15 Awesome Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

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Marvel’s Avengers is a team of superheroes that was formed by Nick Fury and the S.H.I.E.L.D agency to rid the world of evil. Although the Avengers had a longer history, the franchise has become incredibly popular amongst kids, teens and even adults.

The movies and comics connect with kids in a way that is hard to match. That has also led to many Avengers inspired birthday parties for kids and youths. There are plenty of Avengers inspired ideas that you can incorporate into your birthday party with many exciting games and activities. Let’s take a look at some of the best Avengers birthday party ideas!

1. Create Awesome Avengers Birthday Party Invitations

Avengers Party Invitations (Pack of 8)
  • 8 invitations, measures 4 1/4" x 6 1/4"
  • Features Iron Man, Captain America and Incredible Hulk in fierce poses with a "Join the Team" headline
  • Communicate among your family and friends that there's a celebration with these thrilling invitations

If you’re planning to throw an outstanding Avengers birthday party, you have to plan for a creative and fun way to invite the guests. Sending a text message or creating an online group for a birthday is the most common way to invite people nowadays, but it may not feel very authentic.

Since you aren’t throwing a generic or ordinary party, you have to think outside the box! Sending physical invitations to your guests is a great move to show how dedicated you are to the birthday party. Since you’re throwing an Avengers birthday party, your invitation should show that. 

There’s no better way to inform your guests that it’s a themed party than sending great-looking Avengers Birthday Invitations. This set of invitations even have the Avengers team members on it. All you need to do is fill out the required details for the guests suchs as name, date, time and location!

2. Bake an Avengers Birthday Cake

Avengers Birthday Cake Candle Set (4 Pieces)
  • Package contains 4 Avengers Birthday Candles ranging from 1 1/4in to 3 1/4in.

A birthday party is never complete without an outstanding birthday cake. To ensure that there is an awesome-looking birthday cake available at your party for your guests to eat, you need to do a little planning beforehand. Firstly, think about how you’ll get the cake. Will you bake it yourself or will you get it custom-made from your favorite bakery? 

If you’re going to bake the cake yourself, you will have to ensure that the icing and cake decorations are all about the Avengers. On the other hand, if you’re going to get it customized then you’ll only need to choose the design by telling them what you are looking for. Whatever method you choose, you should always ensure that the cake fits the theme and not the other way around. 

You should also never forget to apply some finishing touches to the cake. A perfect item for this is the Avengers Birthday Cake Candle Set. These candles are shaped and designed to look like Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk. There are a total of 4 candles in this set and one of them features 3 characters of the Avengers with a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign on it.

3. Bake Avengers Cupcakes

Along with the birthday cake, you can also consider serving some cupcakes. Cupcakes are loved by everyone no matter how old or young they are. This is especially true for kids, who love tasty pastries. In order to match the Avengers theme, you can bake any type of cupcakes. However, you should try to decorate them, so that they match the birthday cake and the overall theme of the party.

A great way to do this is to either bake your own cupcakes or by buying some regular ones from any pastry shop. You can then simply add some Avengers Cupcake Rings on top as part of adding some final touches. They’re very easy to apply and suit almost any type of cupcake design. You may also want to further customize your cupcakes by adding some complimenting colors with cake icing.

4. Use an Avengers Party Supply Pack

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It can be common to forget just how important party supplies are, as they help to create an immersive party atmosphere. As a host who is in charge of planning the party from beginning to end, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of themed party supplies.

An Avengers theme birthday party should always make use of its famous superheroes. The best party supplies feature images of Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and even Thor. A perfect way to set the table is with this Avengers Party Supply Pack. This set includes Avengers-themed cups, plates, napkins and even a tablecloth that has Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor on them. These are the Avengers most popular characters and the kids will definitely love them.

These party supplies will take care of the dining area of the party. All you have to do is set the table using the items inside the supply kit and make sure that they’re all in place before the party starts. You can always get multiple sets, depending on the number of guests who are attending the birthday party.

5. Create an Avengers Theme With Accessories and Decorations

Avengers Party Decorating Kit (200+ Items)
This Avengers decorating kit is able to transform any regular room into an amazing Avengers party room. It includes plenty of items, such as Avengers inspired banners, masks, hats, horn, foil balloons and much more.

What’s a themed party without proper decorations? If the decorations are not on point or if they don’t match the party theme, it could ruin the whole experience for the guests. Therefore, to ensure that you’re throwing an awesome avenger-themed party, you should also pay attention to the decorations.

Of course you could simply get any birthday decorations and style your party room accordingly, but where’s the fun in that? And would you think that the guests will enjoy it as much? Surely not! That’s why you should get both Avengers-themed party supplies and decorations to guarantee that everything is well-matched, in order to create the perfect experience for the party guests. . 

The Avengers Party Decorating Kit contains over 200 items, which are Avengers balloons, banners, masks, horns, hats and much more. It has all the decorations and party accessories that you can think of to create a great party atmosphere. Of course you could think about sourcing each item individually, but a set like this could save you a lot of time, effort and money.

6. Hand Out Avengers Goodie Bags

Avengers Goodie Bags (Set of 8)
  • 8 Avengers Goodie Bags
  • Favor Bags measure 9" x 7.5"
  • Feature punch-out handles

Another great Avengers party idea is to hand out goodie bags at the birthday party. Kids love goodie bags as they treat it like a gift and there is always a certain mystery behind what’s inside the bag. The Avengers Goodie Bags are great for this idea, as they have the Avengers superheroes featured on both sides. What you put inside of these goodie bags is completely up to you and you should get as creative as you can. 

If you are handing out these goodie bags during the party, you can include several party favors that the kids can use during the party. The most common goodie bag items also include candy, stickers and toys. If you plan to pass the goodie bags to the kids after the party, then you can think of inducing any of the regular items along with a ‘Thank You’ card.

7. Pass Around Some Avengers Party Favors

Avengers Party Favors (Bundle of 12)
  • Marvel Avengers Party Favors Pack ~ Bundle of 12 Avengers Play Packs with Stickers, Coloring Books, and Crayons (Avengers Party Supplies).
  • Each individually-wrapped pack contains a fun-size Marvel Avengers coloring book, 25 Avengers stickers and 4 crayons. Perfect to hand out as Avengers party favors at birthday parties.
  • Perfect as Avengers party supplies, party favors, decorations, motivational stickers, reward stickers or just for fun.

Before the party even starts, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough activities planned for all the kids to enjoy. There are plenty of activities and games that we’ll go into more detail later on. As the kids are entering the party room, you’ll want to make sure that each one receives an Avenger Party Favor Bag

The great thing about party favor bags is that they are different from goodie bags. While goodie bags are mostly for taking home, party favor bags are more focused on mini activities that the kids can enjoy during the party. These sets of Avenger party favors contain plenty of fun items such as reward and action stickers, coloring books and even crayons.

8. Make the Kids Wear Avengers Costumes

Avengers Costumes and Masks (Set of 8)
  • NuGeriAZ Toys Features: The superhero capes features the latest two-sided design, including four cape, eight superhero patterns, and eight superhero masks.
  • Capes Advantages: More superhero dressing options, each cape has two different hero designs, very interesting, kids can play another superhero at any time.
  • Suitable for children: capes size, 27.5 inches x 27.5 inches, suitable for boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old, with Velcro, kids can easily Wear it.

Kids not only love superheroes but they also love to play and dress up like superheroes, especially if they are fans of the Avengers. There’s no better place to unleash their inner superhero than at an Avengers themed party. If you want to give the kids an immersive experience, you should let them dress up as their favorite Avenger superhero. 

This set of Avenger Costumes and Masks are fantastic for birthday parties. Each set comes with a cape and a matching mask of characters such as The Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor and others. You can get a few of these sets so that each kid can choose their favorite character. These capes and masks will be a great addition to your Avengers birthday party as all the kids will be able to dress up like their favorite Avengers superhero, while taking part in games and activities.

9. Organize an Avengers Movie Session 

If you want to add some more activities to the birthday party but you’re not sure what’s going to be fun and what will match the theme, then you could think of screening an Avengers movie. Avengers movies are awesome and are well received by kids, youths and adults. Playing these movies on a large screen is definitely going to be a fun activity where everyone can come together. 

You can create a mini cinema at your house where you can screen any of the available Avengers movies. Alternatively, you can also play it on a television in the main party room, if you don’t want the movies to be a separate activity. Whichever Avenger movie you choose to show, just ensure that there are enough seats and snacks available for the kids. Usually the movie corner is the most visited activity at birthday parties. 

If you can’t decide which of the Avenger movies to watch, you can always let the kids vote. They will surely have a favorite one. Here is a list of the currently available Avengers movies. Most of these are available on popular video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. 

  • The Avengers (2012)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
  • Avengers: Endgame (2019)

10. Distribute Some Avengers Candy 

PEZ Avengers Candy Dispensers (Pack of 12)
  • PEZ Marvel Collection - Each Marvel 12 Pack includes 12 individually wrapped dispensers, each with two candies in a Marvel Branded Box
  • GREAT FOR PARTIES - Easy to share with each unit being individually wrapped
  • COLLECT THEM ALL - The Marvel PEZ 12 pack will include an assorted/random mix of Marvel characters: may include Spider Man, Ironman, Black Panther, Thanos, Captain Marvel and other Marvel Favorites!

Kids are always happy when candy is available at a party, as there are usually no restrictions for them. If you want to ensure that the kids are happy throughout the party, it’s a good idea that you offer a wide variety of candy. And since it’s an all-Marvel superhero party, you should also ensure that there are some Avengers-themed candies available. These PEZ Avengers Candy Dispensers are perfect for a situation like this, as they feature all of the favorite Avenger superheroes.

Of course you can also mix and match these candies with other types of candy. Just make sure to prepare enough, as it’s usually the first thing to go at a birthday party. Get really creative here by also offering some chocolate bars, jelly beans, chips, cookies, marshmallows, gummies and any other type of candy you can think of.

11. Have an Avengers Pinata Game

Avengers Pull-String Pinata
  • 1 Avengers Pinata
  • Pull-string Pinata measures 18" x 18"
  • Super cool for your Avengers themed party

While we’re still on the topic of candy, here is another great Avengers birthday party idea. If you want to design an activity specifically around candy, you could think about organizing a pinata session. The Avengers Pull-String Pinata is perfect for this as it matches the theme and it’s an extremely fun activity for the kids. The pinata has the Avengers heroes on it along with matching colors to suit the party theme. 

Moreover, it’s easy to fill with candies and doesn’t create much of a mess, as it’s opened using pull strings, instead of hitting it with a wooden stick. The kids must find that one magic string that releases all the candy. A great way to organize this is to give every kid a chance to pull on one string. The person who manages to trigger the trap door gets a shot at picking up the candy first. A birthday party that has a pinata always tends to be more enjoyable for the kids.

12. Create an Avengers Video Gaming Station

Marvel's Avengers Video Game (PlayStation / Xbox)
Play as one of the Avengers superheroes in this awesome PlayStation and Xbox game. Rid the world of villains by learning new abilities from Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor and many more.

When the mini home cinema isn’t used, a great idea is to turn it into a video gaming station for the kids. You won’t even need to rearrange any furniture or set anything else up, besides the gaming console. A great fit for a birthday party would be the Marvel’s Avengers Video Game. It’s a fun game for kids and is perfectly suitable for the theme. 

The game lets kids explore the Marvel world through one of the many characters and defeat it’s villains through exploring new skills and abilities. It’s available on PlayStation or Xbox and can be played in single-player or multi-play mode. Just keep in mind to introduce a good player rotation, in order to give everyone a chance to play. 

13. Play Some Avengers Board Games

5-Minute Marvel Board Game (Ages 8+)
Sale Marvel Avengers Match Board (Ages 4+)
Marvel Avengers Trouble Game (Ages 5+)

Do you feel the need to add more games and activities to your Avengers birthday party? If yes, then another great idea is to organize a board game corner for the kids. Board games are great for parties, as they are not only fun but they also help to build certain skills and create a high level of engagement with other kids. 

Technically speaking, you could choose any type of board games for your birthday party. However, in order to stay true to the party theme you should make an effort to select some Avengers-inspired board games, in order to make the party experience more authentic. 5-Minute Marvel, Marvel Avengers Match Board and the Marvel Avengers Trouble board games are great choices for parties. Just ensure that the recommended ages for these board games match the age group of the guests.

14. Have a Photo Session With an Avengers Backdrop

Don’t forget that taking pictures is the best way to remember this incredible birthday party. This means that you should pay extra attention in creating the best photo opportunities with matching decorations. A great party idea is to create a dedicated photo booth to take the perfect picture in. 

To create this booth, you can get a suitable Avengers Backdrop that can be placed anywhere you want. Preferable locations are always against a well lit wall with matching Avengers decorations. You can always move some of the decorations from the main party room to the photo area during the photo session. 

This backdrop will be an extraordinary addition to the birthday party as it will help to fill out the background of the photos. It will help to add more color to the standard dull-looking backgrounds. Just keep in mind that you should place the backdrop somewhere with good lighting, so that the pictures turn out with high-quality and great color contrast.

15. Hand Out Avengers Thank You Cards

Avengers Thank You Cards (Pack of 8)
  • 8 postcards
  • Full action image of Avengers with "Thanks" headline
  • Say thanks to your guests for coming, through these action-filled superheroes postcards

Now that you’ve done all the party planning and the kids are having the time of their lives, it’s always a good idea to thank each and everyone of them for attending the birthday party, once it’s over. Since you’ve sent out customized Avengers invitations to your guests, you should finish the same way by sending them an Avengers Thank You Card, as a token of appreciation. 

You can place the thank you card inside the goodie bag, if you’re going to hand out goodie bags at the end of the party. Alternatively, you can also hand out the thank you card as they’re leaving. Either method is fine and it should depend on how you’ve planned the party. 

A thank you card will show how much you appreciate your guests for coming and that you had a blast! Don’t forget to be creative with these cards by writing a personal thank you message for each kid. You can even attach a polaroid image that was taken at the photo booth so that they can always revisit their awesome time at your Avengers party.

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