17 Cool JoJo Siwa Birthday Party Ideas

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If your daughter is a fan of the YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa and you’re planning on throwing an awesome birthday party for her, you’ll want to consider hosting a JoJo Siwa-themed party. Deemed one of the most influential people by Times, JoJo’s vibrant look and branding are a fantastic addition to your child’s special day. 

Implementing a JoJo Siwa theme for a birthday party is actually easier than you think. Catchy music, glitters and colors are all part of JoJo’s look, so embrace these elements and add them to your child’s party. This article will take you through exactly how you can throw a JoJo Siwa-themed birthday party that’s fun and memorable. Play the right cards, and your child will certainly find the occasion to be a D.R.E.A.M. come true. Let’s take a look at the best JoJo Siwa birthday party ideas!

1. Invite Guests Using JoJo Siwa Party Invitations

JoJo Siwa Party Invitations (Pack of 8)
Invite your guests with these awesome 4.25 inch by 6.25 inch JoJo Siwa party invitations. They’re printed on high-quality paper - all you need to do is fill out the details!

The first task you’ll need to get out of the way when planning any party is to determine who you’ll want to see at the party. Make a list of your child’s loved ones – and since this is a JoJo Siwa-themed party, it will be a hit with kids – and ensure that the size of your guest list can fit into your party space and budget.

Then, get started on sending those JoJo Siwa Party Invitations out. A fun and relatively cost-friendly way of getting creative with your invitations is by buying physical invitations which bear the JoJo Siwa theme. These are colorful and do most of the decorating work for you, so you only have to write down essential details such as the venue, date, time and recipient’s name on each invitation. 

Your guests will instantly know what the theme is. Sending themed party invitations will give them a taste of the awesome party you’ll be throwing, and it will quickly get your guests into the partying mood. 

2. Bake a JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake

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Where there are birthday parties, there also shall be birthday cakes. A birthday cake is the simplest, yet most prominent marker of a birthday party’s theme. You can easily display your JoJo Siwa theme on the cake you bring out in front of your child and their guests.

Firstly, bake a cake. You can choose whichever flavor your child prefers and get started a day before the party with a recipe of your choosing. If you’re either not into baking or simply do not have the time to be stuck in a kitchen for hours, don’t worry. That’s what bakeries are for, right? Simply purchase your child’s favorite cake and have it stored in a refrigerator if you’re not going to cut it right away.

You can implement your party’s JoJo Siwa theme through the cake decorations. A straightforward way to sport that spunky, lively spirit of hers is by using those signature baby pink and blue colors to tint your cake’s icing. Sprinkling edible glitter also makes a fantastic addition to your cake – it’s simple, and yet goes a long way. Lastly, add the finishing touches by sticking a JoJo Siwa Birthday Cake Topper onto your cake. This makes a statement about your theme instantly, and your child will be thrilled to see their favorite pop star’s face when the cake is brought out.

3. Bake Some JoJo Siwa Cupcakes

JoJo Siwa Cupcake Toppers (Pack of 24)
Instantly transform any regular cupcakes into JoJo Siwa-themed cupcakes with these awesome toppers. There are a total of 24 JoJo Siwa cupcake toppers in this set that features 6 different patterns. Each topper is made of high-quality food-grade paper.

Everybody loves cupcakes. They’re always a great addition to any party; their sweetness lifts everyone’s spirits and keeps those sweet tooths satisfied. So, you may want to think about preparing a tasty supply of those bad boys for your guests!

Whip out your favorite cupcake recipes and get baking, or purchase them at a nearby store. Make sure you’ve prepared enough cupcakes for all your guests, so you don’t hear anybody say, “Hey, where did the cupcakes go?”

Then, show off your JoJo Siwa theme the same way you would on your child’s birthday cake. Shades of pink, blue, purple and cream are great colors to compliment your theme if you’re trying to choose between your selection of food coloring. Throw on some edible sprinkles for added measure, and lastly, finish the decorations off with JoJo Siwa Cupcake Toppers. Your cupcakes will turn out absolutely gorgeous!  

4. Use JoJo Siwa Party Supplies

JoJo Siwa Party Supplies (Serves 16 Guests)
Treat your guests to an awesome party experience with this JoJo Siwa party supply set. Containing a total of 110 items, you’ll find themed plates, cups, utensils, napkins and even tablecloths.

Wondering what type of party supplies you can use to show off your party’s groovy vibe? Look no further beyond your own theme – get JoJo Siwa Party Supplies! These are colorful, come in sets and sport JoJo’s optimistic slogans. Your child and their guests will certainly be thrilled to see their favorite dance superstar’s cheerful grin and her signature bow printed on their napkins and plates. 

Furthermore, laying your sumptuous menu out on a JoJo Siwa-themed table cover is a fun yet easy way to keep your table free of all those drink stains and crumbs. Alternatively, if you prefer to keep to a budget, you could just use party supplies which bear shades of bright pink and purple to stick to your party’s theme.

5. Create a JoJo Siwa Theme with Decorations

JoJo Siwa Decorating Kit
JoJo Siwa Foil Balloons (5 Pieces)
JoJo Siwa Hanging Swirls (30 Pieces)

No party is complete without the necessary decorations. This is especially true for when you’re throwing a themed party. The question is: just how do you put up the right kind of decorations for a JoJo Siwa-themed party?

Seeing as JoJo Siwa’s a pretty iconic sensation already, it wouldn’t be hard to find themed decorations. For example, you could opt for JoJo Siwa Foil Balloons instead of the normal ones. You can even fill these with helium instead of just air. However, you just need to remember to tie them down properly, or else they will float away.

But balloons aren’t enough. Another great party decoration is to hang JoJo Siwa Hanging Swirls from your ceiling, if your party takes place indoors, or from fixtures and low tree branches if you’re taking your child’s special day out in the sun. If you’re worried about the amount of money and time you’ll be spending searching for matching JoJo Siwa-themed decorations, you could always just purchase an entire JoJo Siwa Decorating Kit for the sake of convenience. 

Either way, bear in mind that when decorating, your theme should show off a grand variation of bright colors – think of the rainbow – and sparkles, true to JoJo Siwa’s bright, effervescent personality. The more decorative the party room is, the more immersive the party experience will be for the guests and your child.

6. Hand Out JoJo Siwa Party Favors

JoJo Siwa Party Favors (For 8 Guests)
Are you ready to have an awesome and fun time at your party? Mix it up a little by handing out some party favors. This set contains 8 sets of party glasses, stickers, emery boards, temporary tattoos, puzzles and note pads that are all JoJo Siwa-themed!

Party favors are always a welcome crowd-pleaser. So, you may want to consider investing some time and energy into preparing simple JoJo Siwa Party Favors for your guests. All you’ll need are some paper bags and takeaway items related to the teen sensation, Miss Siwa herself. These are relatively easy to find since JoJo Siwa’s merchandise is extremely popular! 

From likenesses to her iconic bow to stickers and faux sunglasses bearing her name, you can find all sorts of small party gifts to fit into your JoJo Siwa-themed party favor bags. Your child’s friends will definitely take these out of their bags to show them off to each other after the party, so rest assured that none of your gifts will go unused!

7. Show-Off Your JoJo Siwa Collection

If your child is a JoJo Siwa superfan, you definitely have that girl’s collection lying around in your house. So, put them to use! Display your JoJo Siwa collection to your child’s guests during the party. Set up unicorn throw pillows against your couch, let those songs play from that sing-along boombox and showcase your child’s JoJo Siwa dolls. 

If you’ve purchased that JoJo Siwa manicure kit, now would be an excellent time to whip that out and let your daughter and their friends entertain themselves for a solid hour or so. 

Another fantastic yet subtle way to display your collection is, of course, by tying your child’s hair up in that famous ponytail and putting a JoJo Siwa bow on her head. All the JoJo Siwa fans in your house will croon and sigh over the sight of your spectacular collection, and it will keep them occupied long enough for you to set up the table for the birthday meal.

8. Gift JoJo Siwa Presents

JoJo Siwa Scrapbook Set
JoJo Siwa Backpack and Lunchbox Set
JoJo Siwa Digital Watch

Your child will definitely be receiving presents from your guests on that special day. While you’re thinking of setting up a table or space to store all those gifts, perhaps you might want to think about what you’re going to gift your child on their birthday.

Consider getting your child JoJo Siwa presents. As mentioned previously, JoJo merchandise stretches pretty widely, so you could simply get something that your child would love. However, it’s likely that your other guests might come to the same conclusion, so you risk having a duplicate-gift situation if you don’t think outside the box.

A great idea would be to purchase JoJo Siwa merchandise online. The internet provides a plethora of selections – so take your pick! If your child is into arts and crafts, you could purchase a JoJo Siwa Scrapbook Set. If, however, you’re thinking of more practical (but stylish) gifts, opting for a JoJo Siwa Backpack and Lunchbox set, or even a JoJo Siwa Digital Watch will be a gift your child would love to use in the long-term.

Of course, you could also give your daughter the present about which they’ve been leaving hints around the house. Whichever gift you choose, it’s likely they’ll be touched to know you’ve taken notice of what they love.

9. Set Up a JoJo Siwa Activity Corner

JoJo Siwa Activity Set
Looking for a fun activity for your birthday party? Create up to 5 awesome bracelets with your friends by mixing and matching them with colorful beads. This JoJo Siwa necklace activity set makes 5 wearable necklaces.

A great party doesn’t just thrive on food and music alone. You’ll need to plan a list of fun activities to entertain your guests. Why not set up a corner specifically meant for activities? Since your party has a JoJo Siwa theme, it makes sense to design your activities to suit the theme. 

JoJo Siwa is all about dancing, music, and being a young fashion icon. Therefore, channel all that hype and organize activities such as a bow-making competition or a JoJo Siwa trivia activity. You could also have your guests create JoJo Siwa-themed necklaces or bracelets with this awesome JoJo Siwa Necklace Activity Set

Just set up a table and a jewelry-making kit, and teach them the basics on how to string colorful beads before tying the finished product into a foolproof knot. These are great options that tap into your guests’ creative side. Besides, they’ll get to go home with little souvenirs of their own.

10. Create a JoJo Siwa Party Game Area

JoJo Siwa Bust A Bow Dance Game
Dance the night away with your friends by playing this awesome JoJo Siwa Bust A Bow Dance Game. This game comes with a floor mat, two large dice, 13 bow clips and easy-to-understand instructions.

Speaking of activities, preparing JoJo Siwa-themed party games is also a fantastic way to elevate the mood at your party. JoJo Siwa is a dancer, so you can’t go wrong with playing the usual party games such as statue dancing and musical chairs. 

However, these games may end rather quickly, so you might want to think of investing in purchasing one of JoJo Siwa’s party games online. If you’re looking for a crowd favorite party game, you could think of the JoJo Siwa Bust A Bow Dance Game. It’s fun, exciting and great for birthday parties!

Just set up a space – if you’re indoors, keep the space free from furniture and fragile objects – and lay the provided floor mat down. Follow the instructions given and let your guests take turns when they play. Their fellow friends can spectate and cheer them on as they bust out their moves to each ‘Bop’!

11. Let the Kids play some JoJo Siwa Board Games 

On Tour with Jojo Siwa
Go on tour with JoJo Siwa in this epic party board game. This game is designed for 2 to 4 players and comes with simple playing instructions. Featuring a large 16-inch by 16-inch game board, you’re bound to have lots of fun!

Besides playing games that require a lot of energy, playing board games are a great way to give your guests some breathing space. Allow them to unwind around a table or free space and let them play some JoJo Siwa-themed board games. Board games allow for more than two players at a time, so you’ll only need a few board games to cater to your guest list. On Tour with Jojo Siwa is a great board game for birthday parties.  

If you have too many guests, consider either purchasing several sets of the same board game or give some of them Uno cards. Of course, the main game should be the JoJo Siwa-themed games, but it’s never a bad idea to have some backup games in case of an emergency.

12. Create a JoJo Siwa Coloring and Sticker Area

JoJo Siwa Coloring and Sticker Set
The JoJo Siwa Coloring and Sticker Set is absolutely perfect for an activity corner at birthday parties. Simply place these art supplies on a table and let the kids enjoy the coloring and sticker action. It comes with plenty of markers, crayons, pencils, erasers, sketch pads, and even sticker sheets.

For the younger guests, it’s best to think of ways to keep them as occupied and entertained as the older children. That way, they, too, have a whale of a time at your child’s birthday party. Set up a table and some comfortable chairs in a well-lit corner of your party space. This will be used for a small coloring and sticker activity area. 

Bear in mind that lighting and the appropriate utensils are necessary for this activity. Then, leave some art supplies out on the table. These should include sketch pads and stickers as well as all the colors a child needs to fuel their imagination. For a quick and easy fix, you could get the JoJo Siwa Coloring and Sticker Set

Be sure to have an older adult supervise the children if they are younger, as they work on their creative side. As simple as this activity is, you’ll be surprised by how fun it can turn out to be. You could even display their artwork at your party space after they’re done with the activity. 

13. Play Some Awesome JoJo Siwa Songs

A JoJo Siwa-themed party isn’t complete without music – and, hopefully, a little dancing. Set the tone for your party by setting up a good sound system. If you’re having your party in a house and you have to worry about grumbling neighbors, be sure to control the volume. Or, of course, just use the simple little life-hack of inviting them over to join in the fun. 

Either way, you don’t want your music to drown the conversation out, so volume is as important as the quality of your sound. Then, hit the ‘Play’ button on that playlist of yours. JoJo Siwa has so many catchy songs to choose from, so you won’t find yourself in need of much more. If you want to kick things up a notch, have all your guests engage in a friendly dance or lip-sync battle.

This will really get the giggles going – and this will be a testament to JoJo Siwa’s infectious hype. Pretty soon, your guests will be joining in with each other during the chorus of ‘Boomerang’! So, take advantage of this JoJo Siwa party idea and play some of her awesome music!

14. Organize a JoJo Siwa Episode Viewing Session

JoJo Siwa: My World (2017)
Host an epic viewing party and follow JoJo Siwa on her journey about her humble past and how she became one of the most influential and popular social media superstars of this time period.

Besides JoJo Siwa’s music, another great JoJo Siwa party idea that your child and guests can get engaged in during the party is to participate in a JoJo Siwa episode-viewing session.

JoJo Siwa fans have likely seen – and loved – her Youtube videos. From the videos of her dances and concert performances to her music videos and vlogs, you’ll find that these are more than enough to keep your guests entertained for a substantial amount of time. You can either download these videos after purchasing them or simply add them to a Youtube playlist. 

The easiest way, of course, is to stream JoJo Siwa videos on your streaming platform. JoJo Siwa: My World is a great series to watch. Then, set up a comfortable space in front of the TV or screen and be sure to prepare some snacks for those wandering hands. The best thing about this activity is that it doesn’t cost you much in terms of time, energy and budget. So, turn that TV on and let it do most of the work.

15. Have a Photo Session with a JoJo Siwa Backdrop

No products found.

After all that preparation, your spectacular party deserves to be commemorated. And the best way to do so is by taking pictures.

Take your photo-taking game up a notch by setting up a JoJo Siwa Happy Birthday Backdrop against some free space – an unoccupied wall usually does the trick in this case. If you have any of those bows or some scrunchies on hand, you could have your child and your guests use those hair accessories to further enunciate the theme. Taking photos in front of a backdrop is a more fun, creative way of immortalizing your child’s special day. 

Years from now, when you’re looking through old photographs and come across the one of grinning children in front of a spectacular JoJo Siwa background, you’ll be reminded of the amazing time you and your child had.

16. Hand Out JoJo Siwa Take-Home Goodie Bags

JoJo Siwa Goodie Bags (Pack of 6)
These goodie bags are perfect for birthday parties, as they’re large enough for any type of items. They come in a JoJo Siwa-themed tote style and are 12 inches by 10 inches by 3.25 inches.

Any good party-planner prepares goodie bags for their guests in advance. But any great party planner knows how to prepare the right kind of goodie bags to suit their guests’ tastes. Since your party already has a theme, apply it to your take-home goodie bags. 

One of the ways to do this is by using JoJo Siwa Goodie Bags. Then, fill them up with all things JoJo Siwa. Let your ideas go to her merchandise, but you could also use more practical gifts such as vouchers for mani-pedis, restaurant vouchers, candy and stationery. Sticker packs, nail files and bookmarks containing some of JoJo’s iconic quotes – “There’s always time to grow older” and “I’m my own kind of girl” are good selections for the younger generation – are also good items to slip into those goodie bags.

It shouldn’t be a surprise if your pretty goodie bags show up on your guests’ pictures on the internet. After all, all that effort deserves to be shown off! More than that, you’ll know that your guests have taken those goodie bags home with warmer hearts and bigger smiles. Goodie bags are one of the most popular JoJo Siwa party ideas that you should definitely consider.

17. Create JoJo Siwa Thank You Cards

So, your party has ended. Your child has had a splendid birthday spent with all their loved ones – family and friends alike. How do you express your gratitude to your guests for being present on such a wonderful occasion?

Show your appreciation through ‘Thank You’ cards. Nothing expresses sincerity more than gifts made by hand. Prepare grade-quality cards and paste JoJo Siwa stickers, or cut-out pictures of her on each card to symbolize the party’s theme. It’s also a simple yet understated idea to use cards which come in shades of pastel pink, blue, purple or yellow – they not only promote JoJo Siwa’s D.R.E.A.M. spirit, but they’re also gorgeous, calming colors.

Add a special touch by writing each guest’s name on their cards. Then, slip them into your guests’ goodie bags and wait for those tagged Instagram boomerangs containing these cards to start popping up on your feed!

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