17 Best PAW Patrol Gift Ideas

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Let me guess, you’re thinking of getting a gift for a child’s special occasion – am I right? It could be their birthday, or even their graduation from elementary school or the likes. If you’re cracking your head over the best kind of gifts you could get them, you’ve stumbled upon the right article.

PAW Patrol is an increasingly popular franchise among the younger demographic. If your loved one is a PAW Patrol fan, then you’re in luck. Getting a PAW Patrol-themed present is a great gift idea that will surely make a child’s heart swell with joy. Read on to figure out the best PAW Patrol gift ideas that suit your loved ones for their upcoming special day!

1. PAW Patrol Hoodies

PAW Patrol Fleece Hoodie
This PAW Patrol Fleece Hoodie features Chase, Rubble and Marshall. The hoodie is made of 100% polyester and even features the words ‘Totally Pawsome'!

Hoodies never go out of style. They’re comfortable, they keep people warm and snug on the chillier days, and they make people look and feel good. Purchasing a PAW Patrol hoodie is a relatively safe option if you want to give a gift that’s functional, since you can be sure the recipient will definitely wear it regularly. Therefore, it’s on our number one spot of best PAW Patrol gift ideas.

This PAW Patrol Fleece Hoodie will certainly delight any child. The soft material undoubtedly keeps your child cozy all day long and its vibrant colors are easy on the eye as well. It’s made of 100% polyester and features a high-definition print of Chase, Rubble and Marshall with the words “Totally Pawsome”. This half-zip hoodie not only looks cool, but it’s also equipped with a comfortable hood lining.

2. PAW Patrol Kids 5-Piece Backpack Set

PAW Patrol Kids 5-Piece Backpack Set
This backpack set contains a total of 5 items - a lunch box, a backpack, a cinch sack, a gadget case and a keychain. Any child would happily show this backpack set off to their friends, so it really makes for a fantastic gift!

Another great gift idea would be getting a child a backpack. When kids go to school or just generally anywhere, there’s no way they’ll go out empty-handed. They have plenty of things to carry around such as water bottles, stationery – you name it. It’s really important to make sure the kind of bags they bring to store their necessities are durable enough to last.

If we had a dollar for the number of new backpacks we had to buy for school, we’d be rich, wouldn’t we? So, consider getting your child a backpack. But it’s not really much fun if the kind of backpack you’re giving them is nothing more than mundane, is it? That’s why a PAW Patrol backpack is the way to go.

This PAW Patrol Kids 5-Piece Backpack Set is fun and colorful, and it comes together with a lunch kit, a cinch sack, a keychain and a gadget case – all the things a child would need for a great day out. Besides, buying a backpack set saves you the cost of having to go out to look for more school or outdoor essentials. The nylon and polyester used to constitute this backpack set are durable and yet soft enough to the touch for added comfort.

3. PAW Patrol Pogo Stick

PAW Patrol Pogo Stick
These fun PAW Patrol Pogo Sticks are available in a wide range of colors - a total of 12! They’re recommended for kids aged 3 and above and supply plenty of fun.

Practicability is one thing, but what about fun? Gifts for kids are meant to bring joy to them, so the ‘fun’ factor is an inevitable requirement. Consider giving a PAW Patrol-themed pogo stick as a gift to a child. Here’s why!

These PAW Patrol Pogo Sticks come in an array of vibrant colors, sporting every PAW Patrol fan’s favorite character from the show. The durable foam in these pogo sticks ensures a steady quality for a long time. They’re also safe for children as young as three years old, so getting a PAW Patrol pogo stick is often a great, reliable gift option.

4. PAW Patrol Coloring Book

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Coloring books are an alternative gift option and a great PAW Patrol gift idea. Creativity is a seed best nurtured from one’s days of youth, as a child’s imagination is often joyously unfettered. That’s why getting a child a PAW Patrol coloring book is a fantastic way of letting them unleash their creativity. 

So, consider gifting your child a PAW Patrol Coloring Book. The high-quality pages with pictures printed on one side of each page prevents damage to the papers regardless of the type of stationery your loved one will use. These books are definitely more interesting than regular coloring books, and they’ll delight any child as PAW Patrol is in trend these days. In essence, another great PAW Patrol gift idea!

5. PAW Patrol 4-Piece Bedding Set

PAW Patrol 4-Piece Bedding Set
This PAW Patrol Bedding set comes in 3 different designs and features a total of 4 items. You’ll find a bedspread, fitted sheet, flat sheet, as well as a pillow case. All of these items feature a unique PAW Patrol design!

Who says bedsheets and pillowcases can’t be fun for children? The way a person’s bedroom is decorated says a lot about them, so let your loved one’s bedroom reflect their personality! If your loved one is a PAW Patrol fan, they’ll certainly love a PAW Patrol-themed bedding set. 

This PAW Patrol 4-Piece Bedding Set is made of 100% washable polyester, so besides the fact that it gives an imaginative toddler plenty of wonderful dreams, it’s also convenient for parents. It’s also cheaper to buy a bedding set instead of spending both money and time searching for a matching pillowcase for your bedspread. All in all, a comfortable PAW Patrol bedding set will certainly coax any toddler into falling asleep more easily each night.

6. PAW Patrol Lunch Bag

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Many childhoods consist of pre-packed lunches and fun days outdoors. That’s why PAW Patrol lunch bags are a fabulous gift idea that will never go out of style. Children especially stand to benefit from lunch bags, seeing as they’re convenient to carry around. 

Using a PAW Patrol Lunch Bag is a fun way to package those lunch boxes on school days. The kids will swoon over this lunch bag as it shows off everybody’s beloved PAW Patrol characters, and it’s a great way for a PAW Patrol fan to express their enthusiasm for this show. Besides, it’s a perfectly functional bag that can be used for any type of occasion, so investing in this gift can never be a bad idea.

7. PAW Patrol Series

PAW Patrol Series
There are plenty of PAW Patrol seasons to choose from. The first season contains a total of 13 episodes, each is 23 minutes long and contains a new challenging adventure!

What’s the one thing PAW Patrol fans all have in common? Their love for the show, of course! Giving a child a collection of this TV series will surely make for a thrilling gift. There are plenty of seasons to choose from and each season features new adventures. 

Amazon offers the full collection of the PAW Patrol TV Series for a good binge-watching session during a child’s day off from school. Now all that’s needed is a good selection of movie snacks, and the entire family can join in for some quality time over the weekend.

8. PAW Patrol Adventure Bay Rescue Way Playset

PAW Patrol Adventure Bay Rescue Way Playset
This PAW Patrol Adventure Bay Rescue Way playset comes with two awesome cars! It can launch up to 6 cars simultaneously and can be played with a group of friends.

For the younger ones, gifting them a playset would be much appreciated. Younger children in general tend to gravitate towards games which stimulate the mind and keep them somewhat physically active, so a PAW Patrol playset certainly falls under the list of popular games at the moment. 

Simply purchase a PAW Patrol Adventure Bay Rescue Way Playset and have it wrapped up nicely. While this game is easy enough to set up with the help of an adult, it still packs enough tracks and vehicles for double the fun! The set comes with the Adventure Bay tower and two vehicles.

9. PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Chase’s Deluxe Vehicle

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Chase’s Deluxe Vehicle
This PAW Patrol Rev-Up vehicle is 3.75 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches and you’ll be able to pick from Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Skye and Zuma. It’s perfect for kids aged 3 and up and requires no batteries.

While we’re still on the topic of gifts for younger children, another great PAW Patrol gift idea revolves around toys. They’re always a fun option! There is no occasion during which a child would be unhappy to receive a toy from their favorite TV show franchise. So, it should come to no surprise that any PAW Patrol fan would be delighted to receive a PAW Patrol toy vehicle. 

With this in mind, a good PAW Patrol toy to give kids is the PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Chase’s Deluxe Vehicle. This striking blue vehicle can be revved up which provides for a ton of fun, and it also comes with a figurine of Chase, everybody’s favorite pup. No doubt, this PAW Patrol deluxe vehicle will prove to be one of the best gifts you could get a child, especially if they’re a PAW Patrol fan. There are also plenty of other PAW Patrol characters with matching vehicles to choose from.

10. PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay (Playstation 4)

PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay (Playstation 4)
Play as Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Everest, Skye, Zuma, Marshall or Tracker and do your best to win all of the 7 adventurous missions. You can even play this game on co-op mode with friends!

For the older children who prefer to be more mentally stimulated, a video game is an exciting alternative. Getting a child a PAW Patrol video game will surely do the trick, seeing as PAW Patrol games are gaining popularity these days. 

If you’re wondering which video game to gift a child, here’s a suggestion: ‘PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay’. This is a PlayStation 4 game, so be sure that your recipient has the appropriate game console beforehand. This game gives the player the opportunity to play from the point of view of everyone’s favorite PAW Patrol characters. The best thing about this game is that it’s also a multiplayer game, so this is the kind of gift that can be shared among family and friends.

11. PAW Patrol 4-Pack T-Shirts

PAW Patrol 4-Pack T-Shirts
This set contains 4 differently colored PAW Patrol T-Shirts. There's Chase in blue, Rubble in yellow, Marshall in red and Rocky in green. They’re made of 100% cotton and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Besides games and toys, T-shirts can prove to be fun gifts as well! Spur the excitement of a PAW Patrol fan by gifting them a PAW Patrol-themed T-shirt. 

A set of PAW Patrol T-Shirts makes for a practical gift that will undoubtedly be used in the long term, so you know your gift won’t go to waste. This pack of four shirts sports lively colors and show off everyone’s beloved PAW Patrol characters: namely, Chase, Marshall, Rubble and Rocky. The only thing you should worry about is that your loved one might wear these T-shirts out if they choose to wear them too often!

12. PAW Patrol Hooded Towel Wrap

PAW Patrol Hooded Towel Wrap
This PAW Patrol Hooded Towel Wrap is convenient for kids and is 24 x 50 inches in size. It’s made of soft cotton and features a light blue color scheme with Marshall, Chase, Rubble and Zuma.

Another practical gift for children would be a towel wrap – because, who says towel wraps can’t be fun? It’s not an uncommon notion that children prefer to opt for everyday items which display their favorite cartoon characters; hence, the ever-skyrocketing growth in popularity of this animated shows’ merchandise. It’s pretty safe to bet that any child would be happy to receive a PAW Patrol-themed towel wrap. 

That’s why this PAW Patrol Hooded Towel Wrap is a great choice for a child’s gift. It comes in both pink and blue, so you have more options to suit the preference of your loved one. It’s also soft to the touch to provide greater comfort, and its size is suitably large enough for growing children. You’ll be satisfied to know that you’ve given a child a gift which you know will be put to good use each day. Plus, that little hood on this towel wrap is just unimaginably adorable. All in all, a great PAW Patrol gift idea for sure!

13. PAW Patrol: I’m Ready To Read with Chase Sound Book

PAW Patrol: I'm Ready To Read with Chase Sound Book
Follow the story of all of your favorite PAW Patrol characters on their adventures. This sound book also features 10 sound buttons for an interactive experience. Recommended for kids 18 months or older.

Books are another obvious choice when it comes to giving a gift to a child. It’s obvious why they are so great. They’re educational and play an important role in their development. Getting a PAW Patrol book is a creative way to fuel a child’s imagination and educate them at the same time.

The perfect gift for that is the PAW Patrol: I’m Ready To Read with Chase Sound Book. This is the kind of children’s book that comes with exciting illustrations and sounds to accompany each page, so there runs no risk of boredom when your child goes through this book. This book may just kickstart a child’s love of reading, which is a first step in the right direction.

14. PAW Patrol Walkie Talkie Set

PAW Patrol Walkie Talkie Set
The amazing PAW Patrol Walkie Talkies work up to a 1000-foot range and feature your two favorite characters, Chase and Marshall! This Walkie Talkie set even comes with batteries included.

Toys are not the only way to have fun. Purchasing a walkie talkie set is a cool new adaptation of the age-old game of communicating via a pair of cans and a long string. The only issue with getting a PAW Patrol walkie talkie set for a child, you ask? Their other friends may feel a little envious. But hey, that’s why walkie talkies are made to be shared, right?

This PAW Patrol Walkie Talkie Set has an extended communication range for a greater stretch of fun – pun intended – and is pretty easy to use. But what your recipient will probably pay more attention to is the fact that these walkie talkies bear the faces of fan-favorite Police Pup Chase and Firefighter Marshall, so no convenience is replaced with fun!

15. PAW Patrol Die-Cast Vehicle Set

PAW Patrol Die-Cast Vehicle Set
These PAW Patrol Diet-Cast vehicles are 1:55 scale and are True Metal vehicles. They feature great details and come in a set of 6 in total!

It’s only a natural assumption that PAW Patrol fans would love to receive a PAW Patrol vehicle set. Toy vehicles make for exhilarating playtime sessions for younger children, and they’ll keep them occupied long enough for these vehicles to turn into beloved childhood toys. 

So, give a child a PAW Patrol Die-Cast Vehicle Set! This set comes in a collection of six well-detailed PAW Patrol vehicles, together with popular PAW Patrol characters sitting behind the wheel. These vehicles also have real working wheels, thus providing for a greater authentic feel. Kids will have a blast ‘driving’ these vehicles around on make-believe missions.

16. PAW Patrol Spin Master Figure Set

PAW Patrol Figure Set
The collectible PAW Patrol Figures come in a set with 6 pieces. Each of these pieces features a different PAW Patrol character! Place them anywhere and collect them all!

Action figures have been the highlight of many childhoods for decades. The only thing that has changed over time is the fictional characters whose faces these figures represent. With the kids’ increasing interest in the PAW Patrol show these days, it should come to no surprise that a PAW Patrol fan would love to receive a PAW Patrol figure set on a special occasion such as their birthday. 

This PAW Patrol Figure Set depicts six of the main characters of this show: Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Skye, Zuma and Marshall. These adorable small figurines are small enough to carry around conveniently and could even go with a separate PAW Patrol vehicle set. This is the kind of gift no PAW Patrol fan would turn down, so consider purchasing this set for your loved one if they like the show.

17. PAW Patrol Me Reader with 8 Audiobooks

PAW Patrol Me Reader with 8 Audiobooks
The PAW Patrol Me Reader comes with a total of 8 Audiobooks that include Zuma, Skye, Ryder, Rocky, Marshall, Chase and many more. This audio book promotes Interactive learning and is fun at the same time!

Who says a love of the lexicon has to stem solely from reading? Audiobooks are an alternative option if you’re looking for the kind of gift that interlaces entertainment and education for children. A PAW Patrol audiobook is a light ‘read’ for children, regardless of whether or not they’re an ardent lover of the series. 

Get a PAW Patrol Me Reader with 8 Audiobooks as a gift. It’s essentially an electronic reader and it comes with eight audiobooks to keep a child occupied for a long time. If your recipient loves books, they’ll delight at the sight of this gift. A PAW Patrol Me Reader is the perfect lullaby for restless children who find it difficult to fall asleep – and a soothing balm for the parents who tirelessly read their children to sleep each night – and will no doubt prove to be a useful gift.

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