to strut their stuff. Have them or a friend announce their character’s iconic lines: be it, “Can you smell what the rock is cooking?!” or “You can’t see me!” 

Let everyone erupt in enthusiastic cheers for their friends as they hype themselves all the way up to the ring. It’s great fun, and you’ll definitely want to get these segments on video. This is probably one of the most enjoyable activities one can hold during a WWE-themed party, and it’s cost-effective, too.

15. Play Famous WWE Songs in the Background

Speaking of emblematic entrances, a party can get a little awkward without background music. So make the ultimate WWE playlist – or find great ones on Youtube or other music apps – and play those wrestlers’ theme songs in the background as your child continues to have one of the most smashing birthdays they’ll ever have.

If you’re hosting your party at home or at a place with noise-sensitive neighbors, don’t worry. The beauty of a good audio system is that you can always maintain the optimum volume to appease any complainers. Of course, it’s always a good idea to let the neighbors know beforehand that you’re having a party – as a heads-up or even an invitation to attend your child’s special day.

16. Have a Photo Session with a WWE Backdrop

A great party theme deserves an even better photography session. Take this opportunity to have your guests pose in front of a camera, donned in their legendary WWE costumes.

Hanging a WWE-themed photo backdrop on a wall in front of which your child and guests can strike their poses is another great way to establish the theme of your party and further complement everyone’s outfits. Years from now, you and your family will look back on the pictures taken and remember this day with fond chuckles.

17. Take Photos with WWE Props

WWE Championship Belt
WWE Big Bash Microphone
WWE Big Bash Fire Extinguisher

Speaking of photos, why not take your photograph-taking game to another level? Have your guests pose for photos while holding up WWE-related props. It’s not hard to think of what sort of props you can get to complement your WWE theme. 

After all, all WWE matches start and end with the most quintessential prop: WWE Big Bash Microphone. You could also make cardboard chairs – as hoisting up real ones may be hazardous – or WWE Big Bash Prop Fire Extinguisher for your guests to pose as younger versions of famous WWE wrestlers. 

And, of course, there are the WWE Championship Belts which they can hold up in a victorious pose. These props are also great for playing around with during the party itself, but be sure to keep the heavier objects out of reach of children who may get carried away horsing around with the props!

18. Hang a WWE Pinata

WWE Pinata
This WWE pinata is great for parties and features Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and the Rock! The pinata itself is 21 x 18 x 3 inches and provides a lot of space for candy, toys and other types of goodies.

Let your guests have a classic beat-down session with the one of the greatest objects you can find at a child’s birthday party: a pinata. Pinatas bring so much joy to a party and they allow the children to exert their unfettered energy and excitement for a few minutes.

Hang a WWE Pinata from a fixture or from the ceiling of your party space. If you’re taking your party outdoors, you can hang it from a sturdy stand. The rest is simple: just let your guests ‘Undertake’ the task of swinging a bat at the pinata. The best thing about this game is that everybody wins in the end when all the candy comes out. 

And speaking of which – make sure your pinata is stocked up with plenty of candy (you can name them ‘Rock candies’ or ‘candy Kanes’ just for kicks) so that there’s plenty to go around!

19. Hand Out WWE Goodie Bags

WWE Goodie Bags (Pack of 8)
These awesome WWE party bags feature your favorite WWE Superstars which are Rey Mysterio, John Cena and The Rock. They’re 6.5 inches in width and 9.25 inches in height, which is the perfect size for kids!

No child’s epic birthday party ends without goodie bags. Simple enough to organize, goodie bags are the cherry on top of the whole occasion. First, as you would with party favors, get some WWE Goodie Bags

These should be large enough to fit everything you want to put inside, and they also sport the game-faces of everyone’s favorite wrestlers. Then, fill them with all sorts of, well, goodies! Candy, stationery, WWE sticker packs, vouchers to restaurants or theme parks are all welcome gifts. 

You could even slip in any packaged leftover cupcakes or candy so that the food you’ve served at the party doesn’t go wasted. These are great ways to make sure your guests go home with glowing smiles as a testament to the absolutely fantastic party they’ve just attended.

20. Send Guests Home With WWE Thank You Cards

WWE Thank You Cards (Pack of 8)
Send your child’s guests home with these awesome WWE-themed thank you cards. These cards are sold in a pack of 8 and feature the one and only John Cena!

Lastly, express your gratitude to your guests for showing up for your child on their special day. Prepare WWE Thank You Cards and write the name of each guest (and possibly a personal note) onto the back of said cards if the size of your guest list isn’t too much for your wrist to handle.

‘Thank You’ cards are personal, genuine and they let your guests know how much your child values them. It’s also the perfect end to your child’s epic birthday as these cards serve as a saccharine memorabilia for the brilliant day you’ve all spent together.

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