17 Fun LOL Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

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Are you planning a fun and exciting themed birthday party for your kids? If yes, then you have come to the right. This article will help you plan a fun-filled and exciting LOL Surprise-themed birthday party! If you aren’t aware, LOL Surprise stands for Little Outrageous Little Surprise and are cute little dolls that have become very popular with kids. These LOL Surprise dolls are collected by many children and the unboxing of these dolls have been even trending on Youtube.

The LOL Surprise dolls make a great themed birthday party, as they’re fun, cute and kids absolutely love them – especially girls. From LOL Surprise-themed cake toppers to cupcakes, party invitations and decorations there are plenty of party ideas that you can incorporate to make it a memorable birthday party for your kid and their friends. Let’s take a look at some of the best LOL Surprise party ideas!

1. Send LOL Surprise Party Invitations

LOL Surprise Party Invitations (Pack of 8)
These LOL Surprise party invitations come in a set of 8 and are perfect for birthday parties. They are made with high-quality paper and also come with matching envelopes. Simply fill these invitations out and send them off. It’s that simple!

One of the most important things when throwing a birthday party are the party invitations. Not only will it spark an interest for your guests but your child would also want to have a cool invitation of their party. The invitations must be interesting to create a fun-filled image of your child’s special day. Additionally, they are also a good way to boost your child’s excitement, as they look forward to their special birthday party!

As the theme of the party is LOL Surprise, it would only be fitting if the party invitations match the theme! This will allow your guests to prepare for the theme that you and your kid have set for the birthday party. It’s therefore suggested to get some themed cards, such as the LOL Surprise Party Invitations

These invitations include cute drawings of all the LOL Surprise dolls with a small speech bubble stating “You’re Invited!” The colorful palette of the card will definitely excite your guests and prepare them for the theme. All you have to do is fill out the invitations and send them off!

2. Bake a LOL Surprise Birthday Cake

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Let’s be honest, what is a birthday without a birthday cake? Birthday parties are centered around this delicious sweet treat that is plated for the guests to eat while they enjoy the party. A Birthday Cake will always remain the center of focus at most birthday parties. It is very important to have a well-designed, creative and unique birthday cake idea for your child’s cake. 

A uniquely made, themed birthday cake will make your child’s birthday even more special for them. However, baking a creative cake can sometimes be a daunting task, that not everyone can do. How about a more exciting and easier option? You could simply get a LOL Surprise Birthday Cake Topper Set that will allow you to bake a regular cake, but still make it look unique and amazing. 

Once you bake or buy a regular, plain cake, you can decorate it with these toppers and some decorative icing. The Cake toppers include all the LOL Surprise Dolls as little miniature toppers on a stick that will instantly transform any cake into a LOL Surprise birthday cake.

You can either surprise your child with the cake on their birthday or even get them to help out creating their own cake! This will also allow you to include your child in the process of decorating their very own birthday cake. If you’re out of time and are looking for a more convenient solution, you can always order your cake from your favorite pastry shop and decorate it with the cake toppers afterwards.

3. Bake Some LOL Surprise Cupcakes

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Cupcakes are the sweetest joy that all kids love! They are the sweet appetizers that everyone munches on before the big cake arrives. Hence, they are almost as important as the cake itself. Decorating cupcakes can be a tricky job. Especially if you want it to match a certain theme. Buying customized cupcakes can be an option, so long as you plan that into your budget. 

For an easier fix, you could simply get some LOL Surprise Cupcake Toppers. These toppers are the perfect fit for LOL Surprise party theme.  Each cupcake would have one LOL surprise doll topper on top of it. This will ensure that your child and their friends get to enjoy decorative cupcakes. 

If you want the kids to be creative, here’s an idea! Why not let the kids pick their own toppers and decorate the cupcakes themselves? This could be a fun activity for all the guests! Just ensure that you get enough of these toppers.

4. Make Use of LOL Surprise Party Supplies

LOL Surprise Party Supply Set (Serves 16)
Are you looking for the perfect party supply set that’s suitable for birthday parties? Look no further! These LOL Surprise party supplies come with a matching birthday banner, tablecloth, napkins, meal plates, cake plates and cups. Of course they come in the signature pink and teal color scheme.

A themed birthday party is incomplete without the appropriate decorations and supplies that fit the theme. Decorations and party supplies will add color and flair to the party. Not to forget, a properly executed theme will definitely be adding to the uniqueness of the birthday and it also helps to make the overall party experience more immersive. 

Want to know how to easily take care of that? Here’s the hint, party supplies. You could get something matching the signature pink and teal color scheme or simply the LOL Surprise Party Supply Set, which includes birthday banners, plates, cups, napkins and even a tablecloth.

Now your child and their friends can eat all the party snacks on plates with cute LOL Surprise dolls on them! The plates also come with speech bubbles that your child and their friends can read while they are munching and are sure to widen the smiles on their faces – awesome!

5. Create a LOL Surprise Theme with Decorations

Now that we’ve got the party supplies taken care of, it’s time to think about the decorations. Everyone would want to avoid their party looking dull and so should you. Decorations should be all around the party room for all your guests to admire and have fun with. The more you invoke the party theme, the better the party experience for the guest!

All kids enjoy balloons at a party, and they will be specifically thrilled if they see the LOL Surprise Doll Balloons. The most special thing about these balloons is that they are in the shape of the LOL Surprise doll characters. Not only will kids enjoy playing with balloons that look like the actual dolls, but they can also be used as props for pictures. You can hang these from the ceilings or fill them with helium and tie them to chairs. 

You can also make use the LOL Surprise Hanging Swirls decorations. These swirls can also be hung on your curtains, doors, the sides of your tables and even the ceilings to make them look fancy. They also include all the LOL Surprise doll faces and are very colorful – a great way to decorate your party effortlessly.

As you see, there are plenty of LOL Surprise party decorations. Another decorative piece that will complete your child’s birthday decorations is the LOL Surprise Banner and Party Balloons. Banners are full of color and help to make the room look more lively. Along with the gigantic helium balloons of the LOL Surprise doll characters, they are bound to get the guests’ attention. All these decorations together will look perfect for your child’s special birthday event!

6. Hand Out LOL Surprise Party Favors

LOL Surprise Party Favors (For 16 Guest)
These party favors are perfect for any LOL Surprize birthday party. This set is for 16 guests and includes slap bracelets, novelty glasses, temporary tattoos, stickers, mazes, notepads and more!

It is very important for your kid and their guests to have a fun-filled birthday party experience. One of the best ways to achieve this is by handing out party favors. These LOL Surprise Party Favors contain some of the best accessories and activities for everyone. They serve 16 guests and you can always get more, if the guest list is larger.

Not only do these party favors add to the theme of the party and make the entire experience more immersive, but the kids can also wear these items during the birthday party! How awesome would it be to see all kids wearing LOL Surprise sunglasses and slap bracelets, while making use of the challenging mazes that are included. You could either hand them out once they enter the party room or you could simply place them on a table, so that the kids can grab them whenever they feel like it!

7. Gift LOL Surprise Presents

LOL Surprise Disco Sk8er Fashion Doll
Looking for great LOL Surprize gifts? This fashion doll comes with 20 items that your child can use to dress up and decorate the Disco Sk8er doll. Items include shoes, hats, hair brushes, playsets, purses, clothes and many other types of accessories.

Choosing the perfect gift for your child’s birthday can be stressful. You are met with many options that have different price ranges and you may still feel nervous about picking the right one for them. Since hosting a LOL Surprise birthday party already tells you that they love everything about LOL Surprise, why not give them a present that is related to this theme? 

One of the most popular birthday gifts is the LOL Surprise Disco Sk8er Fashion Doll, which comes with 20 exciting surprises such as clothes, hair, shoes and other types of accessories. What makes it more perfect are the little surprises that come along with it. The Roller Chick Doll includes a reusable closet, dressing room playset, accessories, hairbrush, shoebox, shoes, fashionable clothes, doll stand, garment bag and much more! 

Of course, there are plenty of other types of gifts that you could think of – the list is practically endless. You can also get mini gifts or prizes for all of the guests so that all of the kids can enjoy them. If you need some inspiration about LOL Surprise gifts, here are some ideas:

  • Bags
  • Apparel
  • Toys
  • Accessories
  • Games
  • Bedsheets

8. Show-Off Your LOL Surprise Collection

The LOL Surprise Dolls are collected very enthusiastically by kids. What better time to show off a collection than at a birthday party where all the attention is on your child? Therefore, a good way to keep your guests invested in the theme is to show off your child’s LOL Surprise doll collection. 

Want to know what other benefits this party idea has? Think about it! It helps to further decorate your party room and transforms it into a LOL Surprise palace! Just ensure that you display them with care, as you don’t want to lose or damage them. 

You can line up the dolls on a table and guests can pick one from the collection and play with them. Kids are always looking for new things to do every minute. These activities will make sure your guests and more importantly, your child will enjoy the party while still keeping the theme of the party alive. You’ll also be able to do this with any other type of LOL Surprise merchandise.

9. Create a LOL Surprize Jewelry Creation Booth

LOL Surprise Secret Message Jewelry
Perfect for LOL Surprise-themed birthday parties, this jewelry kit contains over 400 beads that kids can choose from. They will be able to create customized charms and bracelets that contain a secret message. Only they will be able to figure out what the secret message is!

A fun birthday party consists of numerous, exciting activities for your child and their guests. The last thing anybody would want is their guests to be bored at your party and that’s why you should always ensure that there are enough activities on the agenda. After all, your child also deserves all the fun on their birthday, right?

A great LOL Surprise party idea is to set up a few booths so that the kids can enjoy various activities. The first one could be a jewelry creation booth. There, each kid is able to create their own special LOL Surprise-themed accessories. Looking for a suitable product? The LOL Surprise Secret Message Jewelry Kit is the answer! 

This kit contains colorful beads, letters, strings, stickers and charms. Kids can create friendship bracelets for one another or send a secret message through a bracelet to a friend. These bracelets can then be taken home by your guests as a parting gift as well. In order to create enough space for this activity, you should reserve a corner with some chairs and a table. There, your child and their friends can enjoy making secret message jewelry and accessories for each other.

10. Play Some LOL Surprize Board Games

LOL Surprise 7 Layers of Fun Board Game
Kids will be able to choose from playing Diva, Queen Bee, Rocker or Merbaby as they try to dress up all 7 layers of their doll. This is great for parties, as the children learn to interact and engage with each other while having fun at the same time.

Of course, there are plenty of other party activities that you should plan for the kids. Another fun party idea are board games! Kids enjoy a little friendly competition, shared with laughter. There are several board games that you can choose from that suit the theme. 

A favorite and popular one is definitely the LOL Surprise 7 Layers of Fun Board Game. Yes, you’ve guessed it! In this board game kids get to experience unique gameplay by trying to dress their dolls up in seven different layers. 

These types of board games are not only fun but can also be engaging for your child and their guests, as they constantly interact and try to outsmart each other. Nevertheless, this will guarantee that your party won’t be boring as the guests can always find new activities and games to enjoy.

11. Play Some LOL Surprize Party Games

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Other types of party games ensure that the guests get to participate in some physical activities that are fun to play. The great thing about these games is that you can either host them inside the party room or outdoors. 

There are many standard outdoor games such as treasure hunts, hide and seek, bag toss and water balloons. The main thing is to get your guests to run around the indoors or outdoors and have a blast. One party game that will match your theme perfectly is the LOL Surprise Tossing Game

This set includes a cute LOL Surprise backdrop with holes and matching bean bags. The aim of the game is for the kids to toss these bean bags into the holes. Each hole should award different amount points and another great idea is to award prizes! These types of games are very versatile and you put them up in your backyard or lawn, where kids can enjoy a little running around and playing fun games.

12. Organize a LOL Surprize Activity Area

LOL Surprise Stylin' Studio
The LOL Surprise Stylin’ Studio set contains more than 250 items and accessories where kids can let out their creativity. They get to enjoy playing around with creativity books using stickers, markers, crayons and much more!

A birthday party with multiple booths and areas with exciting activities is a party that every child would want to attend. Spice up the party by giving your guests multiple options on how they can enjoy their time. As having previously recommended, you should arrange several areas or booths for various activities. 

How about an activity area where everyone can style up some LOL Surprise dolls? The LOL Surprise Stylin’ Studio is perfect for this, as it lets the kids create their very own art. This set includes activity books, stickers, sheets, coloring pages, markers, crayons, pencils and much more. Overall, it has more than 250 items, so it’s plenty to go around! This will surely be fun and creative – awesome, huh?

13. Distribute Some LOL Surprise Candy 

LOL Surprise PEZ Candy (4 Pieces)
LOL Surprise Milk Chocolate Candy Egg
LOL Surprise Candy Marshmallow Pops

Here is a statement that is true for every kids birthday party: kids love candy! There is absolutely no way getting around it, as they love to munch on those delicious snacks, while having a ton of fun! There are plenty of candies and snacks that you can prepare for them, such as lollipops, gummies, chips, marshmallows, jelly beans and plenty of others. 

If you’re looking for something more suitable to the theme, you can always consider candies like the LOL Surprise PEZ Candy, LOL Surprise Milk Chocolate Candy Eggs and LOL Surprise Candy Marshmallow Pops. You can make these candies and snacks available by placing them on tables that the kids can simply grab whenever they feel like it. Also remember to get some extra candy so that you can place them into goodie bags later on!

14. Create a LOL Surprise Photo Booth using a Backdrop

LOL Surprise Photo Backdrop
Are you thinking of creating a photo booth for your birthday party? This LOL Surprise Party Backdrop is the perfect solution for this. It features a large 7-foot by 5-foot large banner that can either be hung between two pillars or against any wall!

Photos are a great way to treasure the beautiful moments of the birthday party. By taking high-quality birthday photos, you and your child will be able to look back on this special event several years from now. Therefore, it’s a great birthday party idea to create a dedicated photo booth that allows you to take awesome pictures – of course, to have fun, as well!

The first thing on your agenda should be to get a LOL Surprise Photo Backdrop. This will ensure that the background of your frame features an awesome image that matches the LOL Surprise theme. Another great idea that you can take advantage of is using some LOL Surprise Photo Props. This makes taking pictures super fun and all the guests will be able to express themselves using handheld props.

15. Organize a LOL Surprise Pinata Session

LOL Surprise Party Pinata
Looking for some fun party activities? If your answer is yes, this awesome LOL Surprise party pinata is just what you need! The pinata takes the shape of a doll and is a massive 17 x 13 x 6 inches. It also holds up to 2 pounds of candy - enough for everyone!

Kids enjoy a little mess, right? This is especially true when the mess revolves around candy! So, I’m sure you can connect the dots – a LOL Surprise Pinata! Firstly, the kids will be amazed by the effort you and your child have put in arranging everything so that it matches the theme of the party. Secondly, the children will be able to enjoy the candy that drops out of it!

You should hang this pinata in a non-crowded area. Hanging it on a tree branch or from the ceiling would be the best idea. Then, ensure that you have a stick to hit the pinata with. Remember to guide all the kids on how to hit the pinata properly – and don’t forget that you’ll need a blindfold! 

Make sure that when a kid is swinging the wooden stick that no one else is near them and don’t let them veer off too far! It’s best to give every participant a few swings, and once the candy drops, let the kids rush to the floor and pick up all those delicious treats!

16. Hand Out LOL Surprise Goodie Bags

LOL Surprise Goodie Bags (Set of 30)
These LOL Surprise goodie bags come in a set of 30 and are perfect for birthday parties. They are large in size with a height of 9.8 inches and a width of 6.7 inches. There’s definitely enough room to keep any kind of party goodies for the kids!

A great party idea is to send off your guests with awesome goodie bags. These goodie bags should ideally fit the theme as they will be taken home and you and your child would want them to remember this special LOL Surprise-themed birthday party. These LOL Surprise Goodie Bags achieve this perfectly and are also large enough to keep all of those party goodies. 

What to put inside, you ask? Here’s where you can get really creative and mix it up a little. You could think about adding snacks, stickers, toys, gummies, chocolates, vouchers and even a thank you card. Party leftovers such as cupcakes or snacks are also a good option to add. It’s also a good place for the kids to keep all the jewelry bracelets and prizes that they won from the party. Oh, and of course the polaroids from the photo session!

17. Give Guests LOL Surprise Thank You Cards

LOL Surprise Thank You Stickers (Pack of 40)
The LOL Surprise Thank You stickers are 2 inches in diameter and are perfect for sealing an envelope or placing on the goodie bag or thank you card directly. It’s a perfect way to send off the party guests in style!

A Thank You Card is the best way to end a magnificent birthday party. Your guests should know that their presence and time at the party was much appreciated and it is also the perfect way for your child to say thank you for all the gifts. Personalized Thank You cards are always the best here, however, it’s not always possible if your guest list is too long. 

You could simply pick up some Thank You cards and write a personalized message for everyone. You can then seal them off with these awesome LOL Surprise Thank You Stickers. They are extremely easy to use and have the words “Thank you for coming to my party” written on them. 

You can either have your child hand these out individually, once the kids are sent off or they can be placed into the individual goodie bags. Just ensure that you label them correctly, so that each kid gets his or her respective one. They’ll love this idea, as it’s the perfect way to end an awesome LOL Surprise birthday party.

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