23 Best JoJo Siwa Gift Ideas

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JoJo Siwa is a rising star, fashion icon and vibrant online personality. It’s no wonder so many pre-teens and young children look up to her. Her recently trending online presence has resulted in red-hot sales of her merchandise everywhere, which is no wonder that many children are asking for JoJo Siwa gifts from their parents. 

That’s why, if you’re thinking of getting a gift for a young loved one, you should consider getting them a JoJo Siwa-themed gift. These are relatively easy to find and they’re a thrill to receive. If you’re wondering which JoJo Siwa gift would suit your loved one’s preferences perfectly, read on to get some ‘Siwa-tastic’ insight. Here are the best JoJo Siwa Gift Ideas!

1. Jojo Siwa Digital Watch

Jojo Siwa Digital Watch
The JoJo Siwa digital watch is equipped with a handful of features such as a voice recorder, selfie camera, alarm, time display, calculator, games and much more! You can even charge it via a USB cable - it’s that convenient!

Watches are a time-tested favorite when it comes to gift ideas. Even children stand to benefit from receiving a watch; that’s why JoJo digital watches are a modern take on this gift. 

This JoJo Siwa Digital Smartwatch sports a fun shade of pink, but it does even more! Your loved one will be able to take pictures and videos on the fly. JoJo Siwa smartwatches are the next in-thing when it comes to children’s gifts and this one is equipped with plenty of features.

2. JoJo Siwa Necklace Activity Set

JoJo Siwa Necklace Activity Set
The JoJo Siwa necklace activity set contains beautiful charms and beads that kids can create their own necklaces with. Through mixing and matching, they are able to create up to 5 necklaces.

For the more creative children, consider getting them an activity set. Activity sets let them tap into a world of arts and crafts, thus allowing them to develop their artistic abilities. This is where a JoJo Siwa activity set will come in handy. 

Getting a child JoJo Siwa Necklace Activity Set not only lets them unleash their inner designer persona, but it also provides them with five new necklaces. This set is appropriate for children aged three and above, and comes with an abundance of multi-colored beads and charms. 

Let children carry this portable set around with ease to keep themselves occupied at any time of the day. Your child will surely thank you for this gift, as it not only sparks their creativity, but it’s also a whole lot of fun!

3. JoJo Siwa Bracelet with Metal Charms

JoJo Siwa Bracelet with Metal Charms
This JoJo Siwa Bracelet is 7 inches long and can easily be adjusted to any desired length. It contains many highly detailed charms that represent the one and only JoJo Siwa!

Speaking of jewellery, who wouldn’t appreciate receiving something as sweet as a bracelet? JoJo Siwa bracelets are stunning and only appropriate for children whose personalities sparkle, so getting one for your young, stylish loved one is a no-brainer. 

The best type of bracelets for young ones would be charm bracelets. Get your loved one a JoJo Siwa Bracelet, which comes  complete with cute, colorful little metal charms. These add some spunk to a child’s outfit and allow children to stay true to JoJo Siwa’s brand of being nothing less than extraordinary!

4. JoJo Siwa Bicycle

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Children are active by nature. The best thing we can do in lieu of this is to encourage healthy activities – that’s the reason why most children want bicycles as birthday gifts. But why stop there? Give your gift a little added ‘oomph’; gift a child a JoJo Siwa-themed bicycle!

Sporting vibrant hues of pink, blue and white, this JoJo Siwa Bicycle is an eye-catcher. This gift will suit children past the age of six, with a handy basket to hold all their things. 

The seat’s adjustable height suits growing children, thus making for a long-lasting gift. You’ll also have no issue with safety since there’s an added rear coaster brake which allows your recipient to reverse pedal their bicycle to a stop at any time.

5. Jojo Siwa Journal Set

Jojo Siwa Journal Set
This JoJo Siwa diary is 2.8 x 4.25 inches in size making it ideal for traveling. There are a total of 150 double-sided sheets inside. It features a heart lock with a key, as well as a matching JoJo Siwa pen.

Journals are a fantastic way to express oneself. Girls especially will benefit from a JoJo Siwa journal for them to doodle and jot down their day-to-day experiences which they can sift through fondly when they get older. 

A JoJo Siwa Journal Set is small enough to carry around anywhere. It also comes with a pen, lock and key. This extra measure will surely be appreciated by your loved one, seeing as they can rest easy knowing their innermost ‘D.R.E.A.M’s are well-protected in a lovely pink book.

6. JoJo Siwa Girls Knee-High Socks 

JoJo Siwa Girls Knee-High Socks
The JoJo Siwa socks are made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. They are machine washable and very comfortable to wear. You can pick from two different sizes and 7 different designs.

Who says socks are only meant for comfort? These days, they can be a bold fashion statement. Gifting a child a pair of knee-high socks which sport JoJo Siwa’s brazen style is a great way to allow them to spice up their wardrobe. 

Made of a comfy blend of polyester and spandex, a pair of JoJo Siwa Knee-High Socks will make for a stylish gift that doesn’t compromise for comfort. Girls will love sporting these socks and can pair them with some beautiful shorts or a skirt.

7. JoJo Siwa Hairdorables Doll

JoJo Siwa Hairdorables Doll
Each doll box features one JoJo Siwa poseable Hairdorables doll that you can dress up in style. The doll itself is 5 inches in height and there are 10 stylish surprises in each box.

It’s not unusual for a child to want a toy as a gift. Regardless of whether or not your loved one is an ardent JoJo Siwa fan, they’ll certainly appreciate receiving a JoJo Siwa doll. 

The best JoJo Siwa doll sports a fancy hairdo, true to the artist’s sense of style. This JoJo Siwa Hairdorables Doll comes with ten surprise gifts inside. Children will swoon over this doll’s signature bow and side-ponytail, and it will become a sure favorite amongst a child’s other toys.

8. Jojo Siwa Backpack and Lunch Set

Jojo Siwa Backpack and Lunch Set
This exclusive JoJo Siwa backpack has mesh side pockets, a top handle, adjustable shoulder straps and a zip pocket in the front. It also comes with a matching water bottle and lunch bag.

If you prefer to get a gift that’s more practical, another great gift idea includes a backpack or lunch bag. Or, better yet – get a JoJo Siwa-themed set of both!

JoJo Siwa fans will love showing up at school with their fancy JoJo Siwa Backpack and Lunch Set, which comes complete with a handy plastic bottle. Besides being durable enough to survive ample lunchtimes, this gift doesn’t compromise comfort for fashion and will be the envy of many children!

9. JoJo Siwa Stamper Set

JoJo Siwa Stamper Set
Feeling creative? This JoJo Siwa stamper set features a 15-sheet sketch book that is 5 x 6 inches in size. It comes with a matching pad, as well as plenty of accessories.

Are you looking for some creative JoJo Siwa gift ideas? Arts and crafts are a fantastic theme for children’s gifts. So, consider getting your young loved one a JoJo Siwa stamp set. 

Equipped with a sketchbook to hold countless doodles, a JoJo Siwa Stamper Set allows a child to unleash their artistic side with the provided array of magic markers and stamps. This complete craft set will come in handy when your loved one wishes to be occupied with a relaxing activity.

10. JoJo Siwa Scrapbook Set

JoJo Siwa Scrapbook Set
This epic scrapbook set contains a 30-page JoJo Siwa scrapbook, 400+ stickers, 100+ cutouts, craft accessories, art supplies and much more! It’s all they need for a creative session!

Speaking of crafts, why not gift a JoJo Siwa-themed scrapbook set? This is a fun way to let your loved one occupy themselves with a project that can hold a ton of good memories. 

Your recipient will get the chance to decorate this scrapbook with cute stickers, cut-outs and sequins. This JoJo Siwa Scrapbook Set also comes with its own stationery set, so no parent has to go running to the store for supplies. Give this gift to your little artist and watch their eyes light up with excitement!

11. JoJo Siwa Toothbrush Set

JoJo Siwa Toothbrush Set
Be JoJo Siwa’s brush buddy with this amazing 3-piece toothbrush set. This JoJo Siwa Toothbrush set contains a toothbrush, a matching cup and a brush cap.

Here’s another idea for a gift that will definitely be used on a day-to-day basis: why not give a child a toothbrush set? We all remember how, as children, we wanted our idols’ brands all over our personal items – so get a JoJo Siwa fan an awesome JoJo Siwa-themed toothbrush set.

A JoJo Siwa Toothbrush Set sports all the charm and glamor a toothbrush set can possibly exude. The brush’s lightweight bristles are comfortable enough to use every single day, so you know your gift won’t go to waste.

12. JoJo Siwa Sunglasses

JoJo Siwa Sunglasses
These fun JoJo Siwa sunglasses come with a matching case for easy storage. They’re multi-colored sunglasses that are non-polarized but still offer great UV protection.

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for everyone. Kids, especially, love sunglasses which are stylish and fun, so a JoJo Siwa-themed pair of sunglasses is a step in the right direction. 

This pair of JoJo Siwa Sunglasses make an awesome JoJo Siwa-themed birthday present. These are not just fabulous; the lenses are UV-protected and the width of the lens are just the right thickness for your loved one’s required comfort. With these sunglasses on, any girl would know for sure that they’re a ‘Super Girl’!

13. JoJo Siwa Headphones

JoJo Siwa Headphones
These JoJo Siwa headphones are great for iOS or android devices. You’ll be able to plug them into any device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack to experience great sound quality.

Young people are all tech-savvy these days. It should come to no surprise to you that your youthful loved one probably uses a laptop or mobile phone on the daily. That’s why getting a pair of JoJo Siwa-themed headphones will be a suitable gift for them.

These headphones are suited for most devices and even come with an adjustable volume controller, so there should be no qualms about your loved one going overboard when using them. 

While they’re both comfortable and provide beautiful sound quality, these gorgeous JoJo Siwa Headphones come equipped with a JoJo Siwa bow, letting your child tune in with style.

14. JoJo Siwa Embossed Necklace 

JoJo Siwa Embossed Necklace
This necklace is 7 inches long and contains a durable silver-colored chain, a well as a gold-colored attachment with the wording ‘Just Have Fun’. All in all, a great accessory for girls!

Young hearts love beautiful things. So, get your loved one something beautiful on their special day! A good option here would be a necklace which sports JoJo Siwa’s theme. 

This JoJo Siwa Embossed Necklace shows off a more understated side of the JoJo Siwa brand, as its elegant silver chain sports a single gold bar, upon which JoJo’s inspirational catchphrase is embossed. Simple and delicate, this is a necklace that can be worn at any occasion.

15. Jojo Siwa Water Bottle

Jojo Siwa Water Bottle
The JoJo Siwa water bottle is made of BPA-free material that is break-resistant and durable. It holds 25 oz. of liquid and measures 8.8 inches in height. It’s also dishwasher safe!

Another option for gifts that keep to the side of practicability is a water bottle. Everybody has good use for water bottles – but why get one of those plain, mundane bottles when you can get a JoJo Siwa-themed water bottle?

These bottles take the everyday act of drinking water or other sweet drinks up a whole new level. Fabulously designed with D.R.E.A.M.-y emojis and adorable pictures, a JoJo Siwa Water Bottle is BPA-free, safe and durable for your loved one’s long-term use. 

Kids won’t have to trade up style for substance here, and this will definitely make the list of the best JoJo Siwa gift ideas for children!

16. Jojo Siwa Duffel Bag

Jojo Siwa Duffel Bag
The JoJo Siwa carry-on duffel bag is made of high-quality polyester and features a durable handle, as well as a removable shoulder strap. It’s 18 inches long, 10.5 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Duffel bags are necessary for field trips and sleepovers; ergo, they’re necessary for children. Instead of having your loved one go out in search of a duffel bag the night before a sleepover, why not gift them a sweet JoJo Siwa duffel bag?

This bag has all the qualities needed for a good duffel bag: durability, enough side pockets for storage, and a sufficient number of straps with a comfortable width and length. But what makes this JoJo Siwa Duffel Bag stand out is its unique design, which will undeniably make your child stand out amongst their friends as they look on.

17. Jojo Siwa Wall Poster

Jojo Siwa Wall Poster
This JoJo Siwa wall poster is bound to look great on any type of wall and is 22.375 inches by 34 inches in size. It’s printed on standard poster material and features a high-quality image of the one and only JoJo Siwa.

Gifts don’t necessarily have to come in the form of things that can be used on a day-to-day basis. Get a gift that spruces up your young loved one’s room: give them a JoJo Siwa wall poster. 

This ‘Be You’ JoJo Siwa Wall Poster comes with a high-quality image of JoJo herself. It’s vibrant, it’s colorful, and it’s downright inspirational – a perfect decor item for your loved one’s room! 

You’ll know for sure that you’ve chosen the right gift once you see this gorgeous poster up on your loved one’s wall, bringing with it a fabulous vibe for the entire room.

18. JoJo Siwa Bomber Jacket

JoJo Siwa Bomber Jacket
Dress in style with this amazing JoJo Siwa Bomber Jacket, which is made of 100% polyester. This full-zip bomber jacket is available in pink color and comes in two different sizes.

JoJo Siwa fans usually prioritize style in their wardrobe. This is where you step in by getting them a Siwa-tastic jacket to match their bold and beautiful outfits. Your loved one will undoubtedly be thrilled to receive this gift – just make sure it comes in the right size.

Made from 100% polyester, this JoJo Siwa Bomber Jacket exudes comfort, but doesn’t compromise when it comes to style. The sleeves are decorated in rainbow sequins to match the exuberant energy of Miss Siwa herself. This is the kind of gift young girls would love to show off to their friends, so get shopping!

19. Jojo Siwa Handbag

Jojo Siwa Handbag
Look stylish with this awesome JoJo Siwa handbag. It’s easy to clean and is made of durable polyester. You’ll also find included a shoulder strap and zip closure for the main compartment.

While we’re on the topic of outfits, let your loved one accessorize with a JoJo Siwa-themed handbag. A handbag isn’t just a stylish addition to complete one’s look; it also holds plenty of essentials for one to go about their daily routine and makes a great gift. 

So, get your loved one a JoJo Siwa Handbag. This extremely adorable bag gives off a chic vibe, seeing as it’s small enough to suit a child and yet comes with a zippered main compartment to hold their things safe. Its polyester material is also easy to clean, so parents will find this item a breeze to maintain.

20. JoJo Siwa Lip Gloss Set

JoJo Siwa Lip Gloss Set
This JoJo Siwa Lip Gloss Set contains 7 different types of lip gloss that are fruit-flavored. These flavors are grape, mango, cupcake, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple and mixed berries.

JoJo Siwa is all about style, style, style! So, help a youngster glam up with the help of a touch of makeup. JoJo Siwa’s lip gloss is all the rage now, seeing as lip gloss is the more youthful option compared to lipsticks. 

Getting a JoJo Siwa Lip Gloss Set is easy enough, since you can purchase one online. This set gives its user plenty of options from an array of seven fruit-flavored lip glosses – one for each day of the week! Anybody who wears these glosses on will instantly feel more glamorous.

21. JoJo Siwa High-Top Sneakers

JoJo Siwa High-Top Sneakers
These officially licensed JoJo Siwa sneakers are stylish and fashionable. You’ll be able to choose from a total of 13 different color combinations, as well as 8 different sizes.

Another creative gift to give a JoJo Siwa fan would be one which matches the titles of her songs. Get a pair of high-top sneakers and then attach a personal note to them which includes the lyrics to JoJo’s hit song, ‘High Top Shoes’. 

These JoJo Siwa High-Top Sneakers are both trendy and comfortable. With an easy fit, the synthetic material for these shoes endures spot-cleaning and lasts long. They’re also official licensed shoes from Nickelodeon, so your loved one can walk around with these sequined, bow-topped kicks feeling like an ‘Everyday Popstar’!

22. JoJo Siwa Singing Doll

JoJo Siwa Singing Doll
This JoJo Siwa Singing Doll is an impressive 10 inches in height and wears her popular outfit from her music videos. This doll even comes with a microphone and a hairbrush!

Every JoJo Siwa fan loves her songs. If you’re getting a gift for a JoJo Siwa fan, then get them a doll which sings them all their favorite JoJo Siwa songs. 

Sporting JoJo’s iconic bow, this JoJo Siwa Singing Doll doesn’t just idle; it also poses in JoJo’s fashionable outfit from the music video of ‘Every Girl’s a Supergirl’. Young children especially will love having a new addition to their doll collection, so definitely keep this gift in your shopping cart.

23. JoJo Siwa Hair Brush

JoJo Siwa Hair Brush
Let your girl brush her hair with an awesome JoJo Siwa hair brush. It comes in a pink color and features the wording ‘Be You’ on the top side.

Last but not least, hair brushes are an essential gift for any girl. If you’ve got a young JoJo Siwa fan’s birthday coming up, she will certainly relish the idea of possessing a JoJo Siwa-themed hair brush. 

This JoJo Siwa Hair Brush is decorated with the stunning face of this confident young superstar, next to which her iconic phrase, “Be You”, is displayed. This will inspire your young loved one to remember that, no matter how she wears her hair each day, she’ll always be beautiful.

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