17 Best Lion King Gift Ideas

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Getting your loved one gifts at least once yearly is an inevitable aspect of the circle of life. When it’s that time of the year to throw a celebration for your loved one’s special day – be it a birthday or a graduation – it’s an unspoken rule that a gift should accompany your presence at the party. But don’t let this ‘obligation’ deter your celebratory spirit! Getting a gift can be an easy and affordable process if you know what to look for.

Consider getting your loved one a Lion King-themed gift. This is a well-beloved franchise that appeals to all Disney fans, adults and kids alike. The following gift ideas are more applicable to children, but feel free to get creative if you know an ‘older child’ who goes bonkers over The Lion King childhood memorabilia. Let’s take a closer look at the best Lion King Gift Ideas

1. Lion King Backpack

Lion King Backpack
This Lion King backpack is perfect for taking to school or on outings. It’s made of 100% polyester and is 14 x 11 x 4 inches in sizes. It also features Simba’s classic movie look with plush 3D ears.

Backpacks are always a welcome gift. They’re practical and useful, but who says they can’t also be stylish? Get your young loved one a Lion King-themed backpack to add a sprinkle of fun to this gift.

This Lion King Backpack sports a fuzzy young Simba on the front, and comes in vibrant shades of orange and yellow to fit both boys and girls. Made from 100% polyester, this spill-resistant bag is big enough to fit a child’s daily necessities but light enough to be carried around all day.

2. Lion King Headphones

Lion King Headphones
These wired Lion King Headphones come with a 3.5mm jack and also have parental controls, such as a volume limiter. They also feel comfortable to wear, thanks to the padded materials.

Nowadays, even the kids are tech-savvy – perhaps even more so than some adults. So getting a child a pair of Lion King-themed headphones is also a great Lion King gift idea, if they’re of the right age.

This pair of Lion King Headphones will suit any young tech aficionado who is also a fan of The Lion King. It doesn’t only come sporting a creative Lion King theme; it also doesn’t compromise for comfort, seeing as the ear cushions are padded and the headband is adjustable. Its parental control feature is also child-friendly, so no parent will have to worry about their child cranking up the volume too loud. This gift is perfect for all those replays of The Lion King soundtrack!

3. Lion King Match-5 Board Game

Lion King Match-5 Board Game
Be the first one to match-5 characters in this fun two-player Lion King board game. There are a total of 15 characters and the instructions are easy to understand. This game is recommended for ages 4 and up.

Kids love games. So, consider getting your young loved one a fun board game. But why purchase something mundane? A Lion King-themed board game will go a long way in providing ample fun for your loved one!

Featuring everybody’s favorite characters from The Lion King, this Lion King Match-5 Board Game requires players to match five characters in a row. The best part about this game is that it comes in a self-contained plastic case, so it’s portable enough for your loved one to take it out to play wherever, which makes this a great gift idea!

4. Lion King Fleece Hoodie

Lion King Fleece Hoodie
Made of 100% polyester, this fashionable Lion King fleece hoodie is super soft and comfortable to wear. It comes in a gray color, features the famous ‘Hakuna Matata’ wording and is available in 6 different sizes.

Hoodies have been in trend since the ‘70s, and they continue to be a popular item of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe. That’s why your young loved one will definitely love the idea of getting a Lion King-themed hoodie on their special day. 

This 100% polyester hoodie is so incredibly comfy, it will keep your loved one warm and snug all day long. Any child would be the envy of their friends when they step out of the house in this Lion King Fleece Hoodie.

5. Lion King T-Shirts

Lion King T-Shirts
Ready to rock some awesome outfits? This set comes with 4 different designs of Lion King T-Shirts that are made of 100% cotton. You’re able to select from 8 different sizes!

Any person would appreciate getting a T-shirt of high quality as a gift. So, why not gift a child a set of The Lion King T-shirts? It’s a great way for them to show off their sweet The Lion King merchandise to envious friends. 

Purchasing a set of lively-colored Lion King T-Shirts will brighten up your loved one’s day and is therefore an awesome gift idea. These comfortable cotton T-shirts portray high quality pictures of everyone’s favorite The Lion King quotes, and an upside to this gift is each shirt can be alternated on a daily basis to prevent the wear and tear which comes from overuse.

6. Lion King Toddler Bed

Lion King Toddler Bed
This awesome Lion King Bed is recommended for kids 15 months and older that weigh up to 50 lbs. It features sturdy guard rails, as well as a strong metal frame.

Who says you can’t get younger children furniture? Oftentimes, children love the idea of personalizing their own bedrooms, so consider getting your child a fun Lion King-themed bed. A Lion King Toddler Bed made to suit toddlers is a fantastically unique gift to get for a young fan of The Lion King.

Its sturdy steel frame and guardrails guarantee safety for children aged 15 months and over, but comfort is a top priority here where its sufficient size provides for plenty of space for tossing and turning during a particularly exciting dream. Your loved one will definitely cherish this gift for many years to come.

7. Lion King Movie

The Lion King (2019)
Enjoy the Lion King movie of 2019 featuring Simba, King Mufasa, Scar, Timon, Pumbaa and countless other characters. This movie is available in DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D and 4K.

There’s no Disney fan who hasn’t watched The Lion King. This means that the safest gift to get a fan is the movie itself, seeing as even adults still rewatch this timeless classic up to this day. 

So, run to the nearest DVD store to make your loved one’s special day all the more joyous! An easier alternative would be to purchase The Lion King (2019) movie online, and then the only other thing you’ll have to do is to remind your loved one not to watch too many reruns of this incredible movie!

8. Lion King Foam Couch

Lion King Foam Couch
This Lion King toddler couch is 10 inches tall, 28.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep. You can even extend it up to 39 inches and convert it to a relaxing lounger!

Yes, you can give a child furniture as a gift. Surprising as it may be, any child will be thrilled to receive a fun-themed furniture, but you’ll have to pick the right type of furniture. For example, a Lion King-themed couch will be a wonderful addition to your loved one’s bedroom. 

Cozy, colorful and easy to clean – all of these aspects sum up this Lion King Foam Couch. It’s the perfect lounging spot for any child. It also comes with a feature that allows its user to flip the couch open into a sleeper bed, so your child can fall asleep comfortably halfway through watching The Lion King with the entire family – all in all, an awesome Lion King gift idea!

9. Lion King Collectible Figure Set

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Which fan of The Lion King wouldn’t want to receive a set of The Lion King figurines on a special occasion such as their birthday? Children especially love figurines, but so do the older avid Disney fans! 

So, a great gift idea would be to purchase a set of The Lion King Collectible Figures. These are fun to play with – as some of us know how those thrilling old memories of playing with iconic figurines formed a poignant part of our pasts – but they also make great collectibles. This is the kind of gift that’s special enough to be kept as memorabilia for years to come.

10. Lion King Image Projector

Lion King Image Projector
This Lion-King image projector illuminates your room by projecting a large image of Timon and Pumbaa. This makes for a great night light or a decorative lighting feature in a children’s bedroom!

Besides furniture, another unlikely (but very welcome!) Lion King gift idea is a room decor item. These add a little zest to your young loved one’s bedroom and really go a long way in personalizing their safe space. So, consider gifting a young Disney enthusiast a Lion King-themed image projector. 

An image projector is simple enough to use. All that’s needed is enough space on a wall or ceiling and a strategic position in which to place this Lion King Image Projector, and voila! Any child will spend their waking hours admiring the projected pictures of their favorite characters from The Lion King. This projector also has an automated timer and a long-lasting LED bulb to save parents the hassle of changing the bulb every so often.

11. Lion King Socks

Lion King Socks
Treat your child to some comfortable Lion King-themed socks! This set comes with 6 pairs featuring a variety of different designs and colors!

Everybody loves socks. They’re soft and basically provide constant hugs for your feet – so which recipient wouldn’t be thrilled to receive socks? Bonus points will be awarded if those socks are fun, so invest in some Lion King socks to spruce up your gift!

Made of polyester and spandex, these Lion King Socks are stretchable enough to fit various sizes. They’re also extremely fun and are suitable for both adults and children, so this would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift.

12. Lion King Toniebox

Lion King Toniebox
Simply place the Lion King figure on the Toniebox and let your child enjoy countless great bedtime stories and songs such as ‘Circle of Life’, ‘Hakuna Matata’ and more!

Children love toys, there’s no way around it! That’s why toys are a popular gift option, especially during the holidays. So, consider getting your little one a toy, but add a little creative spin to your gift: give them a Lion King audio box.

This is a wonderful gift which doubles as both a music box and a bedtime story reader. Your little one will thrill at the sight of this Lion King Toniebox as it’s the perfect bedtime companion. This cute, easy-to-assemble toniebox which reads The Lion King stories aloud and sings its classic soundtrack will definitely top the list of gift ideas for children.

13. Lion King Lunch Box

Lion King Lunch Box
This Lion King Lunch box varies in style and features an easy-to-use hinge and clasp system. It’s 5.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches, which means that is plenty of space available to store food or even toys.

Among the daily essentials required to help a child get through their day-to-day routine, a lunch box is a definite must-have. That’s why getting a Lion King lunch box will certainly be a welcome gift.

Kids love The Lion King, so why not get them an adorable tin Lion King Lunch Box? They’re big enough to store more than just lunchtime goodies, but their clasps and handles also make them an extremely portable gift. Your loved one will certainly find it difficult to part with this gift for a long time – an awesome Lion King gift idea for kids!

14. Lion King Plush Toy

Lion King Plush Toy
This cuddly Simba plush toy is 10 inches tall and made out of polyester. Not only is it a great companion for children, but it’s also a great piece of decoration for any bedroom!

Speaking of toys, what child wouldn’t love a plush toy? We’ve all had memories of those adorable toys we carried around with us everywhere for years. Ergo, get your child a chance to have the same thing. A Lion King plushy would certainly make a perfect long-term companion for your young Disney fan.

Why not purchase a Simba Plush Toy for your little one. No child will be able to resist those lovable eyes. You’ll certainly fondly remember, in the years to come, all those times your loved one would have carried this huggable plush toy around the house. It’s entirely baby-safe, too, so this little Simba plush toy is perfect for children of any age.

15. Lion King Coin Bank

Lion King Coin Bank
This Lion King coin bank features a sturdy metal construction with a removable lid. It features an eye-catching design of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa!

Another wonderful gift idea involves teaching your little one the all-important lesson of being thrifty. Giving a child a Lion King coin bank as a gift is a healthy method of nurturing the habit of saving money in them, so it’s no wonder why this gift idea is one of the most popular ones for children. 

This Lion King Coin Bank is extremely convenient, seeing as it comes with an easily-removable lid for all those times your child will want to reap the benefits of what they’ve sowed. But what makes this coin bank stand out from all the others is that it’s eye-catching and sports everybody’s beloved characters from The Lion King: Timon, Pumba and Simba. 

Indeed, allowing a child to save up some money for a rainy day will let them know they’ve got nothing to worry about once they’re prepared for the future. Therefore, it’s only only a convenient Lion King gift idea, but it also encourages them to save their coins.

16. Lion King Bed Set

Lion King Bed Set
Available in either single or twin size, this Lion King bedding set is comfortable and is made of 100% polyester. It comes with covers for the comforter, sheet and pillows.

If you’re aiming to get a more practical gift for your special little one, then consider getting them something that would revamp their bedroom. Get them a bed set which sports The Lion King theme! This is a pretty unique gift, and it’s highly probable that your gift idea won’t clash with someone else’s choice of gift.

Made from high-quality brushed microfiber polyester, this Lion King Bed Set comes equipped with a comforter, pillow cases and fitted sheets. Its soothing shades of blue and interesting printed graphics will lull your child to sleep in what feels like a soft cloud. Your loved one will adore this bed set as it provides ample comfort for their nightly adventures in Dreamland.

17. Lion King Keychain

Lion King Keychain
This elegant keychain features The Lion King’s most notable characters, which are Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Zuzu and Rafiki. The keychain is made of solid metal and can be used with all types of accessories.

The last Lion King gift idea on this list involves something that’s understated and yet frequently used by everybody. A Lion King keychain is the kind of gift that will be appreciated by every Disney enthusiast, be they a child or an adult who is young at heart. 

So, what are you waiting for? Why not purchase a Lion King Keychain as a quirky little gift for your loved one. It shows off the movie’s iconic characters and adds plenty of character to the stationery case or bag to which your loved one chooses to attach this keychain. Though simple, this gift is perfect for those who want to sprinkle a dash of nostalgia onto their essential everyday items. 

The best thing about this gift is that whenever your loved one sees this keychain, they’ll happily recollect that you’ve taken the effort to give this fun little gift to commemorate your relationship!

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