17 Fun Emoji Birthday Party Ideas

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Are you thinking of creating a fun and exciting birthday party for your child? If the answer is yes, you should definitely consider organizing an emoji-themed birthday party. Emojis are a collection of smileys and ideograms that have become extremely popular over the last few years. Nowadays, they’re found in messaging apps, movies, television series, on the internet and pretty much anywhere you look. 

They also make a great birthday party theme, as they’re extremely popular among kids. The great news is that there are plenty of emoji party ideas that you can incorporate into your child’s birthday party. From party decorations and movies, to supplies, candy, games and much more. Let’s take a look at the best emoji birthday party ideas.

1. Send Emoji Party Invitations

Emoji Party Invitations (Pack of 20)
This set contains 20 emoji birthday party invitations with 20 matching envelopes. They measure 4 inches by 6 inches and easily fit into the A6 envelopes. Send out your invitations using these premium emoji birthday cards that feature two-sided printing!

Irrefutably, the most important thing about any party is having fun. However, you shouldn’t forget to also think about the guests! On such a special day, lifting the hearts of both your child and their friends should be your priority. So, start early. Consult your child and make a list of the people they’d want present on their special day.

After you’ve done that, send out the birthday invitations. Seeing as you’re throwing an emoji birthday party, establish your theme and let your guests know to bring their smiley faces along. You can design your own invitations or simply buy Emoji Party Invitations, which sport everyone’s frequently-used emojis. These are high-quality invitations that come with matching envelopes. This is sure to set the tone for the party before it has even begun.

2. Bake an Emoji Birthday Cake

Emoji Birthday Cake Candle Set (4 Pieces)
Looking for a quick way to decorate your birthday cake? This emoji candle set contains 4 high-quality birthday candles that are perfect for birthday parties. It features one 3.25-inch by 2.25-inch candle and three 1.5-inch by 1.35-inch candles.

Often, a significant concern during any birthday party – especially when it comes to those of kids or teenagers – revolves around the cake. What flavor should you opt for? Is it something both your child and the guests would like? Are you baking your own cake or are you worried you might mess up the kitchen?

All of these questions are valid concerns, of course. You want your child’s birthday to go as smoothly as possible. It’s understandable! If you love baking or know someone who does, obtaining the cake shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, you could just buy your child’s preferred cake from the store.

The real issue should be this: how are you going to match the birthday cake to the party’s theme? Since you’re having an emoji-themed party, it’s best to adhere to the theme. You could slap on as many edible emojis as you can on the cake or even put those colored frostings to good use to paint your cake with everybody’s favorite emojis. Another easy way to frame the cake up according to your theme is to buy an Emoji Candle Set. These are fun in appearance and they add character to your cake without you having to worry about getting those perfect circles with your frosting. The great thing about this party idea is that you can also use these candles on both store-bought and homemade birthday cakes.

3. Bake Emoji Cupcakes

Emoji Cupcake Rings (Set of 24)
Are you tired of plain and simple cupcakes? Instantly turn your normal cupcakes into emoji-themed cupcakes for your birthday party. This set comes with 24 emoji cupcake rings and are simple to use!

If your child or teen is in charge of dictating the guest list, it’s likely you’ll have many young guests. Ergo, you’ll have to satisfy those sweet tooths. How do you go about that? Go classic and bake cupcakes. They’re not only a crowd favorite; they’re also easier to make compared to other well-known desserts. All you need is a good recipe to carry the flavors of your choice and then you can get going in the kitchen.

Of course, buying cupcakes is always a viable option. But if you’re going to make full use of those cupcakes, it’s best to try to sprinkle your party’s theme onto them by baking some emoji cupcakes. You can do this by topping your cupcake frostings with Emoji Cupcake Rings

If you’ve got deft hands and a creative mind, you could also put icing on thin cookies or top the cupcakes with chocolate emojis. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is how quickly these fun cupcakes will go halfway through the party! Alternatively, you can also purchase cupcakes from a pastry shop and add the themed cupcake rings separately.

4. Make Use of Emoji Party Supplies

Emoji Birthday Party Supplies (Set of 20)
Instantly set the atmosphere with these emoji-inspired party supplies. This set features 20 dining plates, 20 dessert plates, 20 cups, 20 napkins and 1 large tablecloth. It’s simple, convenient and super fun!

Party supplies are a must to bring out your vibrant theme of choice. What better way is there to emphasize on your emoji theme than to show it on your party essentials? Think about it, the more emoji-themed party supplies and decorations you use, the more immersive the experience will be for the kids!

Have your guests use emoji-themed plates, cups and napkins. There’s no harm in splashing hints of your theme here and there, so make full use of an emoji-themed tablecloth, upon which you can serve your emoji cake and cupcakes as well. The perfect solution for this are the Emoji Birthday Party Supplies! It will cover all the party supplies you need and match the theme perfectly. 

If you’re on a shoestring budget, you could make all of these by hand – putting emoji stickers at the ends of your silverware would add a thoughtful touch. There are many ways to go about this, but always try to match the theme whenever you can!

5. Distribute Some Emoji Party Favors

Emoji Party Favors (258 Items)
Do your guests a favor with these party favors! This huge set contains a total of 258 items that are fantastic for birthday parties. Never run out of items, as it contains plenty of bags, balloons, keychains, clips, wristbands, temporary tattoos and foam stickers!

Everybody gives gifts to the birthday boy or girl, but why not give gifts to your guests as well? It adds the element of a pleasant surprise – because, really, who wouldn’t like to be given a gift – and it will surely brighten the party vibe. Secondly, it will also ensure that the guests will be able to use them during the party. 

Party favors will definitely do the trick. Fill simple bags with all sorts of emoji-related items and titbits. Want an easier way? If preparing and packing up all these party favors seem like an odious task to add onto your to-do list, you could just purchase the supplies for your Emoji Party Favors. These already come with enough party favor sets for all your guests. A plus point: they also come with emoji balloons and temporary tattoos. It’s already a guarantee for a good time on your child’s special day! 

If you prefer to source individual party favors yourself, you could also look at stores, although they may be harder to find. You could pack keychains, stickers and wristbands – yes, remember those wristbands? They’re still a lot of fun. You could also bake cookies and use colored icing to decorate them with everybody’s favorite emojis before wrapping them up.

6. Create an Emoji Theme with Decorations

Emoji Hanging Swirls (Pack of 12)
Set the scene with these amazing hanging emoji swirls. They’re easy to use and can also be easily removed after the party. Transform your party room into an emoji-themed birthday party. This set contains 12 pieces.

Emoji-themed decorations are a must-have for your party. They’re an easy way to show your theme of choice. They’re also lots of fun! Your child and their guests will certainly be delighted to see the manner in which your party space has been set – that is, if you’ve done it right.

Decorate your space with emoji balloons, an emoji-themed tablecloth and yellow party streamers to sport that classic shade of emoji yellow. You could also attach Emoji Hanging Swirls from your ceiling or from lamps and low tree branches if you’re taking your child’s special day outdoors. These come attached with emojis at their ends; no doubt, the younger guests will be found occupied in their attempts to snatch at these emojis. 

Therefore, be sure to hang them high enough so your hanging swirls don’t get decapitated and the emojis don’t slap unsuspecting tall guests in the forehead! It’s always good to remember that a great emoji party idea is always to emphasize the decorations, as they help to set the overall atmosphere of the party.

7. Play Some Emoji Games

Emoji Memory Game (Ages 3+)
Sale The Emoji Card Game (Ages 8+)
Sale Emojinks Card Game (Ages 5+)

Games are always a great way to keep everybody entertained and their spirits high. Sure, there are the usual games such as pass-the-parcel and musical chairs. There will always be classic go-to games. But you’re already having a creative theme and you surely want your child’s day to be a uniquely special memory. So, why not change your game choices up a little?

Yes, that’s right! Play emoji-related games. At first thought it may seem like a stretch. How in the world are you going to come up with emoji game ideas? An easy solution to your dilemma can be summed up in the following: emoji board games! 

This particular Emoji Memory Game is simple enough for everyone to be able to follow the instructions with ease. It’s also fun enough to keep everyone on their toes. Another plus point to getting a card-based game with an emoji theme such as the Emoji Card Game or the Emojinks Card Game is that you can always take them out later on to have a fun family night. If you play your cards right – pun intended – this game could easily entertain your child’s party guests for a considerable amount of time.

8. Host an Emoji Quiz Game

Speaking of games, why not organize an activity to get the kids to unveil their competitive sides? Play an emoji-themed quiz game. If you want to get all the children involved, you could step up as the host and organize the game so as to resemble a game show. First, split the guests up into at least two groups. Each team has to send a representative up to the front, for whom you may either prepare a bell to ring or basically anything that could alert your attention. This will come in handy for you to know whose guess came first.

Then, share some pictures of emojis. This can be done via a screen or through the old-fashioned way of printing pictures out for everyone to see. You can share the full photos if the participants are younger. However, if you want to spice the game up a little bit, showing only segments of each emoji on the screen will increase the level of difficulty. The kids will then have to guess which emoji it is and the person who rings the bell first may attempt to guess the correct answer. 

The team with the highest number of correct answers wins. You could even prepare those optional lifeline choices for each team in the spirit of game shows such as ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Alternatively, if the guest list is small enough, you could let the kids play as individuals. This could get a little rowdy, but – hey, that’s what fun is all about, right? Prepare little gifts as motivation for the kids. Remember that to keep everyone on their toes, you’ll have to keep your spirits up as well. Just be prepared for the noise level for when the competition gets a little heated!

9. Play Emoji Charades

Ah, charades. A true test of friendship and patience. It’s a fantastic, time-tested way of getting all your guests, young and old, involved in your planned activities. People usually opt for charades as an inexpensive and convenient game to prepare for.

All you need are a few sheets of paper and your own ideas. Then, all you have to do is sit back and watch the exhilaration unravel. It’s as simple as that. Your child and everyone else will have a whale of a time watching chosen representatives flail about in their attempts to impersonate all different types of emojis.

You simply print a bunch of emojis on a piece of paper with their name. Kids take turns by randomly picking a sheet. Once they have seen what they picked, they have to act out that particular emoji! The person who guesses it correctly, as well as the kid who acted it out both get a small prize!

10. Watch The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie (2017)
With a runtime of 1 hour and 26 minutes, this movie is sure to keep the kids at the party entertained. This movie is family-friendly and great for emoji-themed birthday parties and movie sessions!

Why not pay homage to the emoji theme by watching a movie that is all about emojis? Starring Anna Faris, T.J. Miller and James Corden, The Emoji Movie perfect for kids and teenagers. There are plenty of ways to organize a movie session.

The best way is to create a mini home theatre where all the kids can gather to watch this movie. Kids love movies, especially when they are fun and exciting. Just remember to organize enough chairs and ensure that there is always a good supply of candy available.

11. Create an Emoji Activity Area

Emoji Mini Activity Book (Pack of 12)
Made of 100% recycled paper, these emoji activity books are not only environmentally friendly, but also fun to use at birthday parties. Let the kids enjoy puzzles, mazes, connect the dots, word searches, patterns and many other games with these 12-pack activity books.

Sometimes, not all party activities have to thrill your guests. Sometimes what some of your child’s quieter friends or family members need at a party full of people is a few minutes to unwind. You won’t want them to run out of energy too fast.

Another great emoji party idea is to create an activity area. It’s an unconventional idea for a party but it can be a lot of fun for the kids! It’s not a complicated idea to structure, either. Just get some coloring stationery and some Emoji Activity Books. Place them on a table and set up some comfortable seats and bean bags if you have them.

This would be a great idea for those who also want to have quieter conversations away from the bustle of the party crowd. You’ll be surprised by how many kids would appreciate this relaxing activity. Moreover, if you don’t use up all your activity books, you could always slip these emoji-themed art supplies into the party favor bags.

12. Distribute Some Emoji Candy 

Emoji Pop Lollipops (12 Pieces)
Emoji Lollipops (24 Pieces)
PEZemojis (5.3 oz)

If your crowd consists of youngsters, you’re going to need to prepare to satisfy all those sweet tooths. Serving candy is a must in this case. It will always be the first thing you’ll run out of! Kids love candy and there can never be enough of it at a party.

But you don’t have to stop at the regular array of everyday candies. You are having an emoji-themed party, after all. The motto here is: go big or go home! Take your candy game up a notch. Serve some emoji-themed candy. Emoji Pop Lollipops are easily obtainable and they’re convenient for the kids to eat. You could also purchase PEZemojis for that extra variety. 

There are so many different types of candy that you can choose from. Make sure to mix and match them. It’s also not difficult to present these in a great way. Just serve these up on a platter or tray and you’ll see that these will disappear in no time. Themed candies are not only fun and festive; they’re delicious, too!

13. Hang an Emoji Pinata

Emoji Pull-String Pinata
This pinata is perfect for birthday parties and is extremely safe for kids to use. There is no need for wooden sticks, as kids simply pull on the strings. The emoji pinata is 18 inches by 18 inches and can hold up to 2 lbs of candy!

Nothing screams, “It’s a party!” louder than a pinata does. A great way to both follow the party’s emoji theme and to help your child and their guests release some of that pent-up energy from competing against each other in the other games is to allow them to play with a hanging Emoji Pull-String Pinata

Pull-string pinatas are convenient and safe to use. Instead of requiring a stick to hit the pinata, kids will each pull on a string. There is one magic string that opens the candy door. All you need to do is find a space suitable for your pinata’s delectable insides to come spilling out once the candy is released. This is the kind of game in which everybody wins at the end. Regardless of which age group your guests belong to, they’re sure to have a good time.

14. Have a Photo Session with an Emoji Backdrop

Emoji Photo Backdrop
This huge 7 foot by 5 foot backdrop is perfect for emoji party photo booths. It features a large ‘Happy Birthday’ wording on the top and is ideal for emoji-themed birthday parties.

A party with such a fun theme deserves to be immortalized in everyone’s memory – especially your child’s. After all the preparation leading up to such a special day, a perfect ending to your child’s memorable celebration would be a photo session.

Sure, you can whip out that camera or the next available phone. Or you can put a fun, creative twist to your picture-taking session by setting up an emoji-inspired photo booth! This will be the perfect opportunity for you to set up an Emoji Photo Backdrop. Put up a birthday banner against your backdrop and prepare an array of silly emoji masks. These props are sure to tickle everyone. A few years from now, you can whip these photographs for you and your child to commemorate this special day.

15. Get Some Emoji-themed Photo Booth Props

Emoji Photo Booth Props (Pack of 15)
Containing 15 photo props, this set is perfect for taking pictures individually or in groups. Simply attach the wooden sticks on the emoji and voila! They’re even large enough to cover the entire face!

Photos are just that much more fun with emoji-themed photo props. This is because it will make the photos look more vibrant and relevant to the theme. The Emoji Photo Booth Props are a perfect set for this and will surely cause wider smiles from all of the kids. 

While we recommend to place this near the photo booth, you can certainly distribute some of them for the kids to play with and take individual photos. If the guest list is larger, you can simply get multiple packs to ensure that all of the kids will have the opportunity to use these emoji photo props.

16. Hand Out Emoji Take-Home Goodie Bags

Emoji Party Goodie Bags (Pack of 12)
Planning on handing out goodie bags? Well, then these emoji-themed goodie bags are just what you need for your birthday party. This set comes with 12 goodie bags that are each 8.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. This means that there’s plenty of room for all types of party goodies!

The party may come to an end, but the joy doesn’t have to. Let your guests leave your child’s party with fond memories of the special day by handing out goodie bags. First, you’ll need to get some Emoji Party Bags. Ensure that you get enough so that you cover all the guests at the birthday party. 

Once that is done, fill your bags with all sorts of goodies. You could easily take the remainder of your emoji-themed candies or pack up some excess emoji cupcakes and put them into the bags. Icing your cupcakes to resemble popular emojis would serve as a creative treat as well.

Of course, food isn’t everything. Your guests will surely appreciate more practical gifts like emoji stickers and bookmarks. Get creative here and add whatever you think is suitable. Whatever you choose to put into your goodie bags, your child’s loved ones will surely go home with warmed hearts. For more inspiration you can always refer to the list below on what to include in these goodie bags:

  • Candy
  • Stickers
  • Vouchers
  • Polaroids
  • Keychains
  • Toys

17. Create Emoji-Themed Thank You Cards

Emoji Thank You Stickers (Pack of 40)
Are you thinking of creating your own personalized thank you cards for your guests? If yes, finish your cards off with these beautiful emoji-themed thank you stickers. Stick them on top of the card itself or the envelope

Speaking of the end of the party, another way to show your appreciation to your guests for their presence on your child’s birthday is by handing out Emoji-Themed Thank You Cards.

Thank you’ cards are easy to make by hand even if you don’t really have that creative bone in your body. Just buy a stack of good-quality paper and print out emojis to stick onto your cards. A simple, “Thank you for coming today!” would suffice, but you could also customize each card with the names of your guests to add that touch of distinctiveness. A little effort will go a long way in making your guest feel you and your child’s gratitude.

Insert these cards in envelopes and seal them with Emoji Thank You Stickers. Alternatively, you could just ditch the envelopes if the paper you’re using to make these cards are sturdy enough. Use these sticker labels anyway to save your hand from doing an awful lot of writing. They’re not only cute; they’re colorful and convey the message perfectly.

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