16 Amazing Dragon Ball Z Birthday Party Ideas

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Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) is an extremely popular anime series that follows the adventures of Goku as he and his friends try to defend the Earth against the threat of his villains. This fighting anime has become extremely popular amongst kids and youths throughout the world.

DBZ has also become the inspiration for many birthday parties, especially for kids. We’ll be exploring the best Dragon Ball Z birthday party ideas, along with some neat tricks and tips that you can incorporate when you do your party planning. Let’s jump right in!

1. Send Dragon Ball Z Party Invitations

Dragon Ball Z Party Invitations (Pack of 20)
These party invitations are perfect for any Dragon Ball Z birthday parties. Printed on 230 gsm high-quality paper these invitations feature detailed printing and all the required text fields. Simply fill in the name, date, time and location, slot it into the envelope and send it out to your guests. 

Throwing a themed birthday party is extremely exciting, as you’ll get to be very creative in designing, decorating and planning the party. In order to throw a themed party, there are a lot of preparations and many things that you should keep in mind to ensure that the party is perfect. 

A great way to start and one of the most important things that you’ll need to consider are the party invitations. You would want to make sure that your guests receive awesome looking party invitations that match the theme of the party. The Dragon Ball Z Party Invitations are perfect for this occasion. They come in a pack of 20, and you’ll only need to fill in the required details for the guest. 

They are high in quality and are very convenient. Dragon Ball Z invitation cards are a must for any Dragon Ball Z themed birthday party, as they will show how well you’ve planned the party and it also helps to indicate the theme of the party to the guests.

2. Bake a Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake

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Most commonly, the highlight of any birthday party is the birthday cake. That’s one of many reasons why people usually put a lot of effort into customizing the cake. Some people even get a fully customized cake from their favorite bakery. If you’re planning to organize a Dragon Ball Z birthday party, your cake shouldn’t just be plain and ordinary looking. It should be special and fully dedicated to the Dragon Ball Z theme. 

In order to achieve this, you should bake a Dragon Ball Z birthday cake and add a Dragon Ball Z Birthday Cake Topper. This topper helps to emphasize the theme and makes it look really special. When baking the cake, try to use red and orange colors to resemble the colors scheme of the dragon balls. You can create this using colored icing.  

If you’re short in time or don’t have much time to spend on the birthday cake, you can get a fully customized birthday cake from your favorite bakery. However, this could stretch your budget by quite a bit. If you’re on a tight budget, buy a regular cake and add some orange icing, as well as a Dragon Ball Z cake topper.

3. Use Dragon Ball Z Party Supplies

Dragon Ball Z Party Supply Set
These Dragon Ball Z party supplies are perfect for birthday parties. Bring out the Dragon Ball Z theme with this set containing 1 tablecloth, 20 plates, 20 napkins, 10 pennants and 15 chess pieces. Transform any table into a Dragon Ball Z party table!

The supplies you’re going to get for the birthday party are an important factor which helps in bringing out the theme of your party. The only way to make your birthday party a Dragon Ball Z party is by getting the right set of decorations and supplies. They have the ability to create the right atmosphere and immersiveness that all the guests will get to enjoy!

The party supplies you choose should all be related to Dragon Ball Z. While you can craft and decorate your own plates and tablecloth, a more efficient way is to get the Dragon Ball Z Party Supply Set. This set includes everything you need to transform a regular birthday party into an epic Dragon Ball Z birthday party. In this set you’ll find matching plates, a tablecloth, balloons, banners, and much more. You can always get multiple sets if you’re having over more people. 

These party supplies also go well with other types of Dragon Ball Z decorations that we’ll get into a little later. Keep in mind that you should try to account for a few more sets of supplies, as some guests may have second servings or use several napkins.

4. Create a Dragon Ball Z Theme with Decorations

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Now that you’ve got the right party supplies, you’ll need to start thinking on how you want the party room to look like. It’s important to get this right, in order for the kids to get an immersive Dragon Ball Z birthday experience. You would want them to feel like they’re inside an actual Dragon Ball Z episode. 

The way that you can achieve this is to design the party room with Dragon Ball Z decorations. We recommend getting some happy birthday banners and some hanging or wall decorations, such as the Dragon Ball Z Party Decorating Set. This set includes a happy birthday banner, 2 Dragon Ball Z balloon characters, 2 round balloons, 10 regular balloons, as well as some white ribbons. 

Remember to be creative and think about any other type of decoration that may be suitable. Other great Dragon Ball Z party decorations include some suitable wall banners, posters, figurines or toys. Mix and match them, in order to create the perfect party room!

5. Hand Out Dragon Ball Z Goodie Bags

Dragon Ball Z Goodie Bags (Pack of 30)
These Dragon Ball Z Birthday Goodie Bags are made of high-quality PVC and are 9.8-inches x 6.7-inches in size. They come in a set of 30 and are great for holding candy, toys, party favors and much more!

The aim of throwing a themed birthday party is to create a fun and unique experience for the birthday kid and his guests. Therefore, you’ll have to pay attention to all the small details and particularly focus on all the small things that kids love. Another great party idea is to hand out goodie bags. Kids love goodie bags as they consider them as a gift, as they contain fun party items and candy, which they can play with and eat!

Since you’re throwing a Dragon Ball Z birthday party, the goodie bag should be all about Dragon Ball Z, as well. You can start off by getting some Dragon Ball Z Goodie Bags. These goodie bags come in a set of 30 and its contents can be customized to your liking. 

You should place some candy, toys, accessories, gifts or collectibles inside it. You can either hand these goodie bags out at the beginning of the party or towards the end so that the kids can take these home. The choice is completely up to you!

6. Make the Guests Wear Dragon Ball Z Costumes

Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume
Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Costume
Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Costume

What could be more fun to watch at a birthday party then kids running around playing in their favorite Dragon Ball Z costumes? Exactly! Letting kids wear Dragon Ball Z costumes at the party will make the birthday so much more fun and enjoyable. Dressing up as characters out of their favorite anime will allow them to fully immerse themselves! 

You can state the dress code or costume requirements inside the party invitation that you’re going to send to the guests. You can even give the kids the option to wear any costume of their favorite Dragon Ball Z characters. Some of the best Dragon Ball Z costumes are from Vegeta, Master Roshi costume and Goku, which are pictured above. 

You can even organize some party games and activities around the costumes that the kids are wearing. Costumes are also a great party idea, because you can even get the kids recreate some famous Dragon Ball Z scenes from certain episodes. Moreover, they are also great for photo sessions and they help to emphasize the theme in pictures. More on those two activities later on!

7. Hand Out Dragon Ball Z Party Accessories

Dragon Ball Z Party Accessories
  • All Sun-Staches Sunglasses provide 100% UV400 protection and impact resistant lenses because we care!
  • Instant party starter and very comfortable to wear
  • Great for kids and adults, one size fits most

Another great Dragon Ball Z party idea is to hand out party accessories that match the theme. The Dragon Ball Z Goku Sun-Staches are ideal for this and it will make the kids look like Goku, with a cool twist!

The great thing about these sunglasses is that you can wear them with or without a costume. If you’re planning for the kids to dress up with costumes, you can distribute these to the kids who didn’t show up with one. In that case, you can also make the costume dress code optional.

In fact, if you’re planning on a more casual Dragon Ball Z, you can forgo the costume idea altogether and only distribute these Goku Sunglasses as party accessories. They may be less immersive, but they’re more convenient and are particularly great for outdoor birthday parties.

8. Bake Dragon Ball Z Cupcakes

As your goal at the party is to make all the kids happy, you’ll need to think of things that kids and teens absolutely love. One thing that is undeniable is that they have a sweet tooth. Cupcakes are a great way to treat them, especially if they’re Dragon Ball Z themed. Everyone loves cupcakes, especially kids!

One way to serve cupcakes is by placing them in snack trays so that the guests can eat them throughout the party and not only when the cake is served. Another way is to serve them along with the birthday cake and bring them out as a set.

When it comes to designing cupcakes, it’s not always going to be an easy task to match the style and colors with the theme. Whatever way you choose to design them, it’s always a great idea to choose suitable Dragon Ball Z Cupcake Toppers. You can either bake your own cupcakes and use red, yellow or orange icing, as they go extremely well with the Dragon Ball Z color scheme. You can also get some custom-made ones from the bakery, if that is in your budget.

9. Watch Some Dragon Ball Z Anime

What better way to enjoy some Dragon Ball Z content by letting the kids watch some anime? Dragon Ball Z is one of the most famous animes ever created and it’s extremely popular with kids. That’s why a great party idea is to create a mini cinema at your house and run a few episodes of the Dragon Ball Z anime series. 

You can let the kids vote on which episodes they want to watch. Just make sure that you make enough seats and snacks available, so that all of them get to enjoy the Dragon Ball Z anime session. There are plenty of episodes that you can choose from and a lot of them are available at popular streaming services such as Netflix, Funimation and Crunchyroll.

10. Organize a Photo Session With a Dragon Ball Z Backdrop

Dragon Ball Z Party Backdrop
This Dragon Ball Z Backdrop is perfect for creating a birthday party photo booth. It’s 5 (150 cm) x 3 inches (100 cm) in size and is made from high-quality vinyl cloth. This backdrop is great for indoor or outdoor use!

To make the birthday party memorable, you should take as many pictures as you can. In order to take great pictures, you’ll definitely need the right props and tools to do this. Our favorite backdrop is the Dragon Ball Z Party Backdrop. It’s 5 x 3 foot and is perfect for organizing a Dragon Ball Z birthday party photo session.

You can even bring in some of the other Dragon Ball Z party decorations to fill the frame. It also goes perfectly with the party costumes and accessories that were handed out to the kids. This will surely make your pictures more lively and immersive, when reminiscing about the party in the future.

11. Gift Dragon Ball Z Presents

If you’re hosting a Dragon Ball Z birthday party for your son or daughter, chances are that they’re already a huge fan of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. A great idea is to give them a Dragon Ball Z birthday present. Of course, you’re not only limited to one gift. However, it’s a good idea that at least one of your gifts is related to Dragon Ball Z. 

When it comes to presents, there are plenty of Dragon Ball Z gift ideas. You need to gauge what type of gift is most appropriate for your kid. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of Dragon Ball Z gifts that range from backpacks to figures, apparel, collector’s sets, games, mugs, accessories and much more.

12. Showcase Your Dragon Ball Z Collection

If your kid has an existing Dragon Ball Z collection, there are a lot of things that you can do with them for the birthday party. A great party idea is to display some of your kid’s Dragon Ball Z collection around the room as part of the decorations. It’s best to keep them well protected in glass vitrines or display shelves, so that the other kids don’t mistake these for toys or get damaged. It’s a great and inexpensive way to further expand the Dragon Ball Z decorations in the party room.

13. Offer Some Dragon Ball Z Candy 

As previously stated, there’s nothing more enjoyable for kids than playing games and eating candy. You should offer them a variety of candy ranging from chocolates to chips. One thing that happens at most parties is that you’ll almost always run out of candy, so it’s best to ensure that there is enough for everyone. 

If you want to make your themed birthday party extra special, you could get some Dragon Ball Z Candy. These candies fit the theme perfectly and take the shape of an actual Dragon Ball. There are 12 tins per pack and each tin measures 7.5-inches x 9.5-inches x 2.25 inches. They’re great for parties and you can also give these away to the winners of some of your activities and games that you are planning for the kids.

14. Reenact Famous Scenes From the Dragon Ball Z Anime

If the kids come dressed up in costumes, a great party idea is to reenact scenes from the Dragon Z anime. There are countless of epic moments in the series that you can get the kids to recreate. There are also many different ways of playing these out. 

You can set this up as charades, where a group of kids act out a scene and the winners receive a prize for each correct scene they guess. Another way you could play this game is where the kids get split into groups and each group plays out the same scene. The group who gets the most claps, wins a prize. 

There are plenty of great scenes in the Dragon Ball Z series that you can get the kids to reenact. Here are the top five scenes in our list.

  • Goten Meets Goku For The First Time
  • Vegeta’s Sacrifice
  • It’s Over 9000!
  • Vegeta’s Final Words
  • Piccolo Blows Up The Moon

15. Create a Dragon Ball Z Gaming Station

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PlayStation 4
Relive the story of Goku in this awesome Dragon Ball Z video game. You’ll also be able to fight, eat, fish and train with Goku and other famous Dragon Ball Z characters such as Gohan, Vegeta and many others.

Throughout the day, kids will be running around, watching some Dragon Ball Z anime and also playing some games. Kids absolutely love video games and apart from watching Dragon Ball Z anime, they would definitely welcome the idea to play some Dragon Ball Z video games, such as the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for PlayStation 4. 

You can create a mini gaming corner by hooking up your PlayStation 4 or any other type of gaming console to the television. Ensure that you have enough controllers and enough chairs for kids to play and watch. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to introduce a healthy rotation so that all the kids get to enjoy these video games and that they take regular breaks.

16. Play Some Dragon Ball Z Board Games

Dragon Ball Z Power Up Board Game
  • Compete to defeat the dragon and become champion in Dragon Ball Z Power Up
  • Discover this anime series from a new perspective with a 3D game board
  • See the characters come to life with 13 custom movers

Besides the video gaming station you should add several other games that the kids can enjoy. Interactive games not only let the kids engage with each other but it can also help them to build certain skills.

An awesome party game for kids is the Dragon Ball Z Power Up Board Game. In this board game kids will aim to become the power up champion by moving up their characters using certain cards. It’s suitable for kids 8 years or older and requires 3 – 6 players.

You can even set up multiple board games booths where the kids play in small teams or as individuals. For every game that they win you can either distribute points or prizes that can be won. At the end of the day it’s all about having fun and Dragon Ball Z board games, such as this are extremely thrilling!

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