15 Awesome Lion King Birthday Party Ideas

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The Lion King is a Disney classic that never seems to age. The Lion King movies and series have been the reason for many laughs and smiles amongst kids and their memorable songs such as Hakuna Matata and Circle of Life have been instant hits. 

The Lion King has also been the inspiration for many themed birthday parties. There are many awesome Lion King party ideas that you can incorporate into any birthday celebration. The best party ideas include creating Lion King themed invitations, cakes, games, movies sessions, photos booths, puzzles, raffles and many more. Let’s take a look at the best Lion King party ideas!

1. Create Lion King Party Invitations

Lion King Party Invitations (Pack of 24)
Invite all your friends with these beautiful Lion King birthday party invitations. They feature all your favorite characters such as Simba, Zuza, Timon and Pumbaa and Nala. Simply fill in the blanks for “For,” “Date,” “RSVP,” “Time,” “Place,” and “Email” and send them out!

It’s always nice to receive party invitations that match the theme of a party. If you’re planning to throw a Lion King birthday party, you have to be creative with your birthday invitations. This is the time for you to get really creative and try to create something awesome. 

You can always get some Lion King Birthday Invitations, which come in a set of 24 pieces with envelopes. You should also take the time to note down all the important details of the party such as location, time, theme, RSVP and you can also think of a personal message. Sending a Lion King birthday invitation will send the message that the party is going to be all about Lion King and that you’re paying attention to detail. It’ll also help to build up the excitement until the day of the party!

2. Bake a Lion King Birthday Cake

Lion King Birthday Cake Topper Set
  • Intended for Those Over 13 Years of Age

You can’t imagine any type of birthday party without a birthday cake. It’s the highlight of any birthday and it will be an unforgettable moment for your kid. Throwing a themed birthday party means that the cake should always try to match the party theme. Of course, you can bake a regular birthday cake, but it won’t look as good if it doesn’t match the Lion King theme. 

The Lion King Birthday Cake Toppers are perfect for this and will allow you to transform any cake into an awesome Lion King birthday cake. These Lion King cake toppers include figures of famous Lion King characters such as Mufasa, Simba, Zazu, Scan, Timon, Nala and Pumbaa. There are also other items included such as decorative rocks, safari grass and the tree of life. You can really let your creativity out on the birthday cake, so style it how you want it!

These toppers are enough to transform your regular birthday cake into a Lion King Birthday cake. All you will need to do is bake the cake and place the figures in any type of arrangement. You can even design your cake like landscape so that the Lion King toppers fit well into the scenery.

3. Use Lion King Party Supplies


You should never underestimate how themed party supplies can help to set the mood and atmosphere of a party. Getting high-quality party supplies, particularly ones that match the theme can significantly increase the party experience for all guests. A convenient way to achieve this is to purchase a set of the Lion King Party Supplies, which consist of the table cover, decorative banner, plates, napkins, cups, and candles. 

This set includes everything you need when it comes to party supplies and a banner to complete the Lion King decorations. All of the party supplies have Simba and Nala printed on them to match your Lion King Birthday theme. If you are inviting many guests, you should consider getting a few sets, in case some of the kids want to have a second serving after they have thrown away their plates and cups.

4. Hand Out Lion King Goodie Bags

Handing out goodie bags at a birthday party is a nice gesture and shows how much you care for your guests. Kids absolutely love party bags and giving them out at a party will keep them happy. However, filling these goodie bags with fun and exciting items can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re planning for the party on your own and have many other things to account for. 

A convenient way to plan for these party bags is to get the ultimate Lion King Goodie Bag bundle. This collection will provide you with loot bags, in which you can place all of the items you want. It contains many fun items such as rubber bracelets of Simba, Nala, Pumba, and Timon, sticker sheets and even temporary tattoos for kids. This bundle will help you save a lot of time, effort and money. Alternatively, you can always source these items separately or design your own bags and place some candy, gifts and treats inside them.

5. Style the Party Room With Lion King Decorating Sets

Lion King Party Decorating Kit
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 mini honeycomb decoration, 4 hanging swirl decoration and 1 flag banner
  • ADORABLE DESIGN: Add fun to your Lion King themed party with this decorating kit that features 7 pieces of various Lion King paper decoration.
  • PERFECT FOR MANY OCCASIONS: It is perfect for birthday parties, children's party, weddings, baptism, baby shower, banquets, school activities and themed other events.

The goal of a party planner is not only to ensure that all the guests are enjoying themselves, but also that the party room is as immersive as possible. Without proper decorations, your party won’t feel complete. You have the ability to create an authentic Lion King atmosphere at your place that feels fun and exciting. The Lion King Party Decorating Kit is perfect for a situation like this. 

It includes a banner, hanging swirl decorations and mini honeycomb decorations that can be placed on the table. Decorating sets are perfect to set the mood of a party and really helps to emphasize the Lion King theme. You should get as many sets as you need based on the size of your party room. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even create your own Lion King inspired decorations. It’s very common to do a mix of both.

6. Hand Out Lion King Party Favors 

Lion King Party Favors (Pack of 12)
These party favors are the perfect items for your kid's Lion King themed birthday party. They include 12 Tattoo Sheets (each sheet has more than 30 tattoos), 12 Pencils and 12 Sticker Sheets (each sheet has more than 45 stickers). Create awesome mini activities with this party favor set!

I’m sure you want all the kids to have an enjoyable time and have fun, right? If your answer is yes, then you should consider handing out Lion King Party Favors! You can get some items that will allow the kids to enjoy themselves and keep them engaged. The most coming party favors include stickers, temporary tattoos, pencils, candy and other things. 

Even if you’re going to hand out goodie bags at the end of the party these small items will be a great addition to the party, as they can use them during the birthday party. You can simply get the Lion King party favors that include pencils, stickers, and tattoos. It combines all the cool and fun items into one set that you can either hand out to the kids yourself or leave them somewhere where they can pick their favorite ones. 

7. Make the Kids Wear Lion King Masks

Lion King Felt Masks (Pack of 12)
Get all the kids at the party to wear these awesome Lion King felt masks. They come in a set of 12 different Lion King characters which are Scar, Hyenas, Rafiki, Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa. They’re comfortable to wear and are made from premium materials. 

Getting the kids to wear costumes is a great idea to complete the birthday theme. However, sometimes it’s not possible to make all the kids wear costumes, especially if you have invited many guests. Kids may be running around all day and playing games. It would be great to have all the kids lightly dressed up using Lion King Felt Masks

These masks include notable characters from the Lion King movies such as Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, Rafiki, Scar, Mufasa, and the Hyenas. There are a total of 12 masks per pack and you can get multiple packs, depending on how many people attend the birthday party. Kids can then each pick their favorite Lion King characters that they love the most and wear their masks. You can also hand them out at the beginning of the birthday so all kids can wear them while they’re playing.

8. Bake Lion King Cupcakes

Lion King Cupcake Toppers (Set of 24)
  • 24 count cupcake toppers
  • Printed one-sided on card stock, back of toppers is white

When you’re looking for ways to make all of your guests happy, serving cupcakes has proven to be one of the best ways. Everyone loves cupcakes, especially kids. Therefore, you should bake some cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. When it comes to matching food and pastries with the theme of a party, cupcakes can work like magic. It’s important to try to stick to the Lion King theme as much as you can and the perfect tool for this are these amazing Lion King Cupcake Toppers

If you’re baking these cupcakes yourself and are unsure of how to decorate them, you can bake regular cupcakes or get plain cupcakes from any bakery and simply add some Lion King cupcake toppers. Yellow and brown colored cupcakes work best for Lion King themed parties.

These cupcake toppers can change any ordinary cupcakes into a Lion King themed cupcakes. If you’re going to order customized cupcakes from your favorite bakery, you can also add these toppers later on to give them the extra Lion King touch. Please bear in mind that ordering customized cupcakes from a bakery will significantly increase the budget for your party. It’s best to factor this in accordingly.

9. Create a Photo Booth With a Lion King Backdrop and Balloon Arch

Lion King Backdrop and Balloon Kit
Celebrate your Lion King birthday party in style and take beautiful pictures with this amazing Lion King backdrop and balloon arch. This set includes 1 backdrop, 6 green leaves and a total of  64 balloons in various colors.

The only thing that lasts past the birthday parties are the memories and pictures. The perfect way to save memories is by taking outstanding photos during the party and by creating a photo booth for the kids. Getting a professional photographer to capture great images may be a bit expensive and can stretch the budget. 

If you’re looking to be a little more frugal with your budget you can create your own Lion King photo booth and organize a photo session using a Lion King Backdrop. You can further decorate the photo booth by taking some of your Lion King party supplies and placing it into the frame. The backdrop set featured above includes a balloon arch that goes extremely well with the Lion King backdrop. 

Creating a photo booth with decorating sets is the perfect place to take pictures. The kids will be able to take these pictures home and reflect on them in years to come. Don’t forget to make sure that the lighting is perfect for taking photographs.

10. Create a Lion King Coloring Book Area

If you’ve thrown a birthday party for your kid before, you would have noticed that kids love to play and run around. Even though it can get a little bit messy, at least you’ll know that the kids are having fun. That’s why you should try to incorporate many types of activities that the kids can participate in and engage with. 

Another great party idea is to create a coloring book area. You can get some Lion King Coloring Party Favors, so that the kids can spend an hour or so coloring their favorite characters from the Lion King. Always make sure that you get enough colored pencils or crayons for the kids to color with. You can also get some stickers to go along with the coloring books, so that they can mix and match stickers with characters in the coloring books.

11. Screen a Lion King Movie 

During the Lion King themed birthday party it’s a good idea to do a Lion King movie screening. Movie time is great for kids, as they can take a break from all their fun and excitement and watch a Lion King movie. 

You could create a mini home theatre where the kids can relax. Just ensure to get a lot of chairs, as there will definitely be a crowd. Alternatively, you can also let the movie play in the background while the kids are coloring their book or playing games. 

Below is a list of all the Lion King movies that you can show at your Lion King birthday party:

  • The Lion King (1994)
  • The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998)
  • The Lion King 1½ (2004)
  • The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar (2015)
  • The Lion King (2019)

12. Have a Lion King Pinata Celebration

Lion King Birthday Pull Pinata
  • 1 drum pull Piñata
  • Drum pull Piñata measures 7. 5" X 11"
  • Use this beautiful Piñata as centerpiece decoration for your food table or just fill with candy and toys and play the traditional party game

To add some extra party flavor to the birthday you could organize a pinata session for the kids. The Lion King Pull Pinata is the perfect item for this! Here is why this pinata is so great. This pinata has many strings attached to it. However, only one magical string will open the trap door where all the candy falls out.

You can make these kids all stand in line and each of them gets a turn to pull on one string each turn. The winner gets to pick their candy first. This Lion King pull pinata is very safe and doesn’t require kids to swing with a wooden bat, how it’s traditionally done. This is safer for the kids and less messy.

13. Play Lion King Games

No products found.

To make the birthday party more fun for everyone, you should create many little games and activities. There are plenty of Lion King themed games available that suit the theme of the party perfectly.

Our favorite Lion King party game is The Lion Guard: Protect the Pride Lands! It’s a very popular board game that many kids will enjoy. Before letting the kids play, you should read the instructions beforehand and explain the rules of the game to the kids. This game is family-friendly and recommended for ages 4 years and older.

Party games are also great for kids as they help to promote teamwork and help to improve communication and problem-solving skills. Keep in mind that the age group of guests may vary and you should always get party games that match the recommended age.

14. Organize a Lion King Puzzle Corner

The Lion King: Simba's Adventures Puzzle
  • Number_Of_Players: 1
  • Made in Poland from high quality puzzle blue-board for durability and years of enjoyment
  • Precisely cut interlocking pieces ensure a finished product with a smooth, even surface

Fun activities and challenges are always a welcome sight at any birthday party for kids. Puzzles are not only fun for kids, but they also promote shape recognition and concentration skills. 

You could set up a few Lion King puzzle corners where kids group up in smaller teams with the task to complete puzzles as fast as they can. The fastest team gets to win a prize. A suitable puzzle would be The Lion King: Simba’s Adventures Puzzle that has 100 pieces and measures about 16 x 11 inches. It’s great for parties and not too complex for kids.

15. Host a Lion King Raffle

You could also host a Lion King raffle towards the end of your party. There are many different ways that you can structure this. You can either let kids win tickets for each mini game won during the birthday party, you can let kids spin a wheel with prizes on them or you can let kids guess a number which corresponds to a prize. 

There are countless raffle ideas and either one would be a great addition to any Lion King themed party. Just ensure that you have enough prizes to be given out at the raffle, as at least every kid should win something. Here’s a recap of how you could structure your Lion King party raffle:

  • Ticket system (kids win tickets from activities)
  • Wheel system (kids spin a wheel to win prizes)
  • Number guessing system (prizes are won based on numbers)

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