12 Best Tom and Jerry Birthday Party Ideas

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Tom and Jerry is an animated series that was released in the 1940’s and has become an instant hit with kids. It’s now considered to be a classic, as it invokes nostalgia in adults and accounts for countless hours of laughter and amusement for kids.

Kids love Tom and Jerry and the animated series is considered to be timeless. It’s also created the inspiration for Tom and Jerry themed birthday parties, particularly for kids. There are plenty of creative ideas that you can take advantage of for creating a birthday party.

These ideas include Tom and Jerry inspired birthday cakes, party supplies, cupcakes, costumes, decorations, accessories, photo sessions and much more. Let’s take a look at the best Tom and Jerry birthday party ideas.

1. Bake a Tom and Jerry Birthday Cake

Tom and Jerry Birthday Edible Image Cake Topper
This cake topper measures 8 x 11 inches and is the perfect cake accessory for your Tom and Jerry birthday cake. You can even personalize your image and also add a customized message to it. This cake topper is made of high-quality edible frosting and edible food coloring.

There’s no doubt that the most enjoyable thing at a birthday party is the cake. When you choose a birthday theme, you should ensure that everything goes along with it, including the birthday cake. Having a Tom and Jerry themed birthday party means that the birthday cake should be all about Tom and Jerry.

If you don’t know how to style a birthday cake, you can simply bake a regular cake and decorate it with Tom and Jerry toys. An important piece of the cake is the cake topper. An edible Tom and Jerry Image Cake Topper is a fantastic solution and helps to enhance the Tom and Jerry theme of the party. Getting an edible image topper is ideal for those who are not familiar with decorating a birthday cake, as you will not need to do anything but select the picture and customize it.

You can also add other types of cake toppers or toys to the birthday cake. You can either opt to decorate it according to a famous Tom and Jerry scene or any way that you see suitable. One great idea would be to place the characters as if Tom is chasing Jerry across the cake.

You can either place these toys on top of the cake or around it. Another idea would be to write a personalized text or create your own Tom and Jerry objects with colored cake icing. This is a good time to let your creativity take over!

2. Make use of Tom and Jerry Party Supplies

Tom and Jerry Party Plates
  • TOM AND JERRY Party Birthday Lunch Plates.
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  • Approx size 8 3/4 in.

So you’ve got the birthday cake covered, now it’s time to check the supplies you need for the birthday party. When you’re throwing a themed birthday party, you should make sure that everything matches the theme. This means using the right colors and decorations that are Tom and Jerry inspired. Getting Tom and Jerry Plates for the birthday will be a creative touch that does just that.

If you can’t find any Tom and Jerry cups and tablecloth, you can simply use standard table wear that matches the theme. One idea would be to use Tom and Jerry Stickers and paste them on plastic cups. There are also many other DIY Tom and Jerry party supplies that you can create.

3. Create a Tom and Jerry Theme with Decorations

Tom and Jerry Door Banner
This Tom and Jerry banner measures 1.5 x 3.8ft (45 x 115cm) and is a great party accessory for any Tom and Jerry inspired birthday party. This size can perfectly fit your door, gate or porch. These banners help bring our the Tom and Jerry theme and help to set the mood for the party

When you’re planning for a birthday party, there’s no way you can forget the decorations. It’s one of the most important aspects to consider, as they help to set the theme of the party. However, not all types of decorations are suitable for all birthday parties, especially if the party has a Tom and Jerry theme. Make sure that the decorations are kid and family-friendly and that the colors and decorations add to the Tom and Jerry theme.

You should have many types of decorations and you can be as creative as you want. Remember that you’re not limited to only use large vinyl stickers for walls, but you can also add decorations on the entrance door and other doors inside your house. A Tom and Jerry Door Banner will be a creative touch that instantly converts your room into a Tom and Jerry party. Depending on the size of the party room, you can opt for smaller or larger ones.

4. Make the Kids Wear Tom and Jerry Costumes

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Jerry Costume with Mask

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You’ve got the Tom and Jerry cake, supplies, and decorations covered, and the party room looks perfect. Now it’s time for the guests. The main point of making a Tom and Jerry themed party is to make the kids enjoy their time, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than wearing Tom and Jerry costumes.

There are several characters in the Tom and Jerry cartoon and many kids love the other characters, as well. So you can tell the kids to wear Tom and Jerry costumes and any other character from the cartoon. If you’re working with a larger budget, you can purchase the costumes and hand it out at the birthday party.

You don’t have to get the full costumes, you can get Tom and Jerry masks, ears, tails, or clothes separately. This will allow you and the kids to have a variety of options and they can choose what they love the most. If you decide to organize group games, costumes are also a great way to create groups.

5. Show Some Tom and Jerry Episodes on TV

When you want to set the ultimate Tom and Jerry mood, there’s nothing better than playing some Tom and Jerry episodes on TV. There are many episodes you can play so you will never run out of options. You can keep the episodes running in the background and whenever the kids want to watch.

You can also create a room and set it up like a mini home theater for the kids to enjoy the episodes. Another option would be to set half an hour or an hour of TV time, where all the kids watch the episodes without any interruption. If you’ve set up smaller activities in groups, it may make more sense to set up a television corner where kids can watch in smaller groups.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to make the kids watch some of the Tom and Jerry episodes. it’s always best to choose the option that suits the mood of the party.

6. Have a Tom and Jerry Coloring Book Corner

Having Tom and Jerry episodes run on the TV for the kids to enjoy is a great idea, but you’ll definitely need more activities. You should think of other smaller games and activities that will get the kids engaged, while they enjoy themselves. A great option is to have a Tom and Jerry coloring book corner. It’s a simple, yet fun activity for the kids.

You can get several sets of Tom and Jerry coloring books based on how many kids will attend the birthday party. Coloring books are ideal for all ages. You can create a small corner that has these coloring books along with coloring pens. Make sure to have back up colors and coloring books in case the kids used them all. Also make sure that you offer the kids a wide variety of color options so that they can get really creative and show off their work at the end of the session.

7. Play Tom and Jerry Music

While the kids are coloring and playing around you can play Tom and Jerry Music. The Tom and Jerry intros and soundtracks are one of the most memorable songs of any animated series. I’m sure you still remember the famous tune of “It’s the Tom and Jerry Kids, gotta be there where all the action is..” of the Tom and Jerry kids show that aired in the 90’s.

These songs help to create an enjoyable atmosphere for the kids and will put them in a great mood. The kids will be happy and will feel the Tom and Jerry vibe everywhere. It’s the perfect way to make the party more enjoyable for everyone. If you’re looking for some Tom and Jerry tunes, you can refer to this collection of Tom and Jerry Intro Songs ranging from 1930 all the way to 2017!

8. Hand out Tom and Jerry Accessories 

Inflating Baseball Bats
There are 12 inflatable baseball bats in each set and all of them come in bright colors that match the Tom and Jerry theme well. They’re over 20 inches in size and are air inflatable. They are soft and safe for the kids to use at any type of birthday party!

We all know that kids are full of energy, especially if it’s a birthday party. Surely, they will watch some Tom and Jerry episodes and enjoy some coloring action but they will still need to run about and play. So make sure that the place is all set for the kids to play and get as many toys and accessories as you can to create a fun and playful environment.

When it comes to the accessories and toys you can get, the options are endless. However, you should ensure that you get what will make them happy and where they can play to their heart’s desire. You can get some Tom and Jerry inspired Inflatable Baseball Bats for the kids to play with. These bats are safe to use and will make the kids play as much as they want. You can also make it a pool party and allow kids to use them inside the swimming pool!

9. Bake some Tom and Jerry Cupcakes

Tom and Jerry Cupcake Toppers
  • Show off! Bring the finishing touch to your culinary creations with these cupcake picks from Graphics and More.
  • These toppers are the perfect size to make your cupcakes stand out, without stealing the spotlight from your handiwork. Sold as a set of six (6).
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Everyone loves cupcakes, and there’s nothing better than some Tom and Jerry cupcakes along with the birthday cake. There are many things that you can do to create Tom and Jerry themed cupcakes. You can bake regular cupcakes and add Tom and Jerry Cupcake Toppers to make perfect cupcake decorations.

Alternatively, you can ask the nearest bakery to customize the cupcakes for you. However, if you have a limited budget, customizing cupcakes might not be the best option as you might go over your budget, especially if you have many guests. Getting Tom and Jerry cupcake toppers also look great, especially if you plan to lay them out on the table. You can even create a little snacking corner with candy and other types of snacks.

10. Create a Loony Toons Backdrop for Photo Sessions

Looney Toons Backdrop for Photo Sessions
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When you throw the perfect Tom and Jerry birthday party, you and everyone else would want to keep these memories. And there’s no better way to keep the memories than photos. That’s why you’ll need to create the perfect spot for awesome photos. To create the perfect spot you can fill a small corner with Tom and Jerry decorations and also get a matching Looney Toons Backdrop to capture fun-inspired photos.

However, no matter how you choose to decorate the photo booth, you should ensure that there is sufficient lighting. If the backdrop is placed outdoors, make sure that the sun will not ruin the photos, so use the light to your advantage. If you plan to create the photo booth indoors, always consider there’s good lighting with sufficient props and decorations.

11. Gift Tom and Jerry Presents

The reason you’re throwing a Tom and Jerry’s birthday party is most likely because your kid loves it. So why not give your kid a Tom and Jerry present as well to match the birthday theme. There are many types of Tom and Jerry gifts that you can get for your kid.

For example, there are Tom and Jerry backpacks, toys, video games and much more. You can also create some DIY arts and craft items that go along well with any birthday present.

12. Hand out Tom and Jerry Goodie Bags

Nothing says a good birthday party like goodie bags. There’s no doubt that kids love goodie bags. You can be as creative as you want with goodie bags and add anything you feel suitable that matches the Tom and Jerry theme.

You can add coloring books, stickers, vinyls and even inflatable baseball bats that the kids can play with during the party and at home. You can also add Tom and Jerry masks, candy or even some toys. There’s no limit to what goodie bag should have so you can add whatever you feel suitable. Here’s another great tip, you can even include a Tom and Jerry Thank You card inside the goodie bag for thanking each kid who attended the fun-inspired birthday party.

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