12 Fun Monster Jam Birthday Party Ideas

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Monster Jam is a popular and entertaining Monster Truck show that kids absolutely love. The adrenaline-charged motorsport gets kids excited and wanting for more. It has also become a popular birthday party theme, especially for boys. There are plenty of Monster Jam themed party ideas that you can organize for your kid’s birthday.

From party invitations, to decorations, games and even photo booths, the ideas are countless. We’ll be taking you through some of the best Monster Jam birthday party ideas for kids and hope that you’ll enjoy the read.

1. Send Monster Jam Party Invitations

Monster Jam Birthday Invitations (Set of 8)
  • Package includes (8) invitations (with envelopes) to match your party theme.
  • Add matching tableware, favors, accessories, or a party kit bundle to complete your birthday party!
  • Monster Jam party party products feature trucks like Grave Digger, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, Sun Uva Digger, Dragon, and Max D.

First things first, to throw an awesome birthday party, you’ll need to ensure that you invite your son’s or daughter’s best friends – but why not spice your invitations up? Why not send them invitations in the mail? You’re throwing a Monster Jam birthday party, after all. Nothing about your party is meant to be mediocre, so you should try to make it as fun as possible.

Here’s what you can do. Ask your kid to create a list of all the people that they would like to invite to their birthday party. It can be a long one or maybe they would prefer to have a few of his or her close friends and family members around on their special day. Either way, it’s their day, so make sure you have a good think about that guest list!

Wearing your hands out writing those invitations shouldn’t be an issue when you can just buy Monster Jam Birthday Invitations. All you’ll need to do is to fill out the required columns such as for, date, time, place and RSVP. Simply let your kid sign at the bottom and either let them hand out the invitations personally or send them by mail. It’s always a great idea to match the birthday party invitations to the theme of the party.

2. Bake a Monster Jam Birthday Cake

Monster Jam Edible Cake Topper
  • 8 x 10 inches - will completely cover quarter sheet size cakes or center nicely on half sheet leaving room for a border
  • Processed fast! - shipped within one business day
  • Quality edible frosting sheet and edible food coloring inks used.

There’s no birthday party without a birthday cake. It’s the pinnacle of all birthdays, and often enough a lot of thinking should go into making sure that your kid and their guests love the cake. We wouldn’t want that opportunity to go to waste!

Therefore, don’t be afraid to emphasize the theme of your party with the cake. Having a Monster Jam birthday party? Then get a Monster Jam Birthday Cake Topper that you can add to your birthday cake. You have many options here. You can bake your own cake or simply pass this task to your favorite pastry shop. Just try to make sure that you follow the Monster Jam theme and that your cake features some awesome monster truck designs. 

Alternatively, you can just order an amazing cake online with edible pictures or other fancy designs. Just submit a personalized message of your choice and you’ll get your Monster Jam birthday cake. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your guests’ diet restrictions, as you can always indicate their dietary requirements to the bakery, if applicable.

3. Bake Monster Jam Cupcakes

Monster Jam Cupcake Topper Rings (Set of 24)
  • 24 Monster Jam rings
  • Rings measure: 1.5" x 1.5"
  • Use rings as cupcake toppers or party favors

Another great Monster Jam birthday party idea is to bake cupcakes. Cupcakes are quick and simple desserts you can bake the evening before their big celebration and you have the ability to vary the flavors according to what the kids would like. Plus, who doesn’t like cupcake frostings? They’re colorful, decorative and downright delicious. There is absolutely no doubt that kids love cupcakes!

You can take this opportunity to further establish the theme of your party by decorating your cupcakes with the colors of the most popular Monster Jam trucks. Another great idea is to top your frostings with Monster Jam Cupcake Topper Rings, in order to make your last-minute baking much easier without having to compromise on style and presentation. If you’re in a rush, simply drop by your favorite pastry shop, grab some cupcakes and add the themed toppers afterwards.

4. Use Monster Jam Party Supplies

Monster Jam Party Supply Pack (For 16 Guests)
  • Deluxe Party Supply Package includes:24 Candles In 4 Colors From MTC Perfect For Any Celebration
  • 16 Dessert Plates, 7in x 7in , Paper, Sturdy
  • 16 Napkins, 7in x 7in when folded, 2-ply

You’re not going to be able to plan the best Monster Jam party for your kid if you don’t have the right type of party supplies: the Monster Jam Party Supply Pack. Emphasize the enthusiasm for the theme by sporting the logo, colors and everybody’s favorite monster trucks on plates, napkins, cups, birthday candles and even the tablecloth. It’s really important to ensure that you stay true to the theme.

Getting a plastic table cover would prove useful if you want to reuse it in the future. It’s also much easier to clean up – especially if you’re taking the party outdoors or amidst the inevitable specks of food and drinks sprinkled all over the table – as opposed to using covers made of cloth. As you know, kids tend to leave the dining table in a mess!

So, what are you waiting for? Serve your kid and his or her guests with the best kind of cups and plates and give them napkins which would make any Monster Jam fan fall over in delight! If you’re more on the creative side, you can even create your own party supplies. Just make sure that you get the right materials to do this and plan in the amount of time that is needed.

5. Create a Monster Jam Theme with Decorations

Monster Jam Birthday Banner
Monster Jam Ceiling Danglers
Monster Jam Tablecloth

If you’re aiming to have a Monster Jam themed party, you should definitely commit to it. Decorate your party to set the mood and lift the spirits of any Monster Jam fans. And as you know, creating an inviting party atmosphere is important and helps to make the birthday experience more immersive for the kids.

What really makes a party stand out is a banner. You can sport those signature blue, fiery yellow, silver and black colors on a homemade banner by using fabric paint on a stretch of cloth. Print or cut out alphabets which proudly spell out the customary “Happy Birthday!” and display the birthday boy or girl’s photograph while you’re at it. You could also use stencils to ensure your words retain that constant, beautiful proportionality. Alternatively, you could also buy and customize a Monster Jam Birthday Banner for a quicker and easier fix.

Of course, a sole banner won’t suffice to establish the theme of your party. Go on ahead and don’t stop with your decorations at the surface level. Getting a Monster Jam Tablecloth which sports the signature colors and logo will definitely do the job. You could also add dimension and style to the empty spaces in your party space by hanging Monster Jam Ceiling Danglers from the ceiling. They’re easy to attach and take off after the party and it’s a bonus if you can attach cut-out pictures of Monster Jam trucks at the ends to add to the festivities.

6. Hand Out Monster Jam Goodie Bags

Monster Jam Goodie Bags (Set of 12)
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  • Includes (12) paper empty favor boxes. Some assembly required.
  • A great way to say thank you to your guests by giving them something to have after your party.

Speaking of festivities, why not spark joy in the kids’ hearts even after the party has ended? Let them leave with fond memories of the time you’ve spent together by handing out goodie bags at the end of your party or when a guest leaves. It’s a solid, timeless way to say, “Thank you for coming, see you again next time!” Conversely, you could also think about handing out these goodie bags during the party. It’s all down to how you structure the agenda, so there’s no right or wrong here.

Fill your goodie bags with their namesake: the good stuff. Candy is an inexpensive treat with which you can never go wrong. Think about it, which child doesn’t love candy? Exactly, they all do! You can even fill the bags with figurines of Monster Jam trucks or take those spare Monster Jam rings from your cupcake decorations and turn them into badges. There are plenty of creative ways to explore when it comes to goodie bags.

You can opt for comfortable yet stylish simplicity with colored paper bags or you could get themed Monster Jam Goodie Bags, which are sure to give your guests good memorabilia. They’re large enough to contain all the items for the kids and they’re also light enough for them to carry around during or after the birthday party.

7. Dress the Kids Up in Monster Jam Racer Costumes

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Fun birthday parties are defined by the activities organized throughout. Besides the usual party games (limbo, board games, treasure hunts and musical chairs are classic must-haves, surely), crank your party up a notch with a best-dressed contest.

Tell the kids to dress up as iconic Monster Jam racers by including the reminder in your invitations. The rest is simple: arrive at the party and then entertain yourself by watching the various lengths people go to make home-made costumes in the spirit of Monster Jam. Let the guests vote for the best-dressed person at the party and reward the nominated winner at the end of the party. It’s ultimately satisfying to watch the proud grin grow on their face at the appreciation people give for their efforts to dress their best.

If you don’t feel like organizing a best-dressed contest for the kids, you could still let them wear Monster Jam Racers Costumes. This saves everyone a lot of time, as making a homemade costume can sometimes be a daunting task. It’s still a good idea to at least set a dress code for your child’s birthday party. This helps to ensure that all the kids have a great time and enjoy an immersive party experience.

8. Gift Monster Jam Presents

Monster Jam Bed Set
This Monster Jam Bed Set is the perfect birthday gift for Monster Jam fans. This set includes twin comforters, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a standard pillowcase. Transform your kid's bedroom into an epic Monster Jam themed funhouse!

The word birthday is always synonymous with gifts. Showing up at a birthday party with a gift in your hand just brightens the birthday boy’s or girl’s day all the more. The only problem is getting the right kind of gift, right?

Not necessarily. Once you already know what the theme of the party is, getting gifts shouldn’t be an issue. In this case, one can never go wrong with Monster Jam presents. You could think about RC cars or merchandise like the replicas of fan-favorite monster trucks Max-D, Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Megalodon and the likes, any Monster Jam superfan would be thrilled to receive such gifts. Matching gifts to the theme of the party shows that you’ve put in a lot of thought – and really, that’s what counts.

If you’re thinking of more practical presents, giving a Monster Jam Bed Set,  T-shirts, plush toys or even themed lamps which sport the logo would also be a creative way to get someone gifts which will certainly be utilized in the long term. There are plenty of different Monster Jam themed gifts that you can think of and the possibilities are endless. Get creative here and try to find out what the birthday girl or boy would really like.

9. Create a Monster Jam Toy Area

Monster Jam Megalodon Mayhem Playset
Monster Jam Dirt Arena
Monster Jam Ground Shaker Collection

Of course there are plenty of standard party games that you could be organizing. But for one moment, let’s do away with the usual party games, shall we? If you’re sticking with a theme as creative as Monster Jam, then you should make sure your games reflect the hype of the occasion. This will absolutely please the kids and ensure a fun-filled experience.

What better way to kindle giddy excitement in the hearts of young Monster Jam fans than to have them simulate Monster Jam races? Creating a Monster Jam toy area isn’t hard and only takes a couple of minutes to assemble. All you need is a sturdy race track or a set like the Monster Jam Dirt Arena – because a Monster Jam race isn’t what it is without dirt – and everyone’s favorite Monster Jam Trucks.

The kids are sure to jump off the edge of their seats at the sight of the iconic Megalodon, Max D, Zombie and the other Monster Jam legends. Throwing in hand-made obstacle courses or even purchasing fun playset extensions like the Monster Jam Megalodon Mayhem Playset would just add to the fun. If you’re using dirt or think your toy area will be too large for your home, feel free to take it outside. Lay a large enough tablecloth or plastic sheet over a segment of your lawn, set up the arena and let the enjoyment begin!

10. Organize a Monster Jam RC Race

Monster Jam RC Truck (Grave Digger)
The Monster Jam RC truck is perfect for racing. It’s a realistic replica of the Grave Digger monster truck and comes with USB charging cables. It works within a large 250 foot range and the 2.4 GHz network allows you to race up to 6 monster trucks at one time.

If you think a toy area won’t keep all the guests occupied for long, a sure way to get everyone’s hearts pumping with adrenaline is by organizing a Monster Jam RC race. Set up an arena the same way you would a toy area (perhaps at a larger scale, depending on how much space you have to spare) and make sure to set barriers for the Monster Jam trucks’ movement. 

What you should essentially try to achieve is a replica of an obstacle course for RC cars. Looking up pictures of RC obstacle courses would make your work easier if you want some guidance. Make sure the obstacles are not too easy or difficult to overcome; kids want a challenge, but impossible situations will leave their spirits dampened. Get creative with the obstacle, as there are many things you can use such as cones, sand, stones, books and much more. You should also purchase a few Monster Jam RC Trucks for your Monster Jam arena or race course, so that the kids can race against each other.

Before starting the game, explain the objective the kids are meant to achieve by the end of each round. Have someone referee the game in case the guests get too competitive, and then let the ruckus ensue! The kids will be cheering for their friends and family members each round. This is a sure way to elate everyone’s spirits. It’ll be fun and exciting!

11. Create a Monster Jam Quiz

When everyone’s a little exhausted from all those physical games, you can opt for a more low-key, relaxed game – that is, unless you’ve got very competitive kids who are more into action games. A Monster Jam quiz is a wonderful way to keep to the theme of your party without taking too much out of your pockets. Just search up facts and trivia related to Monster Jam and print these out in case you forget the right answers.

Then, divide your participants into two or more groups. If there’s a prize at the end of the game, there’s all the more incentive to get the answers rolling in from them. It would be helpful to have a Game Master (bonus points if this Game Master is a fantastically entertaining emcee) who can read the questions out loud and determine which team buzzes their answers in first. If you don’t have an extra hand, you could always do this yourself!

The teams may nominate a representative for each round to make the whole process smoother. Besides trivia questions, you can have the participants guess the Monster Jam theme songs or name the iconic trucks based on images you display. There are a lot of topics that you can prepare for the kids. It’s also a great idea to prepare some prizes for the winning team.

12. Have a Photo Session with a Monster Jam Backdrop

Monster Jam Birthday Party Backdrop
  • Material: Vinyl ;
  • Size: 5X3 ft ; If you need other size , you can contact us to customize .
  • Advangtages:more lighter and easy to hang ; computer - printed for realism ; high definition ; more durable and could fold to place , save room after using

Spruce up your party with a photo booth. All you need is a good camera, preferably a Polaroid. You can make props out of cardboard – think silly hats, moustaches attached to spectacles or cool racer helmets – and have the guests take a picture in front of a Monster Jam Birthday Backdrop.

All the kids can then take as many group or individual photos as they want. They’ll come in handy when they look back on this memorable day, years from now. Just don’t be surprised if the photo booth is constantly occupied with giggling guests throughout the party! 

If you have a photographer assigned to take birthday pictures for the kids, ensure that he or she gives you some creative input on how and where to best place it. Lighting and location are extremely important, as they can make or break photo opportunities. With that being said, enjoy the party with the kids and remember to take some memorable photos!

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