15 Catchy TikTok Birthday Party Ideas

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If you’re in tune with social media, it’s likely you know about new platforms and trends – and even if you aren’t, you probably know someone who has jumped onto the bandwagon of making or watching those short, trendy videos on the app. So, it shouldn’t come to your surprise if your child – especially if they’re a teen – comes up to you with the idea of TikTok for the theme of their upcoming birthday party.

This is a really great theme to apply to your party as it’s creative, vibrant and gives you plenty of ideas in the party activities department. This is also the kind of theme that will keep everyone’s hearts beating and on their toes. If you’re curious to know why, then read on to find out! Let’s explore the best TikTok party ideas for birthday parties!

1. Send TikTok Party Invitations

TikTok Party Invitations (Pack of 20)
Invite your favorite guests with these awesome TikTok party invitations. They come in a set of 20 pieces and are each 4.7 inches in width and 6.7 inches in height - matching envelopes included!

If you’re planning on having a TikTok-themed birthday party, then you should be sure to secure the most fundamental aspect of your party: your guests. Make a guest list which includes all the people your child wants to see at their party.

Then, go ahead and send those invitations out. E-invitations are a quick solution to your task, but why opt for the mundane when all you need is just an extra inch of effort to send out invitations which totally crank up the party vibe? Send out TikTok Party Invitations instead. 

These awesome invitations come packaged in sets together with themed envelopes, so all you have to do is write down the name of each guest and every detail needed to get your child’s loved ones to this epic party. It’s as simple as that – but don’t forget to ask your guests to RSVP in time so you can accommodate for the size of your guest list.  

2. Bake a TikTok Birthday Cake

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Birthday parties and birthday cakes are pretty much synonymous. Really, what’s the point of having a birthday party without serving up some sumptuous cake to satisfy those sweet tooths?

Before baking your cake, take into account the number of mouths you’ll need to feed. Then, whip out a favorite recipe or just buy a cake from your child’s preferred bakery. The important thing about the cake-baking process here is how you’re going to make sure the decorations adhere to your TikTok theme, and it’s rather easy to do so. 

TikTok is often symbolized by its signature icon, so if you’re handy with a piping tool, you could easily decorate your cake with it. Also take note of TikTok’s color palette, which is white, black, turquoise and magenta. An easier method to decorate your cake, however, is if you just purchase a TikTok Birthday Cake Topper. This would really add a splash of fun color to your cake, and doesn’t take up too much of your time in the kitchen.

3. Bake TikTok Cupcakes

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Cupcakes are the next best thing when it comes to serving sweet delights at a birthday party, especially when your child is expecting many guests. Cupcakes give you a great opportunity to bake different flavors, so take this opportunity to pick out two or three crowd-favorite flavors. 

Again, you may either bake these cupcakes or buy them from a bakery, but the main element here is taking the opportunity to implement your TikTok theme. The TikTok Cupcake Toppers are a great, convenient way to decorate your cupcakes. You may stick these toppers into your dessert and still opt to top your cupcakes with frosting. 

Alternatively, if you’re thinking of opting for a more customized look, simply request your favorite bakery to help you out. Just be mindful that this would increase your budget accordingly.

4. Use TikTok Party Supplies

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Party supplies are another subtle yet effective way of getting everyone’s spirits into the festivities. Since TikTok is extremely popular these days, you’re not going to run out of options to choose from in terms of purchasing a TikTok Party Supply Set

These come in sets which contain everything your guests will use at a party: from cups, plates and napkins right down to the details in your tablecloth. TikTok party supplies are fun and add to the aesthetics of your themed party, so be sure not to skip out on this step of preparing for your party! Your child and their guests will definitely appreciate the effort you put into the little details.

5. Create a TikTok Theme with Decorations

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It’s not a party if your venue doesn’t look the part. Whether you’re hosting your party indoors or out in the abundance of fresh air, a crucial element you simply cannot overlook when throwing a themed party lies in the party decorations.

Establish your child’s birthday theme through TikTok-themed decorations. Since you already have a theme, you don’t have to crack your head too much, garnering ideas for the kind of decorations you should put up. Simply get TikTok Balloons and a TikTok Banner Set, which show off the dynamic colors of this social-media-turned-pop-culture. 

These really spice up your party space and raise the bar for any party planner out there, and they don’t even take up more time than if you were to put up regular, mundane party decorations. You can even opt for some TikTok Hanging Swirls to top it off! Just remember that little time and energy spent goes a long way in setting up the right kind of vibe for your party.

6. Hand Out TikTok Party Wristbands

TikTok Wristbands (For 24 Guests)
Spruce up the party vibe by handing out these colorful TikTok party wristbands. There are 24 pieces in a box that contain fun tags such as #DanceChallenge, #ForYouPage, #EyesLipsFace and plenty more!

Speaking of setting the vibe for your party, decorations may sweep your guests off their feet at first sight, but you’ll want to hook them into the party as soon as possible. Here’s an idea that will do the trick: hand TikTok Wristbands out to your guests. 

You can either give these to them upon their arrival as a welcome gift of sorts, or you could hand these out as prizes for the games you plan on hosting throughout your party. These wristbands don’t just make people look great; their trendy versatility can be reused during future, more casual occasions.

7. Play Viral TikTok Songs

Tik Tok Viral Songs 2020
Looking to play some viral TikTok tunes of 2020? Here’s the perfect solution. Featuring a total 18 songs, light up the dance floor with hits like ‘Get Busy’, ‘We Are Young’, ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ along with many more!

No party is complete without some killer hits playing in the background. For a TikTok party, there’s no contesting the fact that some of the best current songs are featured on this app. But you’ll also be surprised to find that most of these viral TikTok songs are actually songs you yourself used to jive along to – kids these days have developed an appreciation for top hits from the 2000s. You won’t believe it, but artists like Avril Lavigne, Fun and Shakira have made a comeback on this platform.

Your child’s party is the perfect occasion to let these bops get everyone off their seats. Play current TikTok Viral Songs on your audio system throughout the party. It’s best to line those songs up in a pre-prepared playlist so you don’t have to keep running to the stereo to keep the songs going. Don’t be surprised if your guests get up to bust some choreographed moves when they hear their favorite song blare over the speakers!

8. Do Some Fun TikTok Challenges

One of the things you’ll have to factor in when hosting one of the best themed parties ever would be the party activities. Music and food are non-negotiable, certainly, but the activities held throughout your party will raise the party-hosting bar and can cement this birthday party as one of your child’s fondest memories.

TikTok challenges are an obvious choice when it comes to organizing activities for a TikTok-themed birthday party. They are, after all, the heart and soul of this infamous social media app. So bring them to life on your child’s special day!

This activity is simple enough to organize. First, split your guests into two or more groups. They may then accomplish several tasks, all of which pertain to viral TikTok challenges. You could either have each team compete to complete the most amount of challenges in a given time, or you could have a panel of ‘judges’ – one of whom may involve your child – to determine which group best executed each challenge. 

For the sake of leniency, giving each team some time to learn certain routines from TikTok helps everyone to bond with each other. You could even set up a space with proper lighting for this activity to take place, so the videos taken will be of the best quality. Lastly, reward your winners with prizes. If you’re running out of ideas on prizes, this is where those TikTok-themed wristbands come into play.

Some examples of famous TikTok challenges include: the ‘Any Song’ challenge, the ‘Can’t Touch This’ challenge, the ‘Renegade’ challenge, or the ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge. Your guests could even move on from dance routine-based challenges to those which involve lip-syncing or making freeze-frame videos. 

If you want to take things a step further, a bonus round where each team has to create their own original TikTok challenge will certainly add some spice to the game. Either way, your guests will certainly have a blast playing this unforgettable game. Here are some fun challenges to consider:

  • Any Song Challenge
  • Can’t Touch This Challenge
  • Renegade Challenge
  • Flip the Switch Challenge
  • Koala Challenge

9. Watch Famous TikTok Compilations

It’s also a good idea to organize a party activity which doesn’t take up too much energy for moments when your guests might want to catch a breather after a tiring game or heavy meal. One great way to do this is by having your guests watch famous TikTok compilations.

Set up a comfortable area where everyone can watch the compilations together on a larger screen. Sure, your guests will probably all have TikTok downloaded on their phones – but if everyone’s eyes are glued to their own phones, there runs a risk of disconnect and boredom here. Instead, make this an activity everyone does together. TikTok is entertaining and there are plenty of channels on Youtube which have already compiled so many iconic TikTok videos in playlists. 

Examples of these channels include Trendy TikTok, Best TikTok Compilations and PRESTO. Streaming meme videos and ‘Try Not To Laugh’ challenges would undeniably get your guests cracking up in stitches, which in turn just brightens up the atmosphere all the more. This really is a simple activity from which you can reap great benefits, and your child will also get to spend some time connecting with their loved ones. 

10. Have a TikTok Dance-Off

Totally ‘lit’ TikTok music warrants epic dancing – this is just a hard fact; we don’t make the rules. A creative way to make sure this is a day neither your child nor their guests will ever forget is by organizing a TikTok-themed dance-off.

Sure, teenagers or children may be shy. But there’s just something about certain songs on TikTok – particularly the ones used for challenges, like ‘Lottery’ by K-Camp – which prompt an automatic reaction in people’s muscles: they just make people want to get up and dance. 

If you want, you could split your participants up into teams who will send representatives for each round to go up against each other. To be safe, you might need to prepare some prizes as incentive. Then, just watch those bright, youthful souls bust a move on the dance floor and turn your party space into a reenactment of the ‘Step Up’ movies.

11. Organize a TikTok Game Show

Another fantastic and time-tested activity you could organize during your child’s birthday party is a TikTok game show. Game shows bring out plenty of fun and they make your guests really socialize with each other, so why not liven your party up with a TikTok-themed one?

Again, divide your participants into groups or just have them get into the same groups as in the previous games. Then, play short snippets of popular TikTok videos on a big screen. Be sure not to give away too much from these videos, though, because the participants are going to guess which videos they are. 

When you’re playing this game, have another adult help you to keep score of the points each team wins. A fair warning, however: this game might bring out that convivial, competitive spirit out of everyone, so watch out for the noise level! 

12. Have a TikTok Pinata Session

TikTok Pinata
This cool TikTok-themed party pinata holds up to 6 pounds of candy and toys. Simply fill it up with anything that the guests desire and have yourself a smashing time!

Ah, pinatas. What thrilling birthday party for the young ones doesn’t involve a good, physical session of whacking the literal stuffing out of a hanging pinata? This is a fantastic way to get all of your guests involved – and perhaps even tire them out to the point of satisfaction – and the best part of it is that you don’t need to prepare additional gifts as prizes. 

The endgame for any pinata session is the candy-filled goodness that spills out of a pinata, and in the end everyone wins. So, invest your time and a little bit of your leftover budget into finding a TikTok Pinata. Although this pinata comes in that slender shape of a TikTok icon, it can still hold ample sweetness for all your guests. 

You’ll only need to find enough candy to satisfy your guests’ sugar cravings, a makeshift bat that’s solid enough to do the trick and a blindfold that doesn’t allow for any cheating from your guests.

13. Create TikTok Photo Booth

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So, you’ve really gone the extra mile to make your child’s birthday party as special as they are. You’ve implemented a special theme for this party, your games have been planned as thoroughly as if crafted by Daedalus himself, and your party menu is on point.

With all the festive, beautiful decorations put up and the bright smiles that will surely be painted across your guests’ faces, why not commemorate all your hard work – and more importantly, your child’s special day – by immortalizing everything in photographs? 

Create a photo booth specifically for this reason. Have your child and your guests display their pearly whites and silly poses in front of a TikTok Photo Backdrop which will frame your party’s theme perfectly. These are pictures you and your child will fondly look back on in the years to come. Plus, it would be a near-crime to let your amazing party-planning skills go unremembered!

14. Use TikTok Photo Props

TikTok Photo Props (Pack of 19)
Remember that photo booth you’ve set up? Well, what's the point without themed photo props? This set contains the perfect props for a TikTok-themed photo session. It includes a total of 19 pieces with plenty of unique designs.

While you’re taking those photos, complete the look with TikTok Photo Props. Have your child and your guests hoist up animated props that show off all the iconic things about TikTok. These are fun to pose with and they really go a long way in bringing your photographs to life.

Purchasing these props saves you a lot of time and energy. However, an alternative option is to make these props by hand: just print out emojis, slogans and icons which are often found on TikTok and attach them to the end of sticks or paste them onto cardboard. 

Regardless of how you go about this, the most crucial thing is to make sure your photobooth is set up in a place with proper lighting. Just don’t be surprised if your guests flock to these props throughout the party to take plenty of selfies as well!

15. Hand Out TikTok Goodie Bags

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The end of any great party should be marked with a token of some sort; a memory of the joy, love and laughter you’ve all shared together on your child’s special day. What better way to symbolize all that through little gifts of your own?

Hand out TikTok Goodie Bags, which perfectly represent the theme. It’s relatively easy to find gift bags which proudly show off TikTok’s famous icon. The best thing about these bags is that those electrifying theme colors (pink, white and blue) are set against a stark contrast of black, and are thus extremely eye-catching. You don’t have to worry about further decorating these themed bags.

Then, fill your bags up with all sorts of goodies. If your guests are young children, TikTok-themed stickers, stationery and arts-and-crafts utensils are items they’ll definitely appreciate. However, if your guest list consists of mostly teenagers, it’s best to be a little practical. Fill those bags with TikTok-themed phone accessories, stationery, badges or vouchers for popular restaurants or themed parks. 

Goodie bags are a surefire way to let your guests know how much you appreciate their presence on your child’s birthday. When you hand each guest their bag, the last thing you’ll need to do is to watch in satisfaction as the grins on their faces grow even brighter.

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