18 Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

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As a girl, growing up with fantastical stories cemented the universal fact that unicorns are, in fact, magical. So, if you’ve got a little girl or even a boy who’s a unicorn enthusiast, it should come to no surprise to you if your child gets the idea of implementing a unicorn theme for their upcoming birthday party.

A unicorn theme adds a little flair and magic to any birthday party, so why not roll with this idea? It’s easy enough to implement, as having a unicorn theme simply means that you’ll have to rely heavily on cheerful colors, sparkles and all things whimsical! If you’re wondering how to best do so, then read on to get the ultimate step-by-step guide to throwing an awesome best unicorn-themed birthday bash your child could ever have. Let’s take a look at the best unicorn party ideas! 

1. Send Unicorn Party Invitations 

Unicorn Birthday Invitation (Pack of 20)
Are you ready to celebrate your child's unicorn-themed birthday party? Invite their guests with these amazing unicorn birthday invitations. This set contains 20 fill-in invitation cards that are 5 by 7 inches and come with matching envelopes!

The step you’ll want to factor in during the initial part of your party-planning process would definitely be where your guest list is involved. Think about where your party will take place: indoors or outdoors? At home or at another venue? You should also think about the size of your guest list and whether or not your venue can accommodate your plans.

Then, go ahead and send out Unicorn Birthday Invitations. These are not only pre-decorated for you – thus saving you plenty of time – but they’ve also got the colors of the rainbow gorgeously splashed across those high-quality papers, so invest in physical invitations to really show your theme to your future guests right off the bat. 

2. Bake a Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn Cake Topper
Decorate your birthday cake with this amazing unicorn-themed cake topper. It’s available in 3 different sizes and is made of food-grade material. Additionally, this cake topper is hand made and is 5.5 inches in size!

Birthday cakes are an essential ingredient to any birthday party – without them, a party is just a regular party. Children, especially, have sweet tooths, so at a unicorn-themed party, they’ll likely be expecting not just any birthday cake, but a fantastic one.

So, get baking! If you’re not too confident about your baking skills or simply prefer to save yourself the time and effort, fret not. Any delicious cake from a nearby bakery will do. Be sure to take into account the kind of flavor your child would like, as it is their special day, after all. What you’ll need to focus on in this area would be the decorations. 

You should have your cake reflect the unicorn party theme, so take advantage of all those whimsical colors, edible sparkles, stars and the like. It’s also recommended to purchase a Unicorn Cake Topper, which certainly takes your decorations up a notch without requiring much effort. When your guests see the cake, they’ll squeal in delight at just how pretty it looks.

3. Create Awesome Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers (Set of 30)
Instantly transform all of your ordinary cupcakes into unicorn-themed cupcakes with these high-quality unicorn cupcake toppers. There are a total of 30 pieces included in this set and they feature a double-sided design.

Cupcakes are another fundamental sweet treat at a child’s birthday party. They’re scrumptious, beautiful (if you get the decorations right) and easy to bake, so why not go big when it comes to your cupcakes?

Bake your treats in the flavors of your choice. This part shouldn’t be too difficult: just whip out a reliable recipe or put the Google search engine to use. The challenging – but undeniably fun – part arises where decorations are involved. Since you’re implementing a unicorn theme, mix the colors in your icing to reflect the colors of the rainbow. You could also throw in some edible sparkles to add a touch of glimmer. 

More conveniently, you could purchase Unicorn Cupcake Toppers with Wrappers which come ready-made and bear glad tidings of vibrant, unicorn-worthy magic. However you choose to decorate these cupcakes, just be sure to adhere to the bright color scheme.

4. Make Use of Unicorn Party Supplies

Unicorn Party Supply Set (Serves 16 Guests)
Serve your guests with this magical unicorn-themed party supply set that serves 16 guests. This set includes plates, napkins, cups, straws, decorative decals and even a tablecloth. Party in style with this awesome set!

Another way to really splash some magic onto your party is to use a Unicorn Party Supply Set. Party supplies are basically, well, supplies you’ll need for your party, so it’s safe to assume that preparing this is a step you just can’t skip during your party-planning process.

What better way is there to implement your theme than by having your guests eat and drink out of plates and cups which show off unicorns in all their glory? Using unicorn-themed party supplies may seem like a subtle move, but in actuality they really go a long way in establishing your theme. 

The colors and patterns on your cutlery and tablecloth really set the tone for your party. Plus, they’re good for all those pictures you’ll want to take later on!

5. Create a Unicorn Theme with Decorations

Sale Unicorn Party Balloons (8 Pieces)
Unicorn Hanging Swirls (30 Pieces)
Unicorn Happy Birthday Banner

Your party space has to be decorated to suit the theme. One of the most popular unicorn party ideas are the matching decorations. There’s just no skipping this step in the party-planning process. It’s pretty safe to say that decorations make or break a party: too much and you’ll overwhelm the aesthetics, but too little makes your party space dull.

So, consider investing in appropriate unicorn-themed decorations. When it comes to unicorns, let your mind go to rainbows, sparkles and, of course, unicorns. Unicorn Party Balloons which come in sets are a more interesting option instead of using regular balloons. Hanging up a Unicorn Happy Birthday Banner also adds to the festivities without requiring much effort. 

If your party space isn’t too small, you could also hang Unicorn Swirls from the ceiling – these throw a shade of iridescence onto your party, which in turn really brightens up the aesthetics. Just remember that, when decorating, going overboard may crowd your party space, so you’ll want to take into consideration the furniture and amount of space you actually have. 

6. Hand Out Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Party Favors (Serves 12 Guests)
Want to make the kids of your child’s birthday party smile endlessly? If yes, then these party favors are the perfect choice. They include fun items such as headbands, keychains, hairline, hair rings, bags and much more. It’s the perfect fun kit for unicorn-themed birthday parties!

Another way to really spice up the atmosphere is by handing out party favors. Party favors let people know you and your child are thrilled to celebrate such an auspicious day with them.  They’re pretty easy to assemble, too, so it’s a good idea to consider spending some time preparing these for your guests.

Just grab a few small bags and fill them up with all sorts of goodies. If you don’t already have enough bags lying around your house, you have the option of purchasing a set of unicorn-themed party bags, or bags which come in shades of white, pink, purple, silver, or even the colors of the rainbow. Then, fill your bags with Unicorn Party Favor gifts, such as unicorn keychains, stickers, temporary tattoos, hair clips and the like. Luckily, these unicorn party favors already contain matching bags.

Just because your gifts are small enough to fit each bag, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on their functionality, too. These small gifts are both useful and fun, and your guests can show their unicorn-themed gifts off to each other during or after the party. Your party favors are sure to be a hit, especially among the unicorn-lovers!

7. Make the Kids Wear Unicorn Outfits

Unicorn Tutu Dress (With Headband)
Dress your child up with this cute unicorn tutu dress. It’s made of polyester and nylon, that features an elastic closure for a comfortable fit. There are a total of 12 different styles available to choose from, which makes it great for themed birthday parties.

Having such a cheerful theme shouldn’t go to waste. Why not have some fun with your unicorn theme amidst all that party-planning bustle? Implement a dress code and have your guests show up in unicorn-themed outfits.

This theme works well for both boys and girls. After all, rainbows and fanciful patterns are in trend. Colorful Unicorn Tutu Dresses coupled with unicorn headbands make a creative – and beautiful – combination. For the more ambitious kids, showing up in unicorn onesies is also a great choice.

You’ll be surprised by how implementing a theme really gets people in the partying mood. If you want to take things a step further, then have your guests vote for the best-dressed person and give that person a prize at the end of the party. This is sure to bring a smile to your guests’ face!

8. Create a Unicorn Coloring and Activity Area

No products found.

While food and music are important aspects of your party, it’s important to make sure there are appropriate activities held throughout your child’s special day, so there isn’t a risk of boredom at any moment.

A low-maintenance activity that’s great for guests of any age involves setting up a coloring area. All you need to do is designate a corner in your party space specifically for this activity. Preparing a small table and some chairs suffices. Then, lay out some stationery and several Unicorn Activity Books upon which your guests may unleash their creativity. 

This is a more laid-back activity that your guests can retreat to when they wish to rest between the more hectic games, or whenever they simply want to spend some quality time with each other.

9. Set up a Unicorn Board Game Corner

Monopoly Junior: Unicorn Edition (Ages 5+)
Everybody knows Monopoly! The Monopoly Junior: Unicorn Edition board game adopts a unicorn theme and is suitable for kids aged 5 and up. It’s a great party game and suitable for 2 to 4 players!

Speaking of activities, what better way to engage your child and your guests than to have them play some board games? Sure, Snakes-and-Ladders and Pictionary are fun, timeless board games, but since you’re having a unicorn theme, why not let your board games reflect it? 

Monopoly often comes in new variations, so you can easily find the Monopoly Junior: Unicorn Edition board game. Uno also comes with a unicorn theme, so you could also invest in getting that game. It definitely doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of research to find other types of unicorn-themed board games.

Playing board games allows your guests to entertain themselves with games they’re already familiar with, and the best part about these games is that they promote your party’s unicorn theme for you. Once the party’s over, you can still store these games away for a fun family night in the near future.

10. Play Unicorn Ring Tossing Games

Unicorn Ring Tossing Game
Another perfect party game is the unicorn ring tossing game. Simply get the kids to place the horn on the head and get the other kids to toss the rings onto the horns. It’s a fun party game for all ages!

Unicorn-themed games aren’t just confined to board games. Since unicorns are in fashion – and have been for decades, really – it’s not impossible to find some incredibly fun games which sport this mythological creature.

A game that would definitely get everyone’s hearts pumping in excitement is the Unicorn Ring Tossing Game. The players are to wear unicorn horns on their head, after which they’re required to collect as many rings as possible with said horns. If you think just the sound of this game is entertaining, you should see it play out in action. 

This is a surefire way to tickle everyone’s funny bones as the players fumble about to collect the rings. If you’re having adults over at the party, there’s also no reason why they can’t join in the silliness! The only requirement to play this game is a can-do spirit.

11. Distribute Some Unicorn Candy

Unicorn Fruit Chews (24 packs)
Unicorn Popcorn Boxes (24 Pieces)

No products found.

Need some more unicorn birthday party ideas? Well, what’s a sweet party without some sweet treats? Serve some candy on your table. Candy is a well-loved party snack, especially when a majority of the guest list consists of a younger crowd. The usual crowd favorites are always a good option, but why settle for the mundane? 

Your wonderful theme deserves some wonderful unicorn candy, so fill some bowls up with Unicorn Candy Bracelets, or colorful Unicorn Fruit Chews. If you’re thinking of sticking to the classics, M&Ms show off the diversity of colors needed to establish your party’s theme. Think of any candy that is colorful that kids love!

You could also fill other candies or popcorn into Unicorn Popcorn Boxes, which are a lot of fun and provide your guests with a container for all their sweet goodies. Try to mix it up a little and make sure to play around with different types of colorful candy.

12. Watch Movies Featuring Unicorns

Who doesn’t love movies? Your young guests will certainly appreciate enjoying a more relaxing activity which still engages everyone’s interests. Besides, it doesn’t take too much energy to organize this activity. 

You also shouldn’t have a problem searching for the right films to play for your audience, seeing as your ‘Unicorn’ theme should stand as a guiding beacon for your ideas. Just play any movie which would suit your theme. There are plenty of them available on some of the popular streaming services.

Once you’ve chosen the movies, play them on a big screen in front of some comfy couches and pillows. Don’t forget the most important part of any movie screening, which are all of those delicious movie snacks!

As stated, there are plenty of unicorn movies out there for your perusal. Here is a list of some kid-friendly movies that features magical unicorns: 

  • Bayala – A Magical Adventure (2019)
  • The Last Unicorn (1982)
  • Wish Upon a Unicorn (2020)
  • Nico the Unicorn (1998)
  • Rifftrax: The Little Unicorn (2002)

13. Create a Unicorn Sticker Wall 

Unicorn Stickers (100 Pieces)
Decorate your party sticker wall or activity books with these awesome unicorn stickers. There are a total of 100 stickers included, each of them being unique. They’re made of high-quality vinyl and are sun and waterproof!

Here’s another idea that will take your party to the next level: create a sticker wall that would really spark the excitement of any unicorn-lover. Put up a collage of Unicorn Stickers on some free wall space. This brings a creative addition of color to your party space. When your guests walk in, they’ll know for sure what the party’s theme is based on the decorations you’ve put up.

This wall isn’t just for everyone to feast their eyes upon the beauty of your party, however. It would make a wonderful background for selfies, especially if your guests are donned in their best unicorn-themed outfits. You can also turn this into an activity, by letting the kids place their own stickers on the wall. Just make sure that you use a board or any other suitable surface, instead of an actual wall, so that you can easily remove it after the party.

14. Have a Photo Session with a Unicorn Backdrop

Unicorn Photo Backdrop
Planning on creating a photo booth for your birthday part? This unicorn photo backdrop is just what you need. It’s perfect for taking pictures and it’s also available in two different sizes - 5 by 3 feet and 7 by 5 feet.

While we’re still on the topic of taking selfies, why don’t you set up an area specifically designed for a photo session? In this modern day and age, it’s impossible to attend a party without expecting a thoroughly good photography session. Besides, you’ll certainly want to document your child’s special day, so take some time to set up a Unicorn Photo Backdrop.

Towards the end of your party, when all the smiles have fully flourished and everyone’s tummies are satisfied from the delicious food and candy, have your guests pose in front of a unicorn backdrop. This backdrop is cute, gorgeous and doesn’t overshadow everyone’s bright expressions and beautiful outfits. 

As you’re taking the pictures, be sure to set up proper lighting beforehand – or, if you’re having an outdoor bash in the evening, just know that the last hour before the Sun sets is the golden hour for pictures!

15. Use Some Unicorn Photo Props

Unicorn Photo Props (Set of 10)
A perfect addition to a party photo booth. These unicorn-themed photo props feature various designs and are attached to sturdy wooden sticks. There are a total of 10 pieces in this set, which are perfect for birthday parties.

We’re not done with pictures just yet! Are you ready for another cool unicorn party idea? Spice up your photography session with Unicorn Photo Props, such as rainbow masks and paper unicorn horns. These can easily be purchased online, or you could alternatively print fun designs out on sturdy paper before attaching them to ends of wooden sticks.

These props don’t just make your guests giggle before the camera; they’re also fun to play with after the photo-taking session is over. So, consider investing in these lovely props and ensure there’s enough to go around for everyone.

16. Organize a Unicorn Pinata Session

Unicorn Party Pinata
Being 13.4 inches tall, 15.5 inches long and 4.6 wide, this magical unicorn pinata has plenty of space for candy and other party goodies. There is also an easy-access latch door where you can insert the items.

Pinatas are another fantastic activity to add onto your list. This game is both simple and timeless, seeing as everybody loves a good pinata session. There’s just something about hitting a hanging pinata with one’s full force that sends a thrum of satisfaction through one’s veins. 

Arranging for this game is also extremely easy. Just buy a Unicorn Pinata or from your nearest party store – it shouldn’t be too difficult to find, seeing as unicorns have been trending in the party business for a long time – and fill it up with candy. You may use the leftover candies that you’re serving up at your party. The rest of it is simple! Just hand your guests a blindfold, and let them thwack away to their hearts’ content!

17. Hand Out Take-Home Unicorn Goodie Bags

Unicorn Goodie Bags (Set of 12)
Are you looking for unicorn-themed goodie bags that are perfect for birthday parties? This set of 12 is just what you’re looking for. Each unicorn goodie bag measures 8.26 by 4.7 by 3.15 inches and is large enough for plenty of items.

Goodie bags are another great party idea and are important. They let your guests know you appreciate their presence on your child’s special day. They also harbor plenty of delightful little gifts which would uplift your guests’ spirits, so there’s no harm in spreading a little more cheer as your party draws to an end, is there?

To implement your theme, get some Unicorn Goodie Bags and start filling each of them with wonderful gifts. Unicorn stickers, chocolate, popcorn, candies (you may take leftovers from what you’ve served during the party), small unicorn toys and vouchers are some of the things you can give children. 

When filling up your goodie bags, take note of the general age of your guests and try to cater to what children of that demographic would like. These goodie bags will definitely send your guests home with sweet smiles and elated hearts.

18. Give Out Unicorn Thank You Cards

Unicorn Thank You Cards (Pack of 8)
These unicorn thank you cards come in a pack of 8 and feature the text: ‘Thank You for Making My Party so Magical”. The inside is left blank for you to add your own personalized text for all of your party guests!

At the end of your child’s magical birthday bash, sending your child’s loved ones home with a heartfelt message goes a long way in showing your gratitude. Slip some Unicorn Thank You Cards into their goodie bags. 

These sweet ‘Thank You’ notes come perfectly decorated beforehand, so you don’t really have to do much in terms of preparing these cards. If you have some time on your hands, however, you could write down the individual names of each of your guests to add a splash of personality to your cards.

These fascinating cards can be reused as bookmarks. They’re a charming end to your child’s wonderful day and they’ll surely remind your guests, in months to come, of the lovely time they’ve spent together with your child on this day.

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