16 Amazing Moana Birthday Party Ideas

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So, you’re trying to plan a birthday party for your child which bears a theme focusing on the iconic and self-sufficient Disney princess, Moana. Are you wondering what the best way is to make sure your child has an absolutely fantastic Moana-themed birthday party? If you are, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on to discover a variety of ideas for a Moana birthday party that will spark your imagination and leave you with more options to choose from than you’ve bargained for. From the location of your party space, to your setting and down to the snacks you’ll be serving, we’ll take you through our best Moana birthday party ideas. Below are some of the steps you can consider to ensure that your child has the grandest Moana-themed birthday party ever. Let the party-planning begin! 

1. Find a Location that Suits the Moana Party Theme

An important aspect to consider during the pre-party planning process is the location. You may want to consider hosting your party at a location which frames the party’s Moana theme perfectly. For instance, places which resemble the sea, an island or a beach.

Opting for a beach party is not only a unique idea; it’s also extremely memorable. Your child’s party could also be situated at a beach club or a tiki bar if the nearest beach takes eons to travel to, as these still sport the same vibe. Alternatively, if you’re seeking to cut the cost or want to host your party somewhere closer to home, you could host the party at a garden or even in your own backyard. 

The greenery highly resembles the colors and vibrant comfort of Moana’s village as depicted on screen. If you prefer to keep your party indoors, decorating your party space to incorporate these elements would work just fine as well. If you’re looking for some location inspirations, here are several places that you can consider:

  • Tiki bar
  • Beach bar
  • Beach club
  • Backyard
  • Party room

2. Invite Guests Using Moana Party Invitations

Moana Party Invitations (Set of 8)
What better way to invite your child’s guests to the party than with these awesome Moana-themed party invitations? They come in a set of 8 and are printed on high-quality paper. There are also stickers and envelopes included in this set.

Next, you’ll need to let the guests know your child is about to have an awesome birthday party. Work together with your child – if they’re old enough to decide – to make a list of the people who should be present on your child’s special day. Remember to take into account the size of your party, the space required and your allocated budget.

All you have to do now is to send out the invitations. Your unique theme warrants a unique set of invitations, so instead of sending out regular texts or plain-looking invitations, consider sending Moana Party Invitations to your guests. These sport the beautiful Moana theme and allow for you to simply write the party’s details on the card without too much effort. Plus, they instantly put your guests in the partying mood!

3. Bake a Moana Birthday Cake

Moana Birthday Cake Topper
Instantly transform any ordinary birthday cake into a Moana-themed birthday cake with this awesome cake topper. It's large in size and is made of 100% food-grade paper. Simply place it on top of any cake and voila!

Every birthday party needs a birthday cake. It’s likely you’re already thinking about this, and you’re possibly trying to ascertain which type of cake you should get for your child and their guests. The flavor of the cake is up to you. If you’re a fan of baking, you could go ahead and whip out one of your favorite recipes – or, if you prefer, you can just purchase a cake from a nearby bakery.

Whichever you choose, bear in mind that the cake’s decorations are where you can take the opportunity to slip in elements of your Moana theme. Decorate the cake with all things related to the ocean or this iconic Disney princess. You may choose to use blue icing or fondant to signify the ocean, and then decorate with chocolate seashells or starfish.

Then, add the finishing touch of placing a Moana Birthday Cake Topper on top of your cake. Your child and younger guests will be thrilled at the sight of this colorful and fun image of Moana printed on a durable paper card. However you choose to decorate the birthday cake, remember that you can’t go wrong when you stick to your party’s theme.

4. Bake Moana Cupcakes

Moana Cupcake Toppers (Pack of 48)
Make your cupcakes stand out with these Moana-themed cupcake toppers. This set contains 48 pieces of high-quality cupcake toppers that are made of coated paper and glitter cardstock. Simply place them on each cupcake and enjoy!

If your guest list consists of a younger crowd – or just people who wouldn’t mind having some sweet treats at your party – you may want to consider serving cupcakes. Cupcakes are a sweet addition to your menu and especially loved by kids. 

You can vary their sizes and introduce different flavors or decorative toppings, thus providing for a lively, delicious serving on your table. Bake cupcakes or buy your favorite ready-made flavors at a preferred bakery. Then, decorate your cupcakes to suit your party’s Moana theme. You can even use organic food coloring to reflect the ocean or seaside.

Using Moana Cupcake Toppers is also a simple method which goes a long way in establishing your theme. It also helps that you could wash and reuse these cupcake toppers for another event. Your guests will surely love these Moana-themed cupcakes. They’re not just delicious, but they’re also fun and promote everyone’s favorite characters from this wonderful movie.

5. Use Moana Party Supplies

Moana Party Supplies (Serves 16 Guests)
Serve your guests delicious food on these awesome Moana party supplies! This set contains 16 dinners plates, 16 napkins, 16 cups and one large tablecloth. There’s also a special bonus included, which are 24 birthday candles.

Since your party has a Moana theme, take the opportunity to show it through the party supplies your guests will use. Lay your sumptuous food out on a Moana-themed tablecloth and serve them on similar plates with vibrantly-decorated serviettes. Serve your drinks on cups which bear the faces of everyone’s favorite characters from Moana. If you’re looking for the perfect set for this, you should consider the Moana Party Supplies, which serves a total of 16 guests.

Another fun way to spice up the party mood is by hanging a flower garland or party swirl decorations over your table. Your guests will appreciate the ambience and it will surely lighten the atmosphere. Remember that the little things really do go a long way! If you have decided to host the party at an external location, simply speak with the venue management and inform them of your plans to decorate the area for the birthday party.

6. Create a Moana Theme with Decorations

Tropical Balloon and Leaf Garland
Moana Happy Birthday Banner
Moana Hanging Swirls (Pack of 6)

Speaking of setting up the appropriate ambience, it’s pertinent to note that decorations make or break a party mood. Decorate your party space with everything Moana-themed, and don’t hold back on those creative juices.

Here’s an idea for decorating your space: why not set up a multi-colored Tropical Balloon and Leaf Garland? The colors and patterns will bring out the cheer in your party’s vibe. This balloon arch also comes with fancy, durable palm leaves to promote that tropical feel at your party. 

You could also hang Moana Hanging Swirls, from which the faces of well-loved Moana characters are shown. These are sure to capture the eyes of any person who loves the movie. If you’re looking for something simpler, you can never go wrong by hanging up a Moana Happy Birthday Banner

When you put up the decorations, don’t forget to take into account the color, texture and size of your party accessories so they could work to your advantage and play up the appropriate spaces at your party, especially the spaces people will look at or gather in. Remember to always get a good sense of the location and the party room and plan well ahead.

7. Hand Out Moana Party Favors

Moana Party Favors (For 12 Guests)
Let the kids enjoy themselves at the birthday party with these Moana-themed party favors. Watch the endless joy of them playing with a set that contains pencils, stockers, keychains, temporary tattoos and stampers.

Your guests will appreciate being celebrated as much as they’re there to celebrate your child’s special day. An age-old idea that never goes wrong is to hand out Moana Party Favors to your guests.

The preparation for this is rather simple. Just find spare bags – or buy paper bags in bulk – and fill them with all sorts of things that show Moana and her love for all things related to her village or the ocean. You could think of items that include Moana stickers, pencils and temporary tattoos. You could also look in the section of the stores which display tropical-themed items, such as stamps or keychains.

These items are not only easy to carry around, but they’re practical, too. Your child’s guests will surely appreciate the gesture as they bring home fond memories of your child’s superb party.

8. Create a Moana Coloring Book and Sticker Area

Moana Coloring and Activity Book
Get the kids to play some awesome party activities with this Moana-themed coloring and activity book. This book contains 192 pages of pure fun! Kids will be able to enjoy matching games, mazes, coloring pages and much more!

Thinking of ways to keep the guests entertained with activities during the party? Sometimes, the best way to do so is via the simplest ways. Create a space at your party specially designated for a coloring book and sticker area. These may seem like simplistic activities, but they’re relaxing and serve as a ‘pause button’ to allow your child’s guests to get a breather in between the bustle of the other games at the party.

Of course, make sure the materials you use (i.e. the coloring books and stickers) are suited to the Moana theme, and supply plenty of coloring utensils for the creative-minded kids. The Moana Coloring and Activity Book is a great item for this. You’ll be surprised to see how many kids will resort to this activity. If you have any leftover books or sticker packs, you can always opt to slip them into the guests’ goodie bags.

9. Make or Order Moana-Inspired Food

It’s not a party without food. When lining up the selections on your menu, take into account your Moana theme to really add to the party’s flavor (no pun intended). A way to keep to your unique theme is to serve food inspired by the culture Moana so proudly stands for: the Polynesian culture. 

You can either look up recipes for famous Polynesian cuisines or, if you’re keen on playing it safe, bring some take-away food from a restaurant specializing in this cuisine to the party. You could also serve food inspired by beach life. Think of beachside barbecues and conjure up some menu ideas: bring on those barbecued meat or veggie skewers, poke bowls, salads, fruit punch or a tasty selection of tropical fruits. 

Setting up a barbecue pit is also a great idea if you’ve got the time and space to do so. The usual party foods are fine, too, but it’s not a bad idea to get a little bit adventurous with these scrumptious options. Just be mindful of everyone’s dietary requirements – you should do that while in the planning phase. Here are some Moana-themed food ideas:

  • Barbeque skewers
  • Sliders
  • Poke Bowls
  • Salads
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Coconuts 
  • Fruit Juice

10. Play the Moana Soundtrack in the Background

Moana Original Soundtrack
Set the perfect party atmosphere with the original sound track of the Moana movie. This soundtrack is available on vinyl, mp3 and you can even stream it. It contains all 40 songs from the movie, delivering an awesome vibe.

If your child is a fan of Moana, you’ve definitely heard the songs from the movie play on repeat. If you are a fan of Moana, then you’ve definitely belted these songs out when you thought nobody was around to witness your stunning, Dion-worthy performance.

Play everybody’s favorite songs from Moana during your party. The Moana Original Soundtrack is truly great because the songs range from upbeat and jovial to those mellow tunes which are downright inspirational. Don’t be surprised if everyone suddenly breaks into a unified chorus at fan-favorite parts of certain songs. 

Use a stereo or some speakers to play these songs, and control the volume so the sound doesn’t drown out the conversation. And if anyone compliments you on your choice of songs, just say, “You’re welcome!”

11. Have a Moana Movie Screening Session

What better way to host an activity for your Moana-themed party than to have a Moana movie screening session? It’s a great way to unwind and yet keep everyone – both adults and children – entertained. It’s also an incredibly inspirational story with valuable lessons to teach your child and their guests, regardless of how many times they’ve seen it.

Prepare some movie snacks and comfortable cushions. If you have bean bags, now is the perfect time to put them to use. Then, switch on your TV screen or projector if you have one and try not to bawl when you see Moana reunite with her grandmother. 

If you’re hosting your party at an outdoor venue like a beach club or tiki bar, you can always ask them to have this arranged outdoors or even inside a function room. Make sure that you let them know ahead of time, so that they can take care of all necessary arrangements.

12. Organize a Moana Party Game Corner

Moana Journey Collection Game
This epic Moana game lets kids roll the dice, in order to craft their own charm necklaces. The first person who manages to collect 4 charms wins. There are a total of 24 assorted charms included, as well as 4 necklaces. This interactive game is definitely a favorite among kids.

Good food and good music, while essential to the makings of a great party, are not the only elements you’ll need to organize the best Moana-themed birthday party possible for your child. You’ll need to organize fun activities to keep the guests and your child entertained on this special day.

So, create a corner specially for your party games. You could certainly play the usual game of musical chairs and the like, but why settle for the ordinary when you have such an extraordinary theme? Play games that could be played by the beachside if your party is outdoors, or you could opt for indoor Moana-themed games. 

The Moana Journey Collection game is a fun activity for kids that enables them to create their own Moana-themed outfits! There are also plenty of other fun games that you can think of. These are all fun options that will certainly give your child and their guests plenty of time to bond. 

13. Distribute Some Moana Candy 

Moana Party Lollipops (Pack of 12)
Serve all the kids at the party with these delicious Moana Lollipops. This set includes a total of 12 tasty lollipops in assorted flavors such as lemon, lime, cherry, grape and orange. They’re laced with satin ribbon bows and are a great treat for all kids!

Everybody loves snacks and everybody loves sweet things. This is especially true for kids – even more so at a birthday party! So, why not mix the two and serve up a delicious array of candy? Simply distribute everybody’s favorite candy at your party. 

You may take this opportunity to adhere to your Moana theme by serving your candy on ocean blue trays or seashell white plates. You could also buy some Moana Party Lollipops or even create your own. Simply get regular lollipops and finish them off with Moana-themed wrappers. These can be distributed during your party, or slipped into your guests’ goodie bags.

14. Have a Photo Session with a Moana Backdrop

Moana Photo Backdrop
This awesome Moana backdrop is perfect for photo booths. It comes in two sizes 5 x 3 feet and 7 x 5 feet. The great thing about this backdrop is that it’s easy to set up and it's also non-reflective and light absorbent.

If your party has such a beautiful theme, you might as well take advantage of it. Set up a Moana Photo Backdrop against a wall or free space, and then have everyone take group or individual pictures. This photography session is a fantastic way of immortalizing your child’s special day with their loved ones. 

Having a backdrop behind everyone during your photo-taking session is a great idea because it adds a splash of vivid color. Besides, years down the road, you won’t look at your pictures and wonder when they were taken since such a memorable theme will surely bring everyone’s thoughts to this wonderful day. Remember to further decorate the photo booth with party decorations and photo props!

15. Hand Out Moana Goodie Bags

Moana Goodie Bags (Pack of 30)
Spoil the kids at the birthday party with these awesome goodie bags. There are 30 pieces in this set and they’re 9.8 inches tall and 6.7 inches wide. Not only are they large enough, but they’re also strong enough to hold any type of gifts, treats, snacks and more.

Goodie bags are another way of telling your guests you appreciate their presence at your child’s birthday. They’re also easy enough to assemble: just purchase some carry-sized Moana Goodie Bags and fill them with all the good stuff that kids love!

Some ideas of what you could put into your goodie bags include Moana-themed candy, vouchers to crowd-favorite restaurants or the local cinema, Moana stickers, small packets of snacks such as pretzels, nuts or fruit snacks, Play-Doh and the like. These are not only functional, but they also sport your party’s fun theme. You could also put in some polaroid pictures taken during the party if you have them.

These goodie bags are sure to warm the guests’ hearts. They’ll leave your party with bigger smiles than when they came in after the great time they’ve had on your child’s special day.

16. Create and Hand Out Moana Thank You Cards

Moana Thank You Stickers (Pack of 40)
Thank all of the party guests by placing these wonderful thank you stickers on thank you cards or goodie bags. These stickers are 2 inches in diameter and come in a pack that contains 40 pieces in total.

Of course, another way to express your gratitude to your child’s guests for their presence is by simply saying thank you. Let them remember your child’s birthday party and the wonderful time you’ve all spent together by handing out Moana-themed ‘Thank You’ cards.

These are relatively simple enough to make. You’ll need some durable sheets of paper and good pens. If your paper or pens are colored, it’s a good idea to adhere to the colors of the ocean or the beach. Pastel colors are also easy on the eyes. Add a personal touch to your cards by writing down each guest’s name on them if your guest list isn’t too long.

Then, seal your cards in envelopes with Moana Thank You Stickers. These implement your theme more strongly without you having to resort to any drawing skills; this may come as a relief to you if said skills are practically nonexistent. These simple but elegant cards are a sure way to cast some sun on the kids’ hearts.

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