15 Fun Shark Party Ideas (For Babies, Kids and Teens)

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Are you planning a sharked-themed birthday party for your baby, kid or teen? If yes, this guide is going to be exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll be going through plenty of shark-related items and activities that you can do for your birthday party. 

The best shark birthday party ideas include anything from invitations to games, decorations, movies, supplies, goodie bags and anything else you can think of. It’s important to stick to a particular theme throughout the process, when planning to organize a birthday party. Let’s take a look at the best shark birthday party ideas!

1. Create Awesome Shark Party Invitations

Shark Birthday Party Invitations (Pack of 25)
  • 25 Shark invitations and 25 envelopes.
  • Fun design that your guests will absolutely love.
  • Regular size.4.1x6.5 inches, with plenty of space for guests to write their answers.

When you’re planning to throw a shark-themed birthday party, you should take every little detail into consideration. This means that you have to plan ahead and also think of all the creative ways to make this party unforgettable, fun and exciting!

It all starts with the birthday party invitations. How you invite people to your birthday party can affect your guest’s opinion and excitement levels. In other words, when you showcase your creativity with your invitations, your guests will learn to build up interest for your party and will also be introduced to the theme well ahead of time. 

Since you’re throwing a shark-themed birthday party, your invitations should be matching this theme. A great item for this are these Shark Party Birthday Invitations. The great thing about these invitations is that they’re fun and are also suitable for parties that are meant for babies, kids and teens.

These invitations feature a very creative design and all you’ll need to do is fill in the date, time, RSVP and the place of the party, slot them into the envelope and send them out to your guests.

2. Bake a Shark Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Shark Party Birthday Cake and Cupcake Toppers (Set of 12)
  • All orders come with a YELLOW WARNING SHARK ZONE SIGN measuring 4" x 3" as seen in the listing. If your order does not come with the exact yellow shark sign displayed in the photos please let National Cake Supply or Amazon know immediately.
  • Dimensions: TAIL: 1.9 x 2.3 x 1.5 inches .
  • Dimensions: SHARK BODY: 3.85 x 2.8 x 2.9 inches.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a delicious birthday cake that all the guests get to enjoy. But we can all agree that the taste of the cake is not the only factor that matters. The way the cake is designed and presented can influence the overall party experience for the guests.

If the birthday cake is poorly designed, made with minimum effort or doesn’t fit the theme, your guests may not really enjoy it. You should definitely put the birthday cake at the top of your priorities and ensure that it has an eye-catching shark-inspired design.

You can achieve this by baking a birthday cake and decorating it with blue and white icing so it looks like an ocean with waves. You can then add a Shark Cake Topper to make the cake really stand out. This Shark cake topper is a great way to show your creativity, because it looks like the shark is actually swimming through the cake.

You can do exactly the same with the cupcakes. If you’re serving cupcakes at the birthday party, you should keep in mind that it should also match the design of the cake and the rest of the party’s theme. This shark cake topper set also comes with matching cupcake toppers that you can add on top of each cupcake. Let your creativity run wild and design your cupcakes how you wish!

3. Use Shark Party Supplies

Shark Party Supply Set (Serves 16 Guests)
Celebrate your shark-themed party in style with this awesome supply set. This set contains plates, napkins, utensils and straws that serve 16 guests. It also includes other types of awesome decorations such as signs, balloons, banners and even a matching tablecloth!

In order to create an immersive and vibrant party theme you should try to get party supplies, such as banners, napkins, cups and plates, that match the theme. You should carefully pay attention to the blue and white color scheme and try to incorporate these colors as much as you can. 

To create an awesome shark-themed party atmosphere, we suggest getting a party supply kit. The Shark Party Supply Set is perfect for this, as it contains a “Happy Birthday” banner, confetti, light blue, dark blue, and white balloons, shark signs and even ribbons to complete the set. You’ll also find some matching plates, utensils, a tablecloth, napkins, and cups.

As you can see, a supply set like this could save you a lot of time and effort that you would have to otherwise invest into sourcing all the items individually. Another great point is that they go along well with each other and you’ll find it extremely easy to set up your party.

4. Create a Shark Theme with Decorations

Shark Party Hanging Swirl Decorations (24 Pieces)
This party decorating set is perfect for any type of shark-themed party. It includes 16 high-quality swirling decorations that can be hung from the ceiling. They’re made of 350gsm paper and laminated for extra protection. All you need to do is to unwrap them and hang them from any ceiling you like!

There is no doubt that decorating the party room is extremely important, in order to create a cohesive party theme. The first thing that people notice when they go to a party are the decorations. That’s why you should pay extra attention to them and ensure that you get the highest quality decorations to get the most out of your party. 

To make sure that is done accordingly, your decoration should be all about the shark theme. You can get really creative here and try to mix it up a little. You can think of decorating the room with some shark balloons, different shades of blue and white ribbons, banners, decals, signs and many other suitable decorations. 

Another great party decorating set are the Shark Party Hanging Swirl Decorations. They include 16 pieces of hanging shark decorations that you can place throughout the room. Getting these types of sets for your birthday party will save you a lot of time and effort. They also go well with other types of shark-themed decorations and you can really let your creativity shine.

5. Hand Out Shark Goodie Bags

Shark Party Goodie Bags (Pack of 24)
Are you ready for the best shark-themed goodie bags for your birthday party? These shark goodie bags are made of 100gsm kraft paper and feature an awesome shark attack inspired design. This set contains 24 goodie bags that you can fill with absolutely anything you want!

We all know that kids love goodie bags, but sometimes it’s hard to find suitable items to place inside, especially if you’re throwing a themed party. Getting standard and plain looking goodie bags, is often an eyesore when you’re looking to match designs. Therefore, the ideal option for those who want to create a fully-fledged shark theme party is to hand out Shark Party Goodie Bags

These party bags have shark related party images on them and are awesome for any type of birthday party. You can fill these goodie bags with candies, chocolate, small toys, stickers or anything that suits the age group of the guests. 

Depending on your agenda you can hand these goodie bags out at the start of the party, so that the guests can make use of the contents during the party. You could also hand the party bags out towards the end of the party so that they can take it home. It’s completely up to you and you should plan it according to the agenda of the party and the planned activities!

6. Make the Kids Wear Shark Masks

No products found.

Imagine having kids all over the place wearing cute shark costumes and accessories! Sounds fun right? Making the kids wear costumes to your themed birthday party is always a fun idea. However, it might not be easy to plan, as kids usually have different sizes. Shark costumes can be a fun idea if you have a large party room, but they can also get in the way sometimes, as shark costumes tend to be fairly big. 

Instead, you could go for Shark Party Masks. They are extremely convenient and fun for indoor and outdoor parties. They’re also suitable for kids and teens. These shark masks will make the kids look like they’re wearing costumes but without restricting their movement. It will be as much fun as the costumes, without any hassle and for a much lower budget. If you’re hosting a shark birthday party for babies, we suggest that you skip this step.

7. Have a Photo Session with a Shark Backdrop

Shark Party Photo Booth
Are you looking to create the perfect photo booth for your shark-themed birthday party? Look no further, as this backdrop features an awesome shark image with cutouts for guests to place their head into! It’s going to look like the shark is eating them!

Throwing a birthday party means that you’re planning to create an unforgettable experience for the birthday kid, as well as all of his and her best friends. Having poured a lot of time and effort into creating a shark-themed birthday, I’m sure you’ll want to make it memorable. 

The only way to ensure that these memories last forever is to take some awesome pictures at the birthday party. One way to achieve this is to use an appropriate backdrop, such as this Shark Party Backdrop. The reason this backdrop is so amazing is because it features large cutouts where the kids are able to place their heads into. 

Setting up a photo booth opens up the opportunity to take awesome party pictures. Setting up a photo booth with a backdrop is extremely easy and straightforward. The great thing is that these pictures will make the guests look like they’re being eaten by a shark! You can even take some of the shark party decorations and place them around the booth, in order to create an even better atmosphere.

8. Use Some Shark Props for Pictures

Shark Party Photo Props (Set of 20)
What better way to take a picture then with some ‘jawsome’ photo props? Distribute these props throughout your party, in order to capture some awesome birthday pictures. This set contains 20 shark-themed picture props that feature wooden dowel sticks for extra strength!

Props are always fun at parties because they seem to bring out some of the liveliness that is often missing. Many people underestimate how much fun it can be using props at birthday parties. Kids can play with it all day long and they can also take cool pictures with it at the photo booth. 

It will be a great addition to your photo booth together with the backdrop and will give you the opportunity to snap some great pictures. You’ll even be able to use them in front of any other type of backdrops and decorations and add a little more vibrance to the pictures. 

These Shark Party Photo Props contain 20 pieces of shark related props that are great for photo sessions. They’re not only suitable for kids and teens, but you can also use this at your shark-themed baby showers or birthday parties. 

9. Have a Shark Movie Screening

Since you’re planning to throw a shark-themed birthday party, it’s very common to watch a movie that suits the theme. In light of that, you could organize a shark-inspired movie screening session, so all the kids can watch a shark movie together. This is a great party idea, and there are a variety of shark movies available. They range from comedies to thrillers and even action movies. 

You can create a mini home cinema at your place where you play the movie. This will create a suspenseful atmosphere for the kids and they will feel fully engrossed in it. Shark movies are also suitable for teens and youths, just make sure to check the movie rating before deciding on which movie to screen. There are plenty of shark movies available on all popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more. 

If you’re looking for a list of shark movies to screen at a birthday party, you can refer to the list below. Here are our top 5 shark movies to watch at a party. 

  • Deep Blue Sea (1999)
  • The Shallows (2016)
  • The Meg (2018)
  • Sharknado (2018)
  • 47 Meters Down (2017)

10. Let the Kids Play Shark Board Games

Sale Shark Bite Board Game (Ages 4+)
Shark Chase! Board Game (Ages 5+)
Sale Shark Chase! Board Game (Ages 12+)

Another great party idea is to create many smaller activities for the guests, such as playing some games. Board games are a great activity at birthday parties as they’re not only fun, but they also encourage kids to think outside the box and lets them engage with each other. 

To make sure the board games are compatible with the theme, you could get some games like ones featured above. You can also get a variety of board games, so that you can let multiple kids play at once. If that doesn’t fit inside your budget, you can always let the kids group up in teams and let them play a single board game. 

You can even give out some prizes to the winning team. You only need to ensure that you explain the rules of the board game to them at the beginning. Also be mindful that the recommended age of the board games should match the age group of the guests at the birthday party. For reference, you can always refer to the age rating that is labelled on the board game box.

11. Hand Out Shark Party Toys to the Kids

Shark Grabber Toy (2 Grabbers with 12 Animals)
These shark toy grabbers are a great addition to any shark-themed birthday party. This set contains two shark grabbers, as well as 12 mini sea animal toys for the kids. It’s recommended for kids aged 5 and up and is extremely fun. Hand these out at parties or give them out as prizes.

As the kids will be playing board games, taking pictures and having fun, you could hand out some shark toys. There are a wide variety of shark related toys they can play with and the choice is completely yours. 

This Shark Grabber Toy set is a great party toy that lets the kids pick up items such as candies or the mini sea animals, which are included in the set. They come in a set of 2 and also include 12 smaller animals for the shark grabber. 

You can even set up a separate playing corner where the kids can play with all the toys. It’s often better to separate the play area from the main party area, as it can get a little messy. It can be hard to have fun without creating a little mess sometimes!

12. Organize a Shark Pinata Session

Shark Party Toy
  • On each pinata there is a clear sticker labeled "Insert candy here." 
  • Under that sticker and a layer of tissue, there is a pre-made hole. Press sticker or use scissors to create an opening. 
  • All pinatas have a built-in hang loop at the top. 

There’s no doubt that kids of all ages love candy. In fact, you’ll often find yourself in situations where you run out of candy at a party. Therefore, you should always ensure that you get enough for everyone. 

The most common way to distribute candy to the kids during a party is to either make them available by placing them in candy trays or by giving them out as prizes. Another unique party idea that you can consider is through a pinata. For this, the Shark Pinata is the perfect item. The best way to organize a pinata session is by hanging a Shark Pinata after filling it with all of the candy you can think of. 

Be creative here and fill it with chocolates, mints, gummies, licorice, lollipops or anything else you can think of. Getting a shark-themed pinata is a great addition to the birthday party, as it will also count as an additional activity for the kids. Furthermore, if you can combine a party activity with candy, you’ve pretty much hit two birds with one stone.

13. Hand Out Some Shark Candy

Shark Gummies (141g x 2)
Shark Fruit Gummies (1 lbs)
Shark Tooth Candy Necklaces (12 pieces)

While we’re on the topic of candy, you should also ensure that there is enough candy available at the party so that the kids can snack on it, while enjoying themselves. There are many different types of candy that are available.

It’ll be even better if you can offer a mixture of normal candy and shark-themed candy. With regards to shark-themed candy, you’ll usually find the shark gummies or shark tooth necklaces. Both of these are great and you can place them in candy bowls, inside the pinata or even distribute these as prizes for some of the activities you’ve planned.

14. Play a Shark Tossing Game

No products found.

You’ve guessed it, parties are all about fun and games. It’s always a good idea to create engaging activities for the kids, where each person gets a chance to play. Another great game for a shark-themed birthday party is the Shark Tossing Games

This game features a large shark-themed banner with 3 cutouts. It also comes with 3 bean bags that the kids have to toss inside one of these holes. You could also number these holes where kids collect points equal to the number on the holes. Kids can collect points and exchange these for prizes at the end of the activity.

15. Hand Out Shark Thank You Cards

Shark Thank You Cards
These shark-shaped thank you cards come in a set of 12 and are made of premium quality paper. The cards are 5-inches by 6.75-inches in size and also come with 12 matching envelopes and are 5-inches by 7-inches. They are perfect for kids, teens and babies.

There is no better way to end a party by thanking the guests for their time and for taking the opportunity to celebrate the party with you and your loved ones. Therefore, handing out a thank you card at the end of the party or placing one inside the goodie bag is a nice and appreciative gesture. 

The Shark Thank You Cards are a great item for this and they fit the theme well. The cards are shaped like a shark coming out of the water with the words ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re jawsome’, which is a really funny play on words. 

This also means that from beginning until the end, you’ve managed to stay true to the shark theme and all that you need to focus on now is the actual execution. Good luck and have a ‘jawsome’ time!

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