10 Best Mario Kart Birthday Party Ideas

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Are you planning a Mario Kart themed birthday party for your son or daughter? If yes, then this article is just what you need. We’ll be taking a look at the best Mario Kart party ideas and how you are able to give your loved ones the best birthday party experience ever!

Mario Kart is one of the most popular racing games in history and there’s absolutely no surprise that it’s garnered an extremely huge fan base over the years. Especially for kids, Mario Kart themed birthday parties are becoming very popular and there are many ways to get creative. There are tons of decorations, candy, games and accessories that you can make use of. Without further ado, let’s explore the best Mario Kart Party Ideas.

1. Bake a Mario Kart Birthday Cake

Mario Kart Birthday Cake & Cupcake Toppers Set
This cake topper set includes 1 x Mario and 1 x Luigi cake toppers, as well as a race flag pick and 24 x cupcake rings

One of the most important things of any birthday party is the birthday cake. There are many different Mario Kart themed birthday cakes that you can create. If you’re not able to make your own cake, you can simply order a custom cake from your favourite bakery. 

If you decide to decorate the birthday cake, you should ensure that you include some Mario Kart characters, accessories and also a race track feature. There are plenty of ways to design this. The most popular design is to bake a square or round cake, and create a race track on top of it, with colored icing. 

You can then place some of the Mario Kart characters, such as the Mario and Luigi Cake Toppers on top of the race track to make it look like they’re actually racing against each other. Other accessories you can consider are checkered flags, grass and the famous Mario Kart Mushrooms. 

2. Give out Mario Kart Goodie Bags

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Kids absolutely love goodie bags! The great thing about goodie bags at kid parties is that everyone feels like they are getting gifts and candies.

A great idea is to create a Mario Kart themed goodie bag that you can either hand to the kids before, during or after the birthday party. Goodie bags also allow you to be creative and further enhance the theme of the party. 

When creating the goodie bag, there are a few things that you can include. Generally speaking, candy, toys, accessories and props are a fantastic idea. Firstly, you should start by choosing the design of the goodie bag. We suggest the Mario Kart Goodie Bag. It’s the perfect size for kids to take around and to keep all that delicious candy.

You could also add some Coin Box Candy for the kids to enjoy. Coin boxes are an iconic element of the Mario Kart video game and symbolize a mystery reward! They also fit the theme perfectly.

For a kid, nothing says goodie bag more than a small functional toy that they can play with. There are plenty of Mario Kart themed toys available, such as racing medals, Mario Kart characters of go-karts or a Mario Kart Mystery Keychain. They’re compact, fun and exciting, as they contain a mystery character!

3. Use Mario Kart Decorations

Mario Table Decorations
Mario Kart Party Pack
Sale Checkered Flag Tablecloth

Decorations are also an important element of any birthday party, as they bring all elements and also help to create the theme. In a Mario Kart themed birthday party you should try to include many different types of decorations. 

There are plenty of options available, such as Mario Kart styled “Happy Birthday” banners, Coin Box and Mushroom candies, racing cones, checkered flags, tires, wall stickers and much more. 

You should definitely consider the Mario Kart Tableware Set that includes plates, cups, napkins, forks and spoons. It looks great and definitely brings the Mario Kart style to the party. 

Another great piece of decoration is a checkered flag tablecloth. It goes well with the tableware and gives off a go-kart and racing vibe. It also compliments other types of Mario Kart racing accessories and decorations.

4. Play Mario Kart Group Games

You can also consider creating a small area where kids can gather and play a group game. Our recommended game is Mario Kart Monopoly, which is extremely fun and can be played with 2 – 4 players. 

However, the recommended player age is 8 years and above, so it goes without saying that it isn’t meant for very young kids. If the age group of your birthday party is above the age of 8 it can be a very fun activity. 

You could even design the structure of this activity as a mini-game, where players get prizes according to their finishing position. Although this is a fun board game, it works better in smaller parties or for birthdays with several smaller activities. 

5. Make Kids Wear Mario Kart Costumes

Luigi Kart Child Costume
Mario Kart Child Costume
Peach Kart Child Costume

Kids in costumes are extremely adorable and the Mario Kart costumes that are available fit well with similar style decor and activities. Dress your kid and their friends up in Luigi, Mario or Peach costumes, while they enjoy the tasty food and fun activities. 

You can either assign costumes based on their gender or by a team, if you’re thinking of setting up team-based activities and games. This is suitable for small to medium sized birthday parties, as this requires a much bigger budget for birthday parties with a larger attendance. 

The great thing about the Mario Kart costumes is that they are one-size-fits-all and they’re also reusable. If you’re working with a smaller budget and are organizing team-based games, consider asking the attendees to wear a particular shirt color, instead. 

6. Play a Mario Kart Soundtracks

What better way than to set the mood of the birthday party with some epic and memorable Mario Kart track songs! Thanks to the many Mario Kart releases over the decades, most of them have left us with some nice and melodious songs. 

If you’re celebrating the birthday party at an external facility such as a multipurpose hall or event room, you can simply request the organizer to play requested music. You can deliver the music to them either by a thumbdrive (in mp3 format) or a CD. 

If you’re not up for compiling your own songs, you can simply opt to purchase an official theme song CD, such as the Mario Kart 8 Original Soundtrack. If you’re celebrating at home, you can always use your home theatre system or computer to play the soundtrack.

Here are our top 5 Mario Kart soundtracks for birthday parties:

  1. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart: Double Dash)
  2. Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)
  3. Circuit Theme (Double Dash)
  4. Rosalina’s Ice World (Mario Kart 7)
  5. Mushroom Bridge (Mario Kart Double Dash)

7. Setup a Mario Kart Video Gaming Station

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch
This game of Mario Kart can be enjoyed and played with up to 12 players and can be an extremely fun party activity. Requires a Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart first came out on Nintendo 64 and was an instant hit. During the old Nintendo days, you could only play in multiplayer mode with up for 4 people. The new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo switch allows 1 – 12 players to play the game simultaneously (2 players locally and up to 12 online).

You can set up a small Mario Kart video game booth at the birthday party, where the kids can challenge each other in races. Please note that you’ll need the game and also a Nintendo Switch and a compatible television, in order to organize this. 

You could also set up a small racing league, where the kids compete for prizes, depending on which position they finish a race. Prizes could be candy, toys or vouchers. 

This would not only introduce a whole lot of fun to the party but also allows you to have multiple booths where kids can spend time at. Remember to place more chairs around the video gaming station, as there may be quite a crowd. 

8. Organize a Mario Kart Mini RC Race Prizes

Mario Kart Slot Car Race Track
The Mario Kart Race Track Set is a fun 2-player game where the goal is to beat your opponents around the track. A great fun and competitive mini-game for birthday parties.

Another fun area for the birthday party could be a Mario Kart remote control racing station that kids can queue up for and race for prizes. You can either opt for a Mario Kart race track set or build your own. 

The Mario Kart Race Track Set comes with a Mario and Luigi racer and is battery operated. Each player gets a controller and tries to beat his opponent around the figure 8 race track. 

You can also opt for individual Mario RC Kart and Luigi RC Karts that are remote controlled. This way you can build your own track in the room with your own props and accessories. Racers who finish the race in time get to pick a prize and enjoy some of the delicious candy!

9. Gift Mario Kart Birthday Presents

If your kid is excited about a Mario Kart themed birthday party, chances are that he or she is a big fan of the game and of its characters. If that’s the case, you should think about giving him or her Mario Kart related birthday presents. 

There are different types of gifts that come to mind when looking for the perfect birthday present. If your child loves the Mario Kart video game, you could think of a new television, a new Mario Kart game or a new console that will play newer versions of the game. As Mario Kart is a franchise owned by Nintendo, the game is only available on Nintendo consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64 or Nintendo Wii. 

If you think that the Mario Kart video game and console isn’t suitable, perhaps you could try other Mario Kart, racing or go-kart related presents. 

10. Bake Mario Kart Inspired Cupcakes

In addition to a birthday cake you can also offer some other pasties, such as Mario Kart themed cupcakes. There are some simple tricks to create these types of cupcakes. 

One option would be to go to your nearest bakery and request them to bake custom Mario Kart cupcakes. However, this may require a larger budget, as custom cupcakes are usually quite expensive. 

However, you can also buy regular cupcakes from any store or even bake your own. You can simply place some Mario Kart Cupcake Toppers on top of your cupcakes so that they fit the Mario Kart theme perfectly. 

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