16 Cute Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

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Hello Kitty, also known as Kitty White, is one of the most well-known fictional Japanese characters in the world. Hello Kitty is extremely popular with younger kids, but its fan base also includes many youths and adults. 

Due to its popularity, Hello Kitty has become the inspiration of many themed birthday parties. In light of its increasing popularity and demand, it has inspired us to create a list of the best Hello Kitty birthday party ideas. These party ideas include Hello Kitty themed invitations, cakes, games, activities, decorations and much more. Let’s get right to it!

1. Send Out Hello Kitty Party Invitations

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations (Pack of 8)
  • 8 invitations with white envelopes, 8 thank-you postcards, 1 checklist
  • Package includes party invites featuring the word Party! and Hello Kitty sitting on a present holding a rainbow balloon
  • Thank-you postcards say Thank You! with Hello Kitty popping out from a colorful balloon bouquet

Planning for a themed party means that every little detail should be taken care of. At any party, you start by inviting people and letting them know more details about the party. These details include the location, planned activities and also the theme. If you want to create the perfect Hello Kitty party, then you should try to absolutely nail the invitations!

You can either get pink and white invitations or decorate regular invitations with Hello Kitty stickers. The more convenient option is to use the Hello Kitty Birthday Party Invitation set. Getting customized Hello Kitty invitation cards will warm people up to the theme before they even come to the party. 

This set features Hello Kitty sitting on a present and holding a balloon with the words “Party!” written on the card. The content of the cards contain fields for the addressee, date, time, place and RSVP. It also comes with a checklist that allows you to keep track of all the guests. As you can see, this set is very convenient and can even help you with guest planning.

2. Bake a Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Molded Candles for Birthday Cake (Set of 4)
You can easily put a smile on any birthday person’s face with these four molded Hello Kitty Birthday candles. There are 4 pieces in this set and are specifically made for birthday cakes. They contain a variation of different styles, which are cute and fun.

We all know that a birthday cake is one of the most important items of any birthday party and as the host, you should make it a priority. A properly prepared birthday cake helps to set the theme and mood of the party. That’s why it’s important to get this part right and you should pay as much attention to detail as you can. You’ll have two options when it comes to the birthday cake. You can either bake your own or order it from your favorite bakery. 

If you’re able to bake a birthday cake and are looking for creative ways to decorate it, you can add pink and white colored icing. Another great idea is to add a few Hello Kitty Molded Birthday Candles as toppers to finish it off. You can also ask your favorite bakery to customize it for you and add the Hello Kitty candles separately.  There are also edible images of cake toppers that match the Hello Kitty theme nicely. Try to get creative here and don’t hold back!

3. Use Hello Kitty Party Supplies

When you’re throwing a themed birthday party, it’s always advisable to get party supplies that match the theme. These Hello Kitty Party Supplies instantly transform the setting into the perfect Hello Kitty atmosphere. The great things about this party supply set is that it contains  24 candles, 16 dessert plates, 16 napkins, 16 cups and 1 tablecloth that all have the Hello Kitty theme. 

If you require supplies for more people, you can simply get multiple sets. You may also want to order an extra set to ensure that you can replace plates or cups if needed. It’s important to match the party supplies with the overall theme of your birthday party. If you’re not able to get Hello Kitty themed party supplies, you can opt for pink and white supplies that compliment the colors of Hello Kitty.

4. Hand out Hello Kitty Goodie Bags

Hello Kitty Goodie Bags (Pack of 16)
  • 16 Pack Hello Kitty Party Plastic Loot Treat Candy Favor Bags
  • Lootbag Favor Bags measure 9" x 6.5"
  • Hello Kitty

The purpose of a birthday party is to make everyone happy. This particularly applies to the birthday kid and all the guests. To make sure that they’re happy, a great idea would be to hand out goodie bags. Kids love them, as they are full of surprises and are a great way to put a smile on their faces. 

The Hello Kitty Goodie Bag set matches the theme well and you can even customize the contents inside of it. You can add Hello Kitty pencils, coloring books, candy, toys and many other things. It’s time to get creative!

However, if you’re tight on budget, getting all the items inside the goodie bags to be Hello Kitty themed may not be an option for you. In that case, you can simply add any type of candy or treats for the kids. A personal thank you card is always a welcome idea, but they can also be given separately at the end of the party.

5. Create a Hello Kitty Theme with Decorations

Hello Kitty Birthday Decoration Set
These Hello Kitty Birthday Balloons are very easy to assemble and perfect for birthday parties. They can be hung from the ceiling or pasted against any wall. You’ll find all the accessories included, such as the strings and ribbons. These high-quality foil balloons will light up any party room and create a fun atmosphere. Please note that these balloons do not float. 

To create the perfect party, you should try to add as many Hello Kitty decorations as you can. The party decorations help to set the mood and vibe and paying a lot of attention to detail goes a long way. There are countless ideas on how to make Hello Kitty decorations but the most efficient way to do it is by getting a Hello Kitty Birthday Decoration Set.

This decoration set contains many high-quality Hello Kitty foil balloons spelling “Happy Birthday”. There are also other balloon accessories such as ribbons and Hello Kitty characters. Additionally, you can also add some banners or other types of pink and white balloons to the room. This will ensure that the whole place is covered with Hello Kitty decorations.

6. Make the Everyone Wear Hello Kitty Costumes

Hello Kitty Adult Costume
Hello Kitty Child Costume
Hello Kitty Toddler Costume

A themed party is not complete without getting everyone to wear appropriate costumes. No matter what type of party you’re throwing, getting everyone to wear Hello Kitty costumes is a great idea for people to get really creative. If you’re throwing a birthday party for your kid, you can make the kids wear costumes to complete the theme. 

The great thing with costumes is that you can get really creative with them. There are Hello Kitty costumes for every age group. The most popular Hello kitty costumes are tutus, which are very simple and easy to wear. You can also just distribute Hello Kitty cat ear headbands, if you plan for a light dress up.

7. Gift Hello Kitty Presents

Hello Kitty Squishy Diary Set
  • Fun to poke & squish: squeeze your colorful Hello Kitty diary Of squishiness as you open and reveal 60 blank pages ready to be filled with your unique thoughts
  • Create, personalize & decorate: customize your diary with cool stickers that enhance your special notes, doodles, fun sayings and more
  • Encourage creative writing: write down stories about Hello kitty’s latest adventure, poems about your best friends and more

As you’ve decided to go with a Hello Kitty themed party, it’s a given that whoever you’re throwing the party for, loves Hello Kitty. In light of this, it can be a great idea to give them some Hello Kitty presents. There are plenty of Hello Kitty gift ideas, such as  backpacks, lunch boxes, stationary, makeup sets, collectibles and much more. One of the most popular and high-in-demand gifts is the Hello Kitty Squishy Diary Set

This diary has a squishy Hello Kitty on the cover that is fun to play with. It also contains 60 blank pages where they can take notes or write down their memories, thoughts and adventures. The squishy diary also comes with suitable Hello Kitty stickers to decorate the diary while writing, as well as a special Hello Kitty pen.

8. Show-Off Your Hello Kitty Collection

Since you’ve decided to throw a Hello Kitty party, it means that you or your kid are huge fans of Hello Kitty and probably have plenty of collector’s items, am I right? If you or your kid has a Hello Kitty collection that consists of toys, figures, accessories, collectibles or any items, you can simply display them in a small corner to show them off to complete the party look. It’s a great way to further decorate your party without stretching your budget and by making use of your existing collection. 

There are many ways that you can do this. You can put these items in a vitrine with small spotlights or you can place them all over the room and even hang some on the wall. In fact, you can even organize an entire table to showcase all your items. You will find that there are endless ideas on how to make your Hello Kitty collection useful for your party. The most important thing is to make sure that they’re in a safe place so they don’t go missing or get damaged.

9. Bake Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers (Pack of 24)
These cute Hello Kitty cupcake toppers are the perfect toppers for your Hello Kitty birthday party. They come in sets of 24 and can easily be placed on any type of cupcakes.

Don’t forget to top your cupcakes off with some Hello Kitty Cupcake Toppers. They’re cute little Hello Kitty faces that sit on top of the cupcakes. That’s one quick and easy way to decorate them.

Cupcakes are one of the most delicious pastries ever invented and are the perfect treat for your birthday party. In order for you to offer them to the guests, you’ll have to bake or buy them so that everyone can enjoy a piece. Cupcakes are relatively easy to bake and you don’t need to get them customized at a bakery. Of course, if your budget allows for that, getting them made is the most convenient, yet pricey method.  

If you decide to bake them yourself, you can find many recipes online. As far as cupcake decorations go, there are plenty of creative ways to do so. As best as you can, try to decorate the cupcakes so that they match the theme of your Hello Kitty party. Try to use the traditionally Hello Kitty colors, such as pink and white. You achieve this by using colored icing. 

10. Have a Photo Session with a Hello Kitty Backdrop

Hello Kitty Happy Birthday Backdrop
  • Measures 59" x 65"
  • Package of 5, includes 2 plastic pieces, 1 plastic banner, 2 plastic cutouts
  • "Hello Kitty" photo & name, headline "Happy Birthday", powder pink/teal/green background, hot pink borders, stripes & dots background design, colorful rainbows/bows/hearts/stars/flowers/balloons/airplane/gift designs

Pictures paint a thousand words and this is also true for party pictures. You should consider keeping the memories of your Hello Kitty party forever and that can only happen if you take memorable photos throughout the birthday party. Therefore, a great party idea is to create a Hello Kitty inspired photo booth. 

You can create one by getting a Hello Kitty Birthday Backdrop and placing it against a wall or hanging it up with a hanger. In addition to that, ensure that you also place some of the Hello Kitty decorations into the frame to give the images more vibrance. The guests can queue up to have their photos taken against the beautiful birthday backdrop. This idea works much better with a polaroid camera and some Hello Kitty props.

11. Make Some Hello Kitty Inspired Food

No one can deny that food is an important aspect at any party. You should make sure that all of the food that will be served is delicious and looks presentable. One thing that you could do is go the extra mile and make Hello Kitty inspired food. Whether you’re making all the food yourself or catering, it would be a great idea if you can make it match the Hello Kitty theme. 

Of course this isn’t always as easy as it sounds but if you’re cooking the food yourself, you can try and make it shaped like the Hello Kitty character. This could apply to donuts, cupcakes, pastries and ice cream. There are many guides out there that are able to teach you how to create Hello Kitty inspired food.

12. Create a Hello Kitty Coloring Book Area

Hello Kitty Coloring Book and Sticker Set
  • Tons of creative fun with this Hello Kitty coloring book with stickers, Hello Kitty sticker pack, and kitty door hanger!.
  • Hello Kitty coloring book has about 96 pages and measures 8.5 x 10 inches. Includes sheet of over 30 stickers. Packed with coloring and activity pages including mazes, dot-to-dot, matching games, and more!
  • Hello Kitty sticker pack has 4 sheets of colorful stickers.

If you’re having a lot of kids over for the birthday party, you should create mini activity areas where they can play games and have fun. The more activities the kids get to enjoy, the more fun it will be for them. It’s therefore important to have some variety. 

A great Hello Kitty party idea is to create an area where kids can enjoy coloring. It keeps them busy, engaged and it also allows them to be creative. The Hello Kitty Coloring Book and Sticker set will allow them to explore their creativity and keep them occupied. You can also have a mini competition, where the best picture wins a prize! This will be a great addition to the birthday party and the kids will have a lot of fun.

13. Play Hello Kitty Songs

Playing Hello Kitty music can help to set the mood of the birthday part and also create an exciting atmosphere for the kids. While the kids are playing around and getting creative with their Hello Kitty coloring books, you can play several Hello Kitty songs in the background. 

Before the party starts, create a Hello Kitty playlist with all the songs that you find appropriate for the guests. This will be a great and creative addition that will create a more cheerful atmosphere. There are many great Hello Kitty Song Compilations online, so there is plenty of material available for you to choose from.

14. Distribute Some Hello Kitty Candy 

Hello Kitty Candy Dispensers (Pack of 12)
  • Pack of twelve, 0.58-ounce dispensers(total of 6.96-ounces)
  • PEZ was derived from the German word for peppermint - PfeffErminZ
  • Enjoyable to eat and fun to play with PEZ Dispensers

Everyone loves candy, especially kids! That’s why you should definitely plan on handing out delicious candy to the kids. There are many different types of Hello Kitty candy available and your choices are practically endless. If you plan on getting candy that matches the theme, you should consider the Hello Kitty PEZ Assorted Candy Dispensers

Distributing candy while the kids are playing or doing any activity will be a nice gesture and you will ensure that everyone is enjoying their time. You can also link activities to candy prizes, as you can have many different types of games for the kids.

15. Hang a Hello Kitty Pinata

Hello Kitty Pull Pinata
  • The pull pinata's have a secret trap door and twenty to thirty ribbons that hang from the bottom
  • Only one lucky ribbon however is attached to the trap door that opens when the ribbon is pulled allowing all the goodies to spill out
  • All the other ribbons are lightly attached and pull off when tugged

As we’re still on the topic of candy, I’m sure you’re familiar with pinatas. Well, they’re all about candy and kids love pinatas. We’re recommending the Hello Kitty Pull Pinata. It adds a lot of fun to the party as it has twenty to thirty ribbons attached to it, but only one ribbon is attached to the trap door that releases all the candy. 

Imagine how much fun this is for kids, as they each get a turn to pull on the strings. You could make them all line up and each kid gets a turn to pull on one string. The lucky winner gets to choose his or her candy first!

16. Hand Out Hello Kitty Thank You Cards

Hello Kitty Thank You Cards (Pack of 8)
  • Measures 3.87" x 5.62"
  • Package of 8 cards
  • Pink background, "Hello Kitty", stars & balloons design, multi colored striped borders, houses & trees background, headline "Thank You"

What better way to end a birthday party than to thank each person for attending. It’s a perfect way to wrap up the party and send the guests home with a smile on their faces. The Hello Kitty Thank You Cards are perfect for this and you’ll be able to write a personal message for each one. 

If you want to be more creative instead, you can also create your own Hello Kitty themed cards. This may require a little more time and effort, but it adds a nice touch to the overall party experience.

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