12 Awesome Godzilla Birthday Party Ideas

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Godzilla is a famous fictional monster series that originated in Japan and made waves in the US with the release of several action movies. It’s been a favorite amongst kids and has become the inspiration for birthday parties ever since.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best Godzilla birthday party ideas for kids. There are many creative activities to plan for and items that you can consider when it comes to organizing the perfect Godzilla themed birthday party. These party ideas include godzilla themed invitations, cakes, games, movies, decorations, supplies, costumes and much more. Let’s dive right in!

1. Send Godzilla Birthday Party Invitations

Godzilla Birthday Party Invitations (Pack of 12)
  • Monster Dragon Type Godzilla Type Monster Party Pack
  • Set of 12 invites and 12 envelopes
  • Stomp On Over For A Roarin' Good Time!

What better way to start a Godzilla themed birthday party with matching invitations? These Godzilla Birthday Party Invitations help to set the theme of the party and are also very customizable. You’ll also be able to indicate the venue and dress code inside the card, if applicable. If you’re expecting the kids to turn up in Godzilla costumes or apparel, you can simply indicate this in the invitation. 

You’ll also be able to customize the invitation yourself. This is the time for you to get really creative. You can add stickers to the card, personalize the text or even create your own Godzilla birthday party invitations if you’re up for it.

2. Bake a Godzilla Birthday Cake

Godzilla Birthday Cake Topper
  • High Quality Cake Topper
  • Instructions Included!
  • As easy as putting a Candle!

A birthday cake is the main attraction at any birthday party. If the birthday cake doesn’t look good or doesn’t taste good, it could ruin the mood at the birthday party. That’s why you should ensure that you have the best cake for your kid’s party. Since you’re considering a Godzilla theme, you should ensure that the birthday cake matches the theme accordingly. 

Of course, you can get a regular birthday cake, but getting a customized Godzilla birthday cake will be much more suitable and immersive for the kids. One way to do this is to bake the birthday cake yourself and add a Godzilla Cake Topper on top of it. This topper is edible so you won’t have to remove it after serving the cake. 

Another option is to use small Godzilla figurines as cake toppers. Kids could play with these after the cake ceremony. However, you should keep in mind that designing a cake this way would be a little more complex. If you’re limited by a budget, getting the edible Godzilla topper will be more affordable and convenient.

3. Get Godzilla Party Supplies

Godzilla Party Supplies
  • Amazing cake decoration: the powerful force of nature-Godzilla and prehistoric monsters wake up, the best choice for Godzilla fans-Godzilla Godzilla birthday party supplies!
  • Cake decoration set: Including 21 cupcake toppers-20 balloons-1 banner-1 bundle of glue points (100pcs)
  • Size creative: Ideal size for 8 "-12" round single-layer cake, sturdy and non-toxic.

Birthday party supplies are usually one of the most important items that anyone should put into consideration. However, finding the right party supplies is not always an easy task. When you’re planning to throw a Godzilla birthday party, you will find that matching supplies to the theme of the party can be a tough task. 

The great thing about the Godzilla Party Supplies set is that you’ll be covering a huge part of the essential items that you will need for the party. They match the Godzilla theme perfectly! You can also add customized plates, forks, and napkins to complete the set or get regular white, yellow, or blue plates to match the supply set. 

Getting matching decorations and supplies is a must for any themed party, as it helps to set the mood and make the party more enjoyable for the kids. If you’re not able to get some of these supplies, you can either try to create your own or match the colors of the theme instead.

4. Create a Movie Screening of Godzilla 

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Blu-Ray)
  • Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown (Actors)
  • Michael Dougherty (Director) - Michael Dougherty (Writer) - Mary Parent (Producer)
  • English, French, Portuguese, Spanish (Subtitles)

When you’re throwing a Godzilla themed birthday party, you should include fun activities that the kids will enjoy. It will be a great addition to the birthday party if you can set up a Godzilla movie area. You can get any of the Godzilla movies for this and run them in rotation. The latest one that is a must-watch movie is Godzilla: King of the Monsters

You can play the movie in a different room than the rest of the activities to limit viewers and create a mini home cinema at your place. You can also play the movie on a projector if there are a lot of kids to ensure that everyone is able to watch. If you don’t have a projector you can simply opt to rent one. When you screen a movie of Godzilla you will ensure that the kids are occupied and busy for at least 2 hours, so you’ll need to plan that into the agenda accordingly.

5. Bake some Godzilla Cupcakes

Godzilla Cupcake Toppers (Pack of 24)
  • Amazing cake decoration - Terrible power of nature:Godzilla and prehistoric monsters wakes up,an unpredictable disaster sweeping, with godzilla inspired cupcake toppers !
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It’s best to have a variety of food at the birthday party. To create Godzilla themed food is not always that easy but there are certains types of foods and pastries where this is possible. Cupcakes are one of the few foods that can be easily customized to match any themed party and this is because toppers usually do the trick.

You can easily get a set of the Black Glitter Godzilla Cupcake Toppers and add them to your cupcakes. This set has 24 toppers that come in 8 different styles so you have plenty of variety. Getting the cupcake toppers is a convenient way to customize cupcakes and at the same time they match the birthday theme perfectly.

6. Hand out Godzilla Goodie Bags

Godzilla Goodie Bags (Pack of 12)
  • Monster Dragon Type Party Favor Stickers and Bags
  • "Thanks for Stomping By!"
  • Simply attach the stickers to the front of your bags - then fill with your goodies.

Goodie bags are a must-have for every birthday party. Kids love goodie bags and they will love them even more if they’re customized and contain several fun items. Sometimes it might not be possible to get all the items inside a goodie bag to match the birthday party theme. One way to solve this is to get Godzilla Goodie Bags so you can avoid searching for matching theme items. 

The great thing about these matching party bags is that you can add anything you want without worrying whether it will match the theme. These goodie bags come with different stickers that you can add so you can play around with different styles. Additionally, you can also get a separate set of stickers to further customize them or even create your own.

7. Play the Godzilla Movie Soundtrack

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Soundtrack
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • WaterTower Music (Publisher)

Throughout the birthday party, the kids will be all over the place, playing around, eating or running. Regardless of what your planned activities are, it’s just their nature and this applies to all parties for kids. As you’re having a Godzilla birthday party, you should ensure that the kids are fully immersed in the theme. 

A soundtrack can help with that. The Godzilla: King of Monsters Soundtrack features all the suspenseful and thrilling music features in the action movie. This goes well when the kids are running around and playing with their Godzilla toys.

8. Make the Kids Wear a Godzilla Costume

Godzilla King Of The Monsters Costume
  • Officially licensed Godzilla King of the monsters child costume; look for Rubie's trademark on packaging and label to help assure you've received authentic, safety-tested item
  • Long sleeve Godzilla jumpsuit with attached shoe covers on legs; Stuffable tail and face mask
  • Read before buying: costumes are not sized the same as apparel; please review the Rubie's Child Size Chart in images; reviews and Q & a for best fit; do not choose based on clothing size

A themed birthday party is not complete without the proper costumes. A great party idea would be to make the kids wear Godzilla costumes to make the birthday party feel more complete. It will be fun, as well as entertaining and the kids will totally love it, as they can roleplay as Godzilla. There are several costumes that the kids can wear for this theme. 

After having reviewed many of them, the Rubie’s Godzilla Child Costume is one of the best Godzilla costumes for parties. To ensure that all the kids wear Godzilla costumes, you can indicate the dress code in the invitation and mention where they could buy it. Alternatively, you can also account for that in your budget if there are only a small number of guests.

9. Have a Godzilla Toy Corner

Godzilla Mini Toys (Pack of 10)
Sale Blue Godzilla (Pack of 10)
Godzilla Biollante Monster (Pack of 10)

No one can deny that all kids love to play with toys. With that in mind, it’s good to ensure that there are plenty of toys for the kids to play with. If you’re having the birthday party at your own place, chances are that the toys will most likely be all over the place. 

To avoid that you could create a toy corner so that you can limit the place where the kids play. There are plenty of Godzilla toys available and there is definitely no shortage of them. These toys will be perfect for the birthday party as they will match the theme well and also allow the kids to play and have fun at the same time.

10. Create a Godzilla Tabletop Game Corner

Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition
  • Collectible Jenga edition featuring classic kaiju monster Godzilla on a rampage to destroy the tower
  • Godzilla moves with each roll of the die, so players must quickly build the Jenga tower with a steady hand, some strategy, and luck
  • Great for any Godzilla fan and collector - show your love for the king of the monsters with this collectible game

There’s no such thing as enough games when we’re talking about children. At a birthday party kids come to play and enjoy themselves to the fullest extent. Any additional fun activity that you create for the party scores extra points with them! Besides a playing corner for toys, you can also set up a tabletop game area. 

It’s best to create a separate area for this, as certain tabletop games can get very exciting and messy. Our favorite matching tabletop game is Jenga: Godzilla Extreme Edition. It’s a really fun game and also matches the theme of the birthday party. You can create separate games and teams, where kids compete with each other for prizes. There are also plenty of other board games that you can include in this game corner.

11. Create a Godzilla Sticker Wall

In order to make the walls more theme appropriate, you could opt to create a sticker wall. You can do this by getting some Godzilla Stickers and use them to decorate a few walls. These stickers can be placed on any surface so you can actually place it wherever you want. Choose a wall that doesn’t have any decorations to give the room a better Godzilla vibe. 

These stickers come in a variety of colors, so it will be a colorful wall. The stickers can also be used for many other things. You can put them into the goodie bags so the kids can take them home and use it for their bedroom or you can even create a wall for the kids to get creative and create their own sticker wall at the party.

12. Organize a Godzilla Photo Session

Why not capture the awesome memories from the birthday party by setting up a Godzilla themed photo booth. Although taking photos is one of the must-do activities at a birthday party, some people forget to set it up at the right place with good lighting and nice decoration for photos. The process is not as complicated as you may think it is. 

You can create your own photo booth by gathering several Godzilla decorations and placing them into a corner. A more suitable idea would be to get a Godzilla Backdrop to create a nice background that matches the rest of the decorations and theme. 

If you’re going to place the backdrop outside, ensure that you get a banner hanger and that the sun is not too glaring, as it can easily spoil the pictures. If you’re placing the backdrop inside, it’s always a good idea to add indirect lighting. This will help in setting up the perfect Godzilla photo booth. 

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