14 Cute Mr Onederful Birthday Party Ideas

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Are you planning a fun-filled and colorful themed party for your baby boy’s first birthday? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Mr Onederful would be the perfect theme for your boy’s first birthday party. In this party idea guide, we will provide you with plenty of inspirations and ideas that range from party invitations to decorations and even activities that you can plan. We will also go through styling the birthday cake and plenty of other things to liven up your baby boy’s first birthday!

You should also keep in mind that a child’s first birthday is always a grand and memorable occasion. That’s exactly why a Mr Onederful theme is the perfect choice. Coupled with these creative ideas, your baby boy and his guests are bound to have an amazing first birthday!

1. Send Mr Onederful Party Invitations

Mr Onederful Birthday Invitations (Pack of 12)
Kick off your boy’s first birthday party with these awesome Mr Onederful party invitations. They come in a set of 12 pieces with matching envelopes. All you need to do is fill out the details and voila!

The first step of planning any party is getting the invitations right. You would want to inform your friends that your son will be celebrating his first birthday party! Make a list of friends according to your location and budget. At the age of one, your son is going to be too young to give his input, so the best thing is to invite your common friends that have babies or kids of similar age. You can even invite some of your own friends and family members over to enjoy the party. 

Once the guest list is completed, you should send them matching Mr Onederful Birthday Invitations. These invitations fit perfectly to the theme and all you are required to do is to fill out the details for the venue, the time and of course the RSVP date. Your guests will know the effort that you’ve put in just by looking at the party invitations. It will definitely excite them and give them an idea of the party’s theme.

2. Bake a Mr Onederful Birthday Cake

Mr Onederful Birthday Cake Topper
Instantly transform your ordinary cake into a Mr Onederful birthday cake with this awesome cake topper. It’s made of non-toxic, food-grade and biodegradable material and has an appealing glittery appearance. It’s the perfect cake topper for your boy’s first birthday.

Cakes are a must have at all birthday parties. Birthdays are simply incomplete without one! This puts a lot of pressure on the party planner, as they have to do their best in preparing the perfect birthday cake for their loved ones. Since the cake ceremony is often commemorated with plenty of photos, it’s always a good idea to impress your child and the guests with an awesome cake!

When it comes to baking or buying a cake, you can be flexible. As the Mr Onederful themed sports a black, white and gold color palette, you could always purchase a customized cake with black and white icing. If you’re able to bake your own cake, ensure that you spruce it up with plenty of decorations. 

For that, you could also consider a Mr Onederful Birthday Cake Topper. You can simply place the topper on top of the birthday cake to give it the finishing touch. You can simply apply it without any hassle! Needless to say, it will also look great on photos and perfectly fits the Mr Onederful theme.

3. Bake Mr Onederful Cupcakes

Mr Onederful Cupcake Wrappers (Pack of 12)
These are some high-quality cupcake wrappers for your Mr Onederful birthday party. They’re 2 inches wide and instantly transform your cupcakes. Not only are they made of premium-grade paper, but they’re also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Let’s be honest, cupcakes are everyone’s favourite. They are the perfect delicacy that you can serve to the guest for dessert or even before the cake ceremony. You can easily bake cupcakes at home with the help of cookbooks or simply look up some easy recipes from YouTube. 

When it comes to the cupcake decorations, there are plenty of options available for you. Here it’s best to let your creativity shine. First, let’s take care of the cupcake wrappers. Here, you can simply opt for some Mr Onederful Cupcake Wrappers. You can bake your cupcakes and place them into these wrappers to instantly transform normal cupcakes into decorative Mr Onederful cupcakes.

Of course, you should also be styling them appropriately. Here, you can prepare white, black and golden icing, as well as some delicious toppings of your choice. If you plan to purchase the cupcakes instead, you can always provide the pastry shop with those awesome Mr Onederful wrappers and ask them to whip up some fancy themed cupcakes.

4. Use Mr Onederful Party Supplies

Mr Onederful Party Supplies (Serves 8 Guest)
Set the table with these Mr Onederful party supplies. This set contains dinner plates, dessert plates, luncheon napkins, cups and utensils that serve 8 guests. There’s even a matching tablecloth included!

Party supplies are an extremely important element of the party and it needs to be matched with the theme. Having a consistent theme throughout the event, in particular the party supplies will make the birthday party not only look creative but also feel more immersive to the guests. 

Therefore, you should get Mr Onederful Party Supplies, as they’re just perfect for the theme! Party supplies typically include cups, plates, napkins and utensils. Some sets even contain a matching tablecloth that can be used for further decoration. 

Notice that these party supplies contain the appropriate golden, white and black color palette. Without having to create these supplies yourself, the guests can enjoy the delicious foods, desserts and drinks using these sparkling party supplies. If your guest list is longer, feel free to stock up on a few sets to ensure that every guest is covered!

5. Create a Mr Onederful Theme with Decorations

Mr Onederful Birthday Decoration Set
Mr Onederful Banner

Decorations can easily steal the show at a birthday party. They set the ambience of the party room and you would want to ensure that the party experience is out of this world. To help you on the list of decorations, let’s explore some of the most popular ones. First, you should consider a Mr Onederful Birthday Banner. This banner can be placed at the main entrance or in between any pillars, which will be a great way to introduce the guests to the theme of the party.

A party is not complete without balloons, banners and other types of decorative props. If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix, you can always consider getting a complete Mr Onederful Birthday Decoration Set. This set comes with plenty of decorative pieces that you can place wherever you see fit. They also match the color palette of the Mr Onederful theme. 

You should also ensure that the tables are adequately decorated. Apart from party supplies, you could think about Mr Onederful Birthday Centrepieces. These centerpieces fit right with the color scheme and will enhance the dining experience with joy and glitter. There are plenty of other party decorations that you can consider. It’s important to ensure that you always match the white, black and golden colors of the Mr Onederful theme.

6. Dress Your Boy up With a Mr Onederful Outfit

Mr Onederful Outfit
This cute little Mr Onederful outfit is the perfect attire for your child's first birthday party. It’s made of 100% cotton and is soft to the touch. It contains a matching Mr Onederful shirt and pants.

Now that you’ve got the party room decorations out of the way, it’s time to dedicate yourself to your birthday boy! As you’re trying to be consistent on the party theme, why not dress your son up with a suitable Mr Onederful outfit?

This will definitely put him in the spotlight, as all the guests will look at him in adoration! The Mr Onederful Outfit is a great choice for this as it’s designed for one year-olds and contains a matching shirt and pants. This outfit will not only make him look spectacular in pictures but will surely impress your guests, too!

7. Wear Matching Mr Onederful Parent Shirts

Mr Onederful Parent Shirts
Get your matching Mr Onederful shirts for parents in white, gray or black design. There are two different designs available, the ‘Dada of Mr Onederful’ and ‘Mama of Mr Onederful’.

Another awesome Mr Onederful party idea is to show your excitement and enthusiasm for your son’s first birthday by wearing matching Mr Onederful Parent Shirts! Not only will this be fun and suit the theme, but it also allows for awesome photo opportunities.

In essence, if you are committed to a particular theme, you might as well go on-board and be part of the lively party theme. Your son and the guests will appreciate the dedication to detail and will surely show endless smiles.

8. Have a Toy Corner for the Kids

Kids enjoy all sorts of toys! They can spend hours fixated on playing with toys. This is why setting up a dedicated toy corner is a great way to allow the little ones to have loads of fun at your child’s birthday. You wouldn’t want any of the kids to be bored, right? So, simply add a fun activity by setting up that toy corner.

You’ll be asking yourself how this can be done, right? Well it’s much easier than it sounds. You can simply separate parts of the room and fill this area with toys. Some great examples for toys are cars, puzzles, dolls, stuffed animals, bouncy balls and plenty more! 

You should also decorate the toy corner a little. You can do this by gathering some Mr Onederful party decorations and placing them around the playing area. This will be a perfect place for all kids to have fun. Just a cautionary reminder – make sure that you have an adult keep an eye on the kids at all times.

9. Create Mr Onederful-Themed Candy 

Birthday parties are also about satisfying the guest’s sweet tooths. Given the fact your Mr Onederful birthday party will be attended by both adults and kids, it’s important to understand that the snacks should cater to all types of guests. Of course it’s extremely easy to purchase candy and make them available – the trick is actually matching candy to the party theme.

Too difficult? Not at all! Here’s a solution – create your own. It’s much simpler than you think. It’s super fun and all you need is the right supplies for this. You can start by using Mr Onederful Candy Bar Wrappers to decorate on any type of chocolate candy that you plan to purchase. Just ensure that you remove the general wrapper and place them into these themed ones. With this, you’ve definitely hit the jackpot as far as themed-candy goes.

Another great option is to get Mr Onederful Round Candy Stickers, which you can paste onto any type of candy. The choices here are endless, but they fit perfectly on Hershey Kisses and similar candy. So, when it comes to candy, don’t restrict yourself. Get some Mr Onederful supplies and craft your own candy for both adults and kids!

10. Organize a Mr Onederful Pinata Game

Number 1 Gold Foil Pinata
Why not organize an awesome pinata session of your son’s birthday party. This pinata is shaped in a large number ‘1’ and features a golden foil outer appearance. Simply fill the pinata with candy and take your swing!

What’s a birthday party without a little pinata fun? A cardboard box filled with candies and toys already sounds like the perfect mixture that’s going to be an instant party hit.

Given that your son is only one year old on this day, it goes without saying that he won’t be able to play this game on his own. Therefore, it’s best to lift your child close to the pinata and swing at it with him together. Let other parents and their kids join in the action! A great pinata for this is the Number 1 Gold Foil Pinata. It looks great and suits the theme perfectly. 

The great thing about pinatas is that you can set them up indoors or outdoors. Just keep in mind that you would require a large enough space to carry out this activity. Also make sure that there is a suitable location to hang the pinata from. Once properly secured, make sure all items around the room are located at a safe distance to avoid any mishaps.

11. Have a Photo Session with a Mr Onederful Backdrop

Mr Onederful Photo Backdrop
Looking to create the perfect photo booth for your son’s first birthday party? Look no further. This epic Mr Onederful photo backdrop is 7 feet in width and 5 feet in height. It’s made of durable vinyl cloth and it’s also non-reflective, which is perfect for photo sessions!

For birthdays, there’s a famous rule: “if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen!” If you think about it, capturing memories with awesome photos is the best way to keep these moments forever. It is important to keep these memories for your child, as they will look back on their first ever birthday party. So, how do you do this? It’s simple, create a photo booth!

Simply identify an open area of the party room and hang a Mr Onederful Photo Backdrop. You can even temporarily paste in against a wall to create a perfect backdrop for your photos. Since you’ll be carrying your son and the fact that you’ll have multiple parents and their kids in the group shot, we suggest that you clear out a designated space for the photo booth.

Now, onto the decorations. Remember to decorate your photo booth according to the party theme. This means grabbing some excess balloons and party decorations and placing them around the backdrop. Make sure that you stay true to the Mr Onederful theme, in order to ensure that the photos will turn out perfectly.

12. Use Mr Onederful Photo Props

Mr Onederful Photo Props (20 Pieces)
Add color and style to your son’s Mr Onederful birthday party with these awesome photo props. This set contains a total of 20 pieces that include mustaches, cupcakes, speech bubbles, vanity glasses, bow ties and much more!

Another fun element that you can add to your party and especially to the photo sessions are photo props. They are a cute addition to posing and capturing the best pictures you would want for your child’s birthday. 

The perfect set of this is the Mr Onederful Photo Props set. It includes amazing props such as moustaches, birthday flags, bow ties, cupcakes, crowns and glasses for your guests to pose with. They are covered in lots of glitter which will sparkle through your pictures. Oh, and they’re also a total match to your son’s Mr Onederful birthday party theme. 

Having matching photo props is a great Mr Onederful party idea, as it will add uniqueness to all your pictures. You, your son and all the guests are able to pose in fun and cute ways to take the perfect pictures. Can you imagine your one year old son with a mustache photo prop? That’s just cuteness overload! So, get creative with these photo props and create some awesome memories.

13. Prepare Mr Onederful Goodie Bags

Mr Onederful Goodie Bags (Set of 12)
These amazing Mr Onederful-themed goodie bags are perfect for your birthday guests. These gable boxes are 4.25 inches in length, 3 inches in width and are 7.75 inches tall. They're the perfect size for goodies and your guests will love them!

Another great Mr Onederful party idea is to hand out goodie bags at the end of the party. It serves as a reminder of all the great memories of this special day and they contain treats that all of the guests can enjoy after the party. While it’s a great party idea, it can be tricky deciding what the perfect goodie bag should look like and what to fill it with. 

First, let’s tackle the appearance. A perfectly themed option that you can go for are the Mr Onederful Goodie Bags. They’re essentially Mr Onederful-themed gable boxes that are decorated with glitter and matching patterns. They line up perfectly with your theme. 

Secondly, let’s go through some of the items that you can fill these goodie bags with. As both adults and children are attending your son’s first birthday party, you should think of including a variety of items. Some popular items would include some of the Mr Onederful candies you have already prepared, juice boxes, biscuits, toys, keychains, thank you cards, vouchers and even some photos from the photo session.

14. Hand Out Mr Onederful Thank You Cards

Mr Onederful Thank You Cards (Set of 12)
Thank your guests for spending the day at your son’s awesome first birthday party with these ‘Thank You’ cards. They measure 5 by 7 inches and are shaped in the number 1. There are also 12 sets of matching envelopes included.

What better way to end a birthday than to thank and appreciate your guests for attending your son’s very first birthday party? A great way to do this is by handing out ‘Thank You’ cards. This is where you can get really creative. You can either craft your own or simply get some themed Mr Onederful Thank You Cards

These cards will easily fit your theme and your guests can look back at the memories of the birthday party. Simply write them a personalized message and thank them for attending your child’s party and also for spending quality time. You can either hand these ‘Thank You’ cards out once the guests leave or you can simply slip them into the goodie bags!

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